is email marketing dead

Is Email Marketing Dead? What Do the Statistics Say?

25 September 2020 ∙ 7 minutes of reading time

Let’s face it, email marketing has been around for quite a while. 50 years to be exact. Which, as far as the rate of change of the internet is concerned, makes email some sort of ancient artefact. But is email marketing dead?  Of course not!  Email has truly defied the internet odds. Outliving countless other […]

By Cheryl Bunskoek

Email is not dead, far from it!

Even today, emailing is one of the most widely used communication channels for companies, and rightly so. 

Think about it: a brand that distributes content on Facebook, Instagram, or Google is not at home and can be impacted overnight by a change of algorithm. But with an email list, that same brand is at home. It’s its database, to which content such as newsletters can be sent whenever it wants, for free, and with a guaranteed reach. 

The only worry? On average, a person receives more than a hundred emails a day. You have to be able to stand out from the crowd to get your content opened and consumed. 

In this category, Sortlist shares best practices in email marketing and CRM to help you grow your subscriber list and increase your opening rate  ?

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