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SEM: Creating a More Successful Digital Marketplace Through Search Engine Advertising

9 March 2021 ∙ 6 minutes of reading time

The consumer behavior of many customers has changed greatly in recent years.  Today, users can find everything they need for their private and professional lives on digital platforms, in e-commerces, and on company websites.  In order to be able to compete against the multitude of competitors, search engine marketing is becoming increasingly important for most […]

By Anne-Gaëlle Sy
negative keywords

Everything You Want to Know About Negative Keywords

11 January 2021 ∙ 9 minutes of reading time

Many businesses running paid Search campaigns, struggle with the overheads. It comes as the number of clicks on their websites far outweigh conversions. This excess and meaningless traffic prove costly in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. In situations like these, individuals searching the web for a particular product or service wander on to websites just to find […]

By Sarah Madimba
Types of online advertising

What You Really Should Know About Digital Advertising 🚀

27 November 2020 ∙ 5 minutes of reading time

What are the different types of digital advertising? Digital advertising has reached such a level of maturity that today there are many different ways to promote a product, brand, person, or service online.  Discover with us the different types of digital ads, their advantages, and above all how to use them well to make a […]

By Charlotte Maghe

Winning over the digital world with the SEA

Compared to SEO, SEA enables companies to achieve results much faster. Of course, paid referencing or SEA will only work if you allocate a certain budget to your campaign, select the right keywords, have well-written ads or ads that are relevant to the page that is being promoted. 

Running SEA campaigns is a lot of work, you need to be able to manage your budgets and quickly identify opportunities. You also need to be able to measure the return on investment of a campaign and monitor several metrics, such as the CPC. 

We talk about all these elements in this category of Sortlist’s blog, dedicated to paid referencing, to help you optimise your campaigns ?

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