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Corporate Video Production: Create Eye-Catching Video Content


According to Cisco, consumer internet traffic has increased 15 times since 2017. Companies that aren’t launching corporate videos online are missing out on opportunities to attract a large number of online consumers. 

So, how do you create great corporate video productions that fulfill your business’s corporate video marketing objectives?

In this complete guide, we cover the different types of corporate videos and how to plan the perfect corporate video production to create video content that sells.

The Purpose of Corporate Video

More than ever, the demand for corporate videos is growing because corporate video production provides information in a more interactive manner.

There’s so much information on the internet that consumers don’t have the time, or simply don’t want to, read through extensive information pages.

In essence, consumers prefer to watch a video production that lasts only two to three minutes than reading information pages.

On average, most internet users get bored after just two minutes. Then, they move on to find something more interesting. That’s something to ponder.

Types of Corporate Video Content

There are many types of corporate videos that a company can use to communicate its messages across.

Understanding the different styles of corporate videos and the different types of video content is crucial before embarking on the pre-production of a business corporate video production marketing strategy.

1. The explainer video or product demos

This style of corporate video is used:

  • To showcase a new product
  • To explain how a product should be used
  • The company needs to increase sales of its existing products. 

A video demonstration is given of the product, and customers can immediately see the value of the product by viewing what the product will bring to their lives should they purchase it.

This type of corporate video can be redistributed across various landing pages, email video marketing campaigns, social media, and third-party websites.

The corporate video aims to hit a massive consumer market without breaking the bank. You can create animated videos, Add voice-overs using text to speech software, and incorporate that into your corporate video styles here.

Here’s an example of a Nespresso Inissia Product Demo:

2. The investor awareness or relations corporate video

The best way to use this category of corporate video is to communicate the company’s achievements and how the company is presently performing.

The corporate video’s aim is to create awareness and engagement among investors, shareholders, and stakeholders.

The subject matter of the corporate video includes the communication of transparent and up-to-date information about the company. 

This category of corporate video is compelling as investors can easily digest complex business information without reading a complicated and extensive 150-page report.

These videos are, however, limited and can only be used internally as they focus on internal teams and shareholders.

Creative souls may also find making an investor relation corporate video a bit boring and not much fun.

This type of corporate video focuses primarily on video content that includes statistics and accurate information about the company. If you’re very creative, you may incorporate some animated videos.

Furthermore, here’s an example of an Annual Report video by Ineco:

3. The location corporate video

A location corporate video is an excellent branding tool. You can feature the company’s colors, logo, typography, interview employees, and more in location corporate video.

The location corporate video builds a personal connection with potential customers and employees of the brand.

Still, not all companies can afford this type of corporate video since this video production process is expensive and considered a ‘nice-to-have’ corporate video more than a necessity.

For more, check this office tour video example by Spotify:

4. The showreel corporate video

A showreel corporate video production is a concise, but effective video highlighting a person or a brand’s previous work. Typically, a showreel corporate video is a maximum of three minutes in length.

Businesses use a showreel corporate video to showcase their talents and achievements. A showreel corporate video is mainly for video marketing communication or brand management.

The video production process involves making digital portfolios. These are then shown to potential clients in a corporate showreel video.

When making this type of corporate video, you must keep the end-viewer in mind during the video production process and make sure you produce content that’ll capture their attention immediately.

You can use all your creative talents during the video production process in a showreel corporate video. You can include an animated corporate video, bright graphics, soundtracks, and more. 

Moreover, here’s an example of a showreel video created by one of our listed agencies Sunomono Films:

5. Testimonial video

This type of corporate video is when a current customer talks about the experience of working with the company. In addition, customers share their feedback and opinions.

In the same manner, companies benefit from testimonial videos because they help create corporate reliability and trust for potential customers.

Addittionally, it is a great way to show that your company cares about the customer by giving them the spotlight to talk about their overall experience using your product or service.

For example, here’s a testimonial video from one of our clients at Sortlist:

6. Training video

Another type of corporate video is training videos. Employees usually use this type of corporate video internally. As the name suggests, its purpose is educational.

In other words, a training video is:

a tutorial video that explains the different steps for successfully completing a certain task or procedure.

Therefore, here is an example of a training video for safety measures:

7. Event video

Moreover, short summaries of events held by a company are another type of corporate video. It is very common for new launches event and participation in massive events such as international fairs.

