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What Is Marketing Automation? The Ultimate Guide

16 March 2021 ∙ 7 minutes of reading time

As more businesses and customers joined the digital world, marketers began looking for new ways to improve, automate, and streamline their marketing workflows. One of the most effective and popular ways to do that is to use marketing automation software. These tools play a critical part in determining how we approach our digital marketing strategies, […]

By Anne-Gaëlle Sy

What is automated marketing or marketing automation?

Automation affects all areas. From starting your coffee machine when your alarm clock rings to the landing of a probe on the planet Mars. 

Marketing is no exception and can also be automated. The question is what needs to be automated in your digital strategy and how to automate it. The answer can be found in the data that your company manages to generate and capture, as well as in the use you will make of this data. 

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