Video Email Examples and Tips to Increase Your Engagement

Video Email Examples and Tips to Increase Your Engagement


Email marketing plays an essential role for a business in converting prospects, increasing sales, and increasing revenue. But there are thousands of businesses doing the same thing.

According to an estimate, 333 billion emails are sent daily. As a business owner, you need to stand out from the crowd. The easiest way to do so is to shift towards video email marketing.

What is video email marketing?

It is an email marketing strategy in which marketers add videos to their emails to increase engagement rate, retention, and conversion. They usually add the videos as HTML5, GIFs, mp4, or images linked to an external video.

There are also some new tools that can help you with create and send video emails: Best Video Email Software.

Video email examples

Following are some examples of video email marketing:

Educational videos

The best way to start a video email campaign is to add educational videos. Everybody likes valuable information.

Educate your email subscribers about your products or services and tell them how they differ from others.

A good example of educational videos is tutorials related to the product.

Product tours can also be used to provide users with an introductory education about the app and how it works, thus helping them grasp its value and how to make use of it.

Keep in mind that if this tactic is well-received by your audience, it may make sense to host your own online courses as an additional revenue stream for your business. 

Regardless of what your brand is, it’s likely that you can always include an educational component to not only position yourself as a thought leader, but make extra revenue doing so. 

Video email example: tutorial


Testimonials are an integral part of video marketing. Mostly, testimonials from influencers do the trick. You can ask for real testimonials from your customers and include these in your video emails.

Video email example: testimonials

Testimonials also help the new shoppers decide faster.

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Demo videos

Emails with demo videos can give an insider view of your product or service. An actual video can help the subscribers understand how your services or products can solve their problems.

Video email example: demo

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are an essential part of an effective marketing strategy. They are great for creating awareness about sales and discounts.

However, it needs to be done carefully, as most people dislike seeing a promotional video in an email.

Promotional video

Read our article about corporate video production for more ideas of videos to add to your email campaigns.

How to add videos to your emails?

Embedded videos are great for instant attention. However, there are chances that your emails might land in the spam box.

Your email hosting can be terminated if your emails are reported as spam. Moreover, major email providers like Gmail and Yahoo do not support embedded videos.

Here is how to add videos to an email marketing campaign safely:

  • Upload your video to a landing page.
  • Create a unique thumbnail with some attention-grabbing text. The thumbnail should resemble a play button.
  • Finally, add the thumbnail image with the landing page link in your email.
  • Make sure to add your message in the form of text, too.

An alternative way to do so is to upload the video on a YouTube channel and embed it on your landing page. It is easy, and you will have access to detailed analytics.

How does video email marketing increase engagement?

Surely video marketing can be the newest tool you use for promotion. You might still have doubts.

Is it worth trying video marketing? Can you spare enough resources to produce and use videos?

You might have noticed that more people are using videos to promote their business. And you are correct; it is super convenient and does a fantastic job of grabbing your audience’s attention.

Here are five reasons it might be time for you to shift toward video marketing:

A video captures attention instantly.

Videos are a great way to communicate with your target audience, especially when you are trying to build trust.

One-third of all Internet activity includes watching videos. 

Personalized video content has been proven to catch attention more quickly than a text-based copy. Video content is also more likely to be shared.

It means your message will reach a larger audience, and you want that for any marketing campaign!

Studies show that people remember more information when presented with a visual aid, so adding a video to an email might be the difference between getting a sale or not.

90% of shoppers say that videos help them decide to buy online. Even you can attract the laziest buyers through the videos.

Personalized video emails boost conversions

There’s no better way to sell your product than through video. Studies have shown that adding a video to the landing page of your website can increase conversions by 80%.

Even better, people who watch an explainer video about any product or service are 74% more likely to buy that product or use that service.

Studies have shown that our brain receives information in the form of visuals. It means images can boost our conversion rate.

Now, think about different images put together as a professional video. It is surely a recipe for success when done rightly.