Likewise, here’s a video example from Microsoft’s Future Now Conference event:

8. New launches video

Lastly, you might also want to spread the word of a new service or product that your company has just launched. This will help create the first buzz of your product or service.

In addition, it is a great way to showcase the main features or advantages of this new product or service to customers.

Take a look at this example by Sortlist introducing a new feature called Intro Meeting:

Planning the Best Corporate Video Production: 5 Steps

Corporate videos can be powerful communication tools if they’re executed properly from pre-production to finish.

You’re going to dedicate valuable resources and money to your corporate video production, so you need to have a clear plan with fundamental goals and objectives. 

steps of corporate video production

First, as part of the pre-production process, you must create a corporate video content brief that tracks your entire project from start to finish.

This document is your golden ticket to ensuring your corporate video achieves what you initially planned to do.

The main objective of any corporate video production is to serve a purpose, whether it’s to raise brand awareness, increase sales, or attract investors. 

You should keep in mind during your planning phases what your corporate video’s budget and time restraints are, where you’ll be filming, and if you’ll be needing actors or if you’ll be using company employees.

Get started with our detailed guide below!

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1. Determine the audience of the corporate video

It would be best to determine who you plan to target with your corporate video production. You must establish this first before you can start the video production process.

Once you have clarity on this, you’ll know exactly what type of corporate video production you’ll be creating.

Having a clear view of the target audience will save you a lot of time and money wasted during the video production process making a corporate video production that won’t generate any results.

You ultimately want corporate videos that generate results.

At this stage of planning your corporate video production process, you should determine language preferences, what social media methods your target audience uses, and what video content resonates with them, to name a few.

These factors depend on the likelihood of getting social media shares, likes, and results. 

2. Establish why you’re creating a corporate video

General reasons for creating a corporate video production include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Brand-related corporate videos: A corporate video telling the story of the brand, a corporate video informing consumers of the brand, a corporate video increasing brand visibility, or a corporate video enriching the brand.
  • Sales-related corporate videos: A corporate video increasing sales or assisting the sales team.
  • Product-related corporate videos: A corporate video launching a new product, a corporate video explaining an existing product, a corporate video explaining a new product and the benefits of the product for consumers.
  • New business-related corporate videos: A corporate video Informing potential employees what it’s like to work for the company and how to apply, a corporate video to train employees, a corporate video creating investor awareness, a corporate video communicating company achievements, a corporate video presenting the company’s performance, or a corporate video that engages shareholders.

3. What are the key points of your corporate videos

To be confident that your corporate production video will communicate your message effectively, you need to develop the perfect script.

Telling the right story is very important in your promotional video. 

For example, if the goal of your corporate video is to build brand awareness, you must ensure that your corporate video communicates the brand or company’s mission, vision, and values.

Emphasize what makes the brand stand out from competitors in the video marketing content.

As an example, creating corporate video production with customer testimonials is the key when your objective is to increase sales.

Likewise, This method of corporate video is highly effective for companies wanting to increase their insurance coverage sales. Testimonials could include how the company has made insurance claims effortless and solved customers’ problems.

4. How will your corporate video be distributed

Social media sites are the best to publish a corporate video, particularly YouTube.

Placing your high-quality corporate video production on YouTube increases the chances of your corporate video production appearing in Google searches, and YouTube has a plethora of users, which is constantly growing to expose your corporate video to more potential customers daily. 

5. Who is going to produce the video

Corporate video production agencies have extensive experience in their field.

You may have an idea, but a corporate video production company may bring your concept to life in a way that you never thought possible.

A corporate video production agency should share your vision from the beginning of the process all the way through to post-production, be able to work within your budget and time restraints, be efficient, and most of all are passionate about making your corporate video.

In addition, we have an article explaining in detail the advantages of outsourcing video editing and video production.

It’s best to follow our corporate video planning guide above before you start searching for a video production company.

You need to first fully understand your corporate video project thus enabling you to communicate exactly to the video production company what your expectations are and what you intend to achieve in your corporate video.

Then, only will you be able to find the best corporate video production agency that’ll fulfill your brand’s video marketing preferences and objectives. Contact one of our experts and get started with your video!

Corporate Video Production: Summary

Understanding the basics of corporate video production is key to creating the best corporate video. Consumers’ needs and habits are changing fast, and marketing strategies should keep up with the times.

All companies can take advantage of the video medium by simply creating a corporate video production that demonstrates their products and services.

We trust that we’ve inspired you to get started making your perfect corporate videos! Find an agency to start working with now.


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