2023 Design Trends Proven Techniques for High-Performing Websites
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2023 Design Trends: Proven Techniques for High-Performing Websites


A website is essential for businesses. But what’s more important is knowing the latest web design trends in 2023. Design is one of the leading keys to making your website engaging and converting.

The year 2023 has brought recent web design trends worth considering. From minimalist to colorful designs, they are excellent options for developing or rebuilding your website.

In addition, the role of AI tools also eases your way to establish a well-developed website. Here we’ve compiled the ten web design trends in 2023.

Those that made it to our list have been proven to support high-performing websites. Let’s dive in!

#1. Minimalist Design

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Minimalist design is timeless. It allows you to develop accessible and clear navigations for audiences. Moreover, it gets easier for you to highlight your products.

According to a survey, most (84.6%) of web designers believe crowded web design is a poor practice. This design trend will stay with us for years ahead, making it one of the best strategies for your marketing.

On top of that, many believe that minimalism is a psychological technique. You can provide fewer options for audiences, driving them to take action quickly.

#2. Thumb-Friendly Design

Image via Addyosmani

A more significant part of website traffic comes from mobile devices. That’s why making your website mobile-user friendly is essential. 

People usually scroll and click their phone screen with their thumb. As the thumb carries out most tasks while surfing the internet, your website must be friendly to your most useful digit. Usability is key, as you only have about 10 seconds to make an excellent first impression or people will leave your website. 

You can incorporate a grid menu where more options appear when you click on it. Also, you can consider other pop-out options to provide easy navigation and save more space on your website.

#3. 3D Visuals Design

Image via Jetty

3D visual design is charming and fun to watch. With an attractive design, 3D visuals can help you optimize website engagement. Visitors can explore different elements and stay on your page longer.

Each interaction, whether a touch or a click, provides a new and exciting experience that arouses curiosity and entices users to explore your website further. Also, 3D visuals can help you build a brand image.

Outstanding visuals help your brand to stand out in the industry. This way, you have a higher possibility of making a memorable experience for audiences.

#4. Scrolling Effects

Image via Robin Payot

Scrolling effect is another web design trend in 2023. Scrolling effects can enhance the user experience on your website, helping audiences explore it easily. They can see more content just by scrolling up and down or horizontally.

You can commonly try three scrolling effect designs: parallax scrolling, horizontal scrolling, and scroll-triggered animation. Here is a brief explanation of each.

Parallax scrolling: it utilizes two layers at different speeds to create depth and encourage users to scroll out of curiosity. You can sense that 2D video games inspire this design.

Horizontal scrolling: offers a unique perspective and additional dimension to your webpage. You can incorporate video and image galleries to provide a more organized layout.

Scrolled-triggered animations: uses graphic and web design to provide users with new animations every time they interact with the webpage. This approach can increase engagement and the time spent on the page.

#5. Layering Design

Image via nice page

Layering allows you to incorporate various elements, such as images, colors, shapes, and animations. You can create a multi-dimensional look and feel for a website with minimum contextual text. 

One main benefit of layering is that it adds depth to your overall website design. It also enables you to communicate a brand story effectively. You can capture and engage users’ attention optimally with various visual integration.

#6. Product Photography

Image via Sociolla

Product photography design emphasizes the products that you sell. For instance, you put product photos on your landing page. It can be product-in-use photos or edited versions like the example above.

This type of design has been rising in popularity for the past years. Commonly, beauty or fashion brands implement product photography design to pull in potential customers to click on the desired products.

Product photography design helps you boost your marketing strategy. This design is particularly ideal if you want to increase conversion rates and boost sales.

#7. Frosted Glass Effect

Image via Dribble

One of the latest web design trends in 2023 is the use of the frosted glass effect. It has gained popularity among designers. The frosted glass effect is now commonly used as a background instead of gradients.

Thanks to technology, creating websites with frosted-glass effects has recently become a simple task. This effect adds color to an area and makes text or objects visible over the image by creating a blurred appearance of elements behind the frosted glass overlay.

Designers can create gradients from pastel colors to create a soft-looking background. You can also use colors with high contrast to build your business branding.

#8. Color Gradients

Image via Figma

Color gradients are similar to frosted glass effects, but they instead emphasize color contrast. In previous years monochromatic was primarily a trendsetter. But in 2023, the color trend has shifted into multi-colored gradients. 

This type of web design leaves a modern and stylish feeling for your website. You can create an excellent blend by adding kinetic typography. 

Even though you incorporate many colors and typography, your website won’t be overwhelmed by many elements. You can include vital elements and add enough white space to simplify your website.

#9. Micro Interactions

Image via Breadnbeyond

Micro-interactions are minor animations that can significantly enhance your user experience by adding an extra layer of engagement. A good example is when a user hovers over an icon on your website, which will move, indicating that users can click it. 

One way to accomplish this is by incorporating tiny animations called micro-interactions. For instance, when you click on the purchase button, the animation may show the button moving, adding an element of playfulness to the experience.

Some examples of micro-interaction include progress indicators, toggle buttons, hover animations, image galleries, and feedback messages. There are many other ways that micro-interactions can help you improve your website’s user experience.

#10. Dark Mode 

Image via Masterclass

As a default feature on desktop computers, dark mode is not a new concept for website designers. One of the benefits of the dark mode is that it reduces eye strain, allowing users to surf your website more comfortably.

Dark mode can also create a more immersive and engaging user experience. You can add depth and draw attention to essential elements on the page.

 It can also convey a mood or atmosphere appropriate for certain types of content, such as music or entertainment websites.

Furthermore, the dark mode can save battery life on OLED screens. Since OLED displays don’t use backlighting, pixels are turned off when displaying black, resulting in less power consumption. 

Dark mode can benefit users who browse the web on mobile devices. It can help extend their battery life.


Using the right design for your website is vital as it helps define your brand persona and identity. It also enables you to create a memorable experience for visitors and improve their engagement on your site.

The above options are some of the web trends in 2023. Those that made it on our list also support your website to be high-performing to provide an excellent experience and encourage audiences to explore your website more. Suppose you want to hire a designer to design your website in Canada. In that case, you can visit the Canada email database to find the exact contact information and get a valid email address.

One last tip, invest in high-quality visuals and valuable content for your website. They are vital to enhancing your visual marketing and adding credibility to your site to evoke audiences to return.


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