Video emails result in great ROI

Video emails have three times the engagement of a plain text email. They are 94% more likely to be watched in full than a standard email.

Furthermore, video emails also get 38% better open rates and 22% better click-to-open rates than static emails.

Personalized videos also increase the customer’s satisfaction and retention rate. As a result, you can enjoy a great ROI.

Videos save time

Adding videos to email campaigns can be a great way to save time and make your content clear. Videos are perfect for conveying long & complicated messages.

As a result, the viewers can learn the full details about a product or service faster.

As a marketing team, you have plenty of responsibilities to take care of. Videos are an easy way to boost the quality of your campaigns while saving your time.

Hence, you can focus on other aspects of the sales process while enjoying an increase in the engagement rate.

Videos can rank quickly

A video landing page has more chances of getting into top SERPs than an ordinary landing. When you email with an embedded video linked to a blog post, the traffic and engagement increase on that page.

Since audience engagement is a proven ranking signal, your landing page can rank quickly. Top positions mean more traffic and hence great ROI.

Tips for increasing engagement through video marketing

Following are some tips that can help you make an effective strategy for including videos in your email marketing campaigns:

Video email marketing tips

Include the word ‘video’ in the subject line

People receive a lot of emails daily. Adding the word “video” in the email subject lines can do wonders for you.

It will increase the curiosity level of the recipient and hence more chances of opening the email. It will increase the open rate and hence more chances of engagement.

Promise and deliver valuable information

The key to effective email marketing is to deliver valuable content that should be interesting enough to make the customer want to stay engaged.

The more valuable the information, the higher the open rate and increased click-through rate.

Keep videos concise

Not all customers have the time or patience to watch a lengthy video. Most consumers are scanning their email inboxes for information, and if they see a long video, they will most likely click away to something more relevant.

Statistics show that 60-90 second long videos have a good conversion rate as compared to the longer ones.

Add a play button

Whether you include the video in the email or add an attention-grabbing thumbnail linked to a video on a landing page, always add a play button.

It will help your subscribers figure out whether it is a video or an image easily. Moreover, a play button inside a text message catches the attention quickly.

Use a compatible video format 

There is no point in attaching a video that users cannot play inside their browsers. It will frustrate the subscribers, leading to less click-through rate.

Most browsers can play the videos in mp4 format. HTML5 and GIFs are also compatible with popular browsers.

You can also use a WebM to MP4 converter if your video is in this format or any other that’s not as compatible with most browsers. In fact, using a reliable video converter can ensure your content reaches a wider audience with seamless playback.

Send mobile-friendly videos

There are over 6 billion smartphone users in the world. Mostly, people check emails on their smartphones. Requiring a desktop or laptop to watch a video is inconvenient and can lead to low view rates.

You can make it easier for your subscribers to view the video on the go by including a mobile-friendly video.

Always compress videos

You should always compress videos before including them in a marketing campaign. There are three reasons:

  • First, the file size will be smaller and the email will be delivered faster.
  • Second, your email marketing provider may prevent you from sending large attachments.
  • Third, it will improve the customer experience and hence more engagement.

Avoid autoplay

Autoplay can be annoying and distracting for recipients because it requires them to stop what they are doing and watch the video.

It can also eat up their data plan. So, always make sure you do not set your videos to autoplay.

Do not overdo it

Some people might think that sending video emails more frequently will make it more likely to engage the recipient and increase the chance of a response.

However, in reality, this strategy may backfire and lead to more people unsubscribing from your email list.

That’s because it can be quite annoying to receive a video every day, especially if it is not related to the content they are looking for.

According to a study, 3-4 video emails in a month work best for B2C.


Video email marketing is an effective strategy that can do wonders for you. The video email marketing examples include informational, testimonials, demos, and promotional videos.

You can increase engagement, click-through rate, and ROI by sending short, concise, and interactive videos. Make sure to do it wisely. Otherwise, your emails might land in the spam box, and you may end up wasting your time and resources.

If you are not an expert in video production, you can always outsource video production. Ready to start your video email marketing strategy?


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