Ranking blocks representing Google ranking factors.

Google Ranking Factors: How to Create the Right Website Design

7 August 2020 ∙ 9 minutes of reading time

The Google ranking factors are crucial when you’re trying to design your website. Check out this article on how you can make the right improvements.

By Alyzza Junett Cabuenas
Creative & Design
Building a website with excellent UX design.

UX Design: What Is It & How To Implement It For Business Websites?

14 July 2020 ∙ 7 minutes of reading time

Do you consider the UX design of your website & how your visitors react to it? Here’s why user experience design is important for your business success!

By Alyzza Junett Cabuenas
Creative & Design
Web Design Specifications: Good Practices

Web Design Specifications: Good Practices

11 May 2018 ∙ 7 minutes of reading time

On the Internet, few people take the time to read all the information on a website. Above all, Internet users want to find relevant information as fast as possible, by quickly looking at the content of a page. The design of a website should then be simple and attractive. This is why it is essential […]

By Florence Claasen
Creative & Design

How to make your website more user friendly with UX Design?

24 March 2020 ∙ 5 minutes of reading time

As sales and services are shifting to a digital environment, a nice looking and user friendly website is key to your business. But how do you ensure that your website fits the needs and expectations of your user? How do you create a website that is easy to use?  In order to answer those questions […]

By Alex Vandebeek
Creative & Design

Are you interested in Web Design?

As digitalisation progresses, and with the maturing of the market we know today, the simple fact of being present on the Internet is no longer at all sufficient to distinguish from the competition. 

Today, for a company, the question of the design of its website is crucial. The design of a website can no longer be done without taking into account its ergonomics as well as its UI and UX design. 

Moreover, the share of global traffic that goes through the mobile format is constantly growing. Today, 50% of the traffic is generated by smartphones and tablets. What this means is that your site must necessarily be responsive and adapted to the mobile format. This is a criterion that Google takes into account in its referencing. 

As you can see, the question of web design is particularly important and this category is dedicated to it ✍️

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