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How to Find the Perfect Graphic Design Agency!


Communication between companies and customers is one of the crucial key points that can increase the success of products immensely. People have always left messages via images and symbols. Colors and shapes have certain effects.

Nowadays, graphic design has become one of the most important pillars in all communication channels. It doesn’t matter if it is the wayfinding system in an airport, the design of a book, or the realization of modern magazines and catalogs. Graphic design can be found in many areas.

What effect good graphic design has on your customers and how you can find an excellent graphic design agency that can implement your projects is what we are dealing with in today’s article.

What Is Graphic Design and Where Is It Used?

Graphic design includes the different ways you can communicate your company, products, and services to customers.

It uses the effects of colors and shapes, typography, illustrations, and symbols to convey messages. Graphic design is one of the most important pillars of communication.

Graphic design is a broad field. Everything related to communication is based on elements of graphic design. You can find it in the design of books, magazines, packaging, annual reports, wayfinding systems, or in advertisements and banners.

With design, you can get your message across to customers, sometimes much better than with words.

How Does a Graphic Design Agency Work?

With the help of a suitable strategy, the expectations of the customer layer are met, companies or services are presented. Important in the design process is not only the actual design but also the preliminary work so that what is designed achieves the desired effect.

A design agency generally proceeds in the following steps.

Step 1: Determine the Strategy

For example, before you commission the development of corporate identity for your company, you need to think about what values your company represents. Who are your customers and what do they respond to? A detailed brief is the basis for any successful graphic design collaboration.

An excellent agency will do the research. The market situation and competitors are analyzed, the buyer persona, i.e. the ideal customer, is described.

They work out what features of the company or products stand out and differentiate you from the competition.

With all this information, a detailed brief is created. Sometimes a first brainstorming on design directions can already take place here.

Step 2: The Conception

In this step, different ideas for implementation are developed. Usually, the process starts with some sketches, mood boards, and things as such. You should always be involved in important decisions. This speeds up the process immensely.

At the end of this phase is the concept for implementation. How long this process takes depends on the scope of the project.

Step 3: The Design

Once the concept is fixed, the colors and fonts have been defined, then it’s time for the actual implementation. Now the artistic skills of the designers come into play when advertisements, image brochures, or catalogs are implemented. The basis of every design is the corporate design specifications.

What Influence Does Good Graphic Design Have On Your Customers?

Graphic design has a lot to do with art. But here, art is made suitable for everyday use to a certain extent. With a good design, you can create a very different impression on your customers than without it.

A good design is characterized by an optimal balance between shapes, typography, and colors. The reduction to the essentials is in the foreground of many designs.

Design agencies create concepts to convey the desired message using the effect of colors in combination with shapes. Stability, flexibility, versatility, etc., etc. are qualities that can be conveyed subliminally with the design. Today, only a good design can score points with the target audience and set you apart from the competition.

Disciplines in Graphic Design

As already mentioned, graphic design encompasses various areas. The most well-known disciplines offered by design agencies are the following.

Editorial Design

Editorial design is the design of magazines, journals or even books. The layout and design of print media is the focus of editorial design. Projects in this area thrive on the close collaboration of photographers, illustrators, editors and designers.

Package Design

The fusion of structure, form, color, images, and typography characterizes packaging design. How to package a product in a way that is both effective in advertising and safe at the same time. This is the question that is answered with package design.


Typography encompasses everything that has to do with the design of typefaces and their aesthetic use. Fonts are created according to design aspects and support the message that a company wants to send.

Corporate Design

Every company needs a corporate design (CD), a uniform overall image of how a brand appears graphically to the public. This includes logo, company colors, fonts, and possibly certain shapes. Communication tools such as business cards, letterhead, flyers, and websites are created on the basis of the CD.

Communication Design

Communication design can be seen as a generic term to the areas just explained. A communication designer can implement all types of media design, be it banners, posters, online ads, flyers, or brochures.

The difference between communication designers and graphