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Outsource Video Production: 5 Ways it Will Improve Your Marketing


Digital marketing has increased exponentially in the last few years with the digital age booming. Businesses now have to keep up with the latest trends, stay active on social media and upload content on multiple platforms daily.

With more and more online content, people are flooded with digital information every single day. The more content people see, the less likely they are to stop and dedicate time to viewing your content if it doesn’t immediately grab their eyes and retain their attention.

Businesses have to create quality content that will reach their target audience, entice potential clients, and generate leads. This is where video content comes in. People are more likely to spend time viewing a video rather than reading long-form content.

Video content creation is an interactive medium to reach a wider audience while providing valuable information that could ignite your business identity, increase awareness, and lead to media conversions.

However, many businesses don’t have the in-house video production team to accomplish quality videos because it requires an experienced video creator, video software, video editing, and video production. All of these components needed for successful video marketing take time, effort, and money that not all businesses have.

Fortunately, there are many video production agencies or outsourced marketing teams that provide video experts to produce the ideal moving visuals that are needed to compete in the digital age of marketing.

What Has Outsourced Video Production to Offer?

Outsourcing video production is videos that are created by an expert team that you hire when you need videos. The professional video production agency will ensure that each video is pre-planned according to your marketing objectives and stands out against your competitors.

A video production team is equipped with the experience, tools, and expertise to successfully achieve video marketing content that will boost your brand’s visibility and inspire potential customers into converted clients.

The outsourced team will be able to have the video production experience from working with other brands within your industry to complete the production process from beginning to end without your business having to dedicate an in-house team to spend time and resources on doing so.

To outsource video production also ensures that videos are completed in a short amount of time with the necessary equipment so that you can publish content regularly without the pain of employing and training an in-house video production team.

The Importance of Video Marketing

People are using their electronic devices day in and day out for many different reasons. One of those reasons is content consumption. Most people are on social media, online shopping, or searching on Google for something specific.

How do you make your content more visible than other brands? You create video content.

Video content has become the most popular form of content consumption in the last few years. In actual fact, the second most popular search engine after Google is Youtube.

Instantaneous internet speeds and improving smartphones have enabled viewers to enjoy watching videos at any time from any place. People specifically opt for video content because they get to enjoy visual effects, rich information, and sound while they are on a break from work, relaxing at home, or traveling to and from somewhere.

All of these reasons have made it imperative for businesses to hop onto the video production train and produce quality videos that share vital information and affirm their brand’s identity. Video marketing also increases SEO with specific keywords and ignites your products and services in comparison to your competitors.

The Benefits of Outsourced Video Marketing

With the rise of videos in a company’s marketing strategy, outsourcing video production can provide a plethora of benefits. An outsourced video marketing team can offer you creative ideas, keep up with the trends, and professional equipment.

Creative production capabilities

You may have a few ideas for the final vision of the video but professional video creation teams can offer you fresh perspectives and expert creativity to execute a top-notch video that will visually entice your viewers.

Video creators are a team of experts that have worked within their industry for a while and collaborated with many different brands. Keeping an open mind to their ideas will allow you to see a vision that you may have not thought. A vision that will create brand visibility and appealing content that could even get a “wow” from your competitors.

Expert digital services

A team of expert digital video creators has the necessary equipment and experience to ensure that your video is expertly produced. The team may consist of one individual that complete the process from start to finish or a group of professionals with specialised expertise to achieve your visual goals.

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Video production teams create and produce videos every day. It’s their job to know the trends of the market, and investing in outsourcing video production ensures that your content is curated based on the latest trends.

Professional editing & editing software

It may seem like an easy job to create a video because of improving smartphone cameras and free editing apps. However, high-performance equipment is essential to high-quality content that shows professionalism.

A professional video editor and online video editing software is a key component in the creation of a well-executed video. Outsourced video teams include an editing expert that can achieve corporate videos.

Lower marketing budget

Filmed videos, edited videos, and animated videos require professional skills and premium equipment. Investing in an in-house team and the equipment will raise your marketing budget through the roof. You lower your budget by outsourcing video production because they usually charge per video or an hourly rate which lowers your overall budget.

When Should You Outsource Video Production?

In the competitive marketing space of content production, staying ahead of your competitors is crucial to reaching your ideal target audiences. Your business video production process needs to be optimized for ultimate success.

Depending on what video content you need, outsourcing your video production will help you curate a specialized video marketing strategy to create videos that inform your viewers.

Most often, businesses have not prepared for long-term video content which requires specialized video equipment to achieve a video project.

Outsourcing video production can provide you with powerful tools to accomplish your video content goals with professional video editing services without an extensive budget. High-end video equipment have high costs and if you want to stay above competitors you need this equipment to ensure high-quality video content.

Outsourcing vs in House Video Production

There are various forms of videos you can create for various media platforms. If you want regular videos that are uploaded, outsourcing is the way to go. Some companies that only need a few videos now and then will set up an in-house video production team to produce their videos.

So, you need to determine what type of videos you want to create. However, outsourcing your video marketing will ensure that your videos are of premium quality that complement the desired outcomes of the video.

Video creation requires a number of steps from the beginning to post-production to reach the ultimate goals. Employing experts that have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to execute the video project will take up a lot of your budget for one-off videos that you only need for your landing page on your website.

Thus, investing in outsourced video production services will ensure that your video is expertly executed while not exceeding your marketing budget.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Video Production?

The price of outsourcing video production will depend on how many videos you need and the complexity of the video. Most outsourced agencies or freelancers will charge you per hour of filming and editing time.

However, this is still a minimal amount versus paying salaries to an in-house team. If you need more complex videos with intensive editing requests and animations, the price may vary.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource a YouTube Video?

The optimal length for a Youtube video is between 2 and 5 minutes.

This timeframe may not seem like much but this amount of time for viable footage may take up to a few hours to film, and a few hours to edit or animate.

Video production takes time and investing in an house team may cost you a lot more to fulfill these roles. Choosing to outsource ensures that experts are able to complete your YouTube videos according to your schedule without having to invest a ton of money.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Manufacturing?

Outsourcing your marketing efforts reduce business costs in the long run.

The changing digital market requires a variety of content that is uploaded to different platforms. Depending on your needs, there are many outsourcing businesses that will suit your budget.

Overall, outsourcing marketing tasks such as video production, copywriting, and website development will save your business money from having to compile an in-house team to do various tasks that may not require daily work.

Are You Still Watching?

Video marketing is the future of content consumption and the future is now. Investing in a video marketing agency will help you adequately create and publish video content that accurately represents your brand.

Depending on your content needs, an outsourced agency will offer your business the expertise, experience, and equipment to raise the quality of your outreach.


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