How Your Business Can Benefit From Corporate Storytelling
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How Your Business Can Benefit From Corporate Storytelling


The new chapter in marketing for business has begun. Companies are now choosing to make a narrative of their brand’s history and humble beginnings. As it turns out, their storytelling in marketing technique has brought them closer to their audience and created a pool of loyal customers too. 

What is corporate storytelling? The marketing landscape is undoubtedly changing constantly, demanding something new all the time. On the other hand, organisations have had to learn to adapt to meet the expectations and demands of their customers. Here are our four main storytelling techniques that can help you build an effective corporate storytelling campaign.

  1. Data storytelling
  2. Mini advertisements
  3. Customer-led narrative
  4. Philanthropic narrative

In the past, consumers were too easily convinced by sales promises, but now, customers have become more attracted to the truth about the brands that they use. They liked the human touch that came with the new brand of marketing.

They want to learn more about the people working behind it, the conditions in its working environment, as well as how it impacts the fight against global warming. All these play a huge role in how successful a business can be in modern times.

Why is Storytelling Important in Corporate Business?

Storytelling became an important strategy because it personifies the brand. It gives the brand human characteristics that consumers can relate to. 

It is through this strong bond of a relationship that unwavering support will come. There is nothing more wonderful than creating that bond with your target consumers. It can only get better and better as the years come by. 

Storytelling, in an instant, became the best form of marketing strategy. But is it something that you can use to promote your brand as well? Can the storytelling technique bring you the success that you are aiming for?

What Does Storytelling Mean For Marketers?

Storytelling is all about the narrative of business. More than the simple presentation of the origins of the business and the founders of the product, the storytelling technique is aimed at telling a touching story about the brand.

This approach has been designed to create a deep emotional attachment between the brand and its target consumers, hopeful that it would transcend time and generations. 

Learning how to incorporate storytelling in marketing changes the name of the game. But this strategy is not as easy as it seems. The company must first identify the values and principles that they wish to convey. These will have a significant impact on the story that they’re going to tell.

Apart from learning what the story will be about, it is important to identify how it will be told. What would channels for storytelling be appropriate? Will social networks be of good use? What platforms for storytelling will work to your advantage? 

At this point, the importance of storytelling in marketing in both the narrative and the platform should be able to adapt to each other in order to create the maximum impact possible.

Business meeting to discuss storytelling in marketing tactics.

What Are The Benefits Of Storytelling For Your Brand?

Every brand has a story to tell, and yours might be all you need to find success. If you choose the use of storytelling in marketing, you will surely enjoy many of its benefits. Here are some of the benefits of corporate storytelling to promote your brand:

Storytelling helps build character.

The best way to promote your brand is to develop a kind of character that the audience will love. Great storytelling in marketing has a way of helping you create a kind of bond with your target clients. 

The concrete and human story only bring you closer to the audience, building that sense of commitment to only deliver the best products and services every time.

Storytelling proves to be the check and balance the company needs.

The process of preparing the story to deliver to your audience entails careful planning. It gives the company the opportunity to look into their values and learn more about the demands of their clients. 

The analysis that’s created before the making of the storyline itself helps the organization learn more about the evolution of its market, the demands and ever-changing needs of its consumers, and become aware of what the brand resonates with. 

At the end of the day, the goal of using corporate storytelling is to bring the brand closer to its target clientele, hopeful that it would be able to generate more sales and increase brand awareness.

Storytelling allows brands to unveil themselves to their clients.

The new angle is not just about marketing, but it is about providing a new experience. 

In the process, the brand, its marketing team, and the target consumers will be led to the discovery of the new facet of the brand that they choose to support and follow.

Tips To Using Storytelling For Corporate Marketing

The objectives of storytelling in marketing must be firm from the very beginning. It must be tied up with the value that the company lives by. More than a handful of techniques in marketing can be used with it, considering the brand’s rich history. 

Choosing what medium to use for corporate storytelling is all up to you. Just keep in mind the context of your business as well as the demographics of your target clientele. Meanwhile, remember to implement exciting corporate awards to boost engagement and productivity within teams. 

Here are some of the storytelling techniques you might find interesting:

Tip 1: Data Storytelling

This is the technique whose storytelling content is based heavily on data. It mainly consists of storytelling through various concrete figures. Most of the time, the data is presented to the public in more understandable forms such as the utilization of diagrams, curves, and graphs. 

While some may find this style boring, it depends on the industry in which your business belongs. Some clients prefer to look at brand reports that exhibit images based on research.

Storytelling in marketing to boost business growth.

Tip 2: Mini Advertisements

The expectations of your consumers change over time, and they expect their trusted brand to be able to adapt to changes as well. While the old advertising campaigns used to work wonders, they might not be as effective as they used to be.

As a growing company, your advertising campaigns must be as innovative as your products and services. This means that your ads should be where all consumers are at the moment — digital. At the end of the day, video marketing proves to be one of the most useful forms of storytelling. 

However, there is one important detail about video marketing that needs careful consideration. The duration of the video cannot be too long. It has to be long enough to be watched fully by most internet users.

The digital platform has given consumers more time to look into various companies and what they can offer. Because they live busy lives, they only have a few minutes if not seconds to spare for your marketing campaign

Can you create a video highlighting your company in three minutes or less? In the past, this may sound ridiculous, but the trend now is that or less. Cut down your content and focus only on what’s truly important.

Tip 3: Customer-led Narrative

A satisfied customer talking about their experience with your products and services definitely generates strong publicity for the company. Providing customers with a platform where they can share their experiences with your product would be a great help. 

The narrative of a customer will primarily be responsible for building a climate of trust. It will also encourage other customers to engage with your brand. To do this, you could directly send your customers a message. Ask them to share their stories about your brand, highlighting how your products and services have changed their lives. 

When you get all these, not only will you be able to create a great angle for marketing, but it will also be an eye-opener for the company. It could be the basis for the changes you may need to incorporate as you grow your business.

Tip 4: Philanthropic Narrative

Modern consumers have become more active in promoting brands that help the community, society, and the environment in general. Consumers deeply care about the origins and processes involved in the production of their most desired products. 

For service-based companies, consumers want to make sure that the conditions of the employees are superb and that a strict code of ethics is followed. Environmental concerns and the worsening conditions of the biodiversity in the area have become major concerns too.

In the narrative that you create, make sure to emphasize the role that your company plays in saving the world. If you can, you can join trade fairs to highlight the organic materials that you incorporated in the process of production.

How Does Storytelling Change The World Of Business

There is no doubt how important it is to tell your side of the story. The narrative that you create about your business can either make or break you. That’s why it is crucial that you consider various factors in the planning process. 

Remember that the first step is to put together the story itself. What do you want your consumers to know about your brand? What is in its history that is worth talking about? 

It is when you have identified these that you will be able to truly and effectively communicate your story. 

Which platforms should you use? It depends on your evaluation of consumers too. 

Knowing what you want to say is the basic criteria for effective corporate storytelling. When you know what message you want to send, you can easily craft it and create it into a story that will touch the lives of many.


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