How to hire an Agency

How to hire an agency – Insights from Sortlist

20 November 2020 ∙ 4 minutes of reading time

Looking for the right marketing agency but are there too many fish in the sea to choose from? Google is filled with endless opportunities but it requires effort and patience to find the right match for your project. This makes it extremely difficult to figure out what agency is the best one for your needs. […]

By Leonard Basse

The Display to launch your digital projects!

You can use several channels to give visibility to your business, and one of them is digital advertising or more commonly known as Display. 

Very concretely, Display brings together all the “visual” advertisements that you will see online. 

These are typically banners and sponsored content that appear on the websites you visit or advertisements that pop up before, during or after you watch a video on YouTube. 

This type of advertising has a lot of potential. You can be sure that your brand will be seen by the audience you are targeting, when they consume content that makes sense to them and is related to your brand. 

However, the Display is a double-edged sword, and it needs to be used in the right way so as not to wear out your audience. This is exactly what we teach in this category of Sortlist’s blog  💻

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