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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring an App Developer for Your Company

14 December 2020 ∙ 15 minutes of reading time

In 1997, Nokia’s mobile app developers launched a game that would change the world forever. Though they probably didn’t expect it at the time, the ‘Snake’ game on the Nokia 6110 is considered the first mobile application. Of course, at the time, no phones had access to the internet. Snake was a simple, built-in mobile […]

By Sarah Madimba
Mobile & App Design

Improve the UX of your mobile app thanks to design!

The success of a mobile application depends largely on the experience it will provide to its users. It must be easy to use, intuitive, responsive and pretty to look at. 

Many brands and companies start designing a mobile application but fail to provide a pleasant experience for their users. One example is the applications of some banks ?

The subject of ergonomics and user experience is not easy to address. It requires an excellent understanding of its users, to be in tune with the codes and trends of the moment, while at the same time having a touch of originality. 

It is in this Sortlist category that we deal with all these issues to help you improve the design of your mobile application.

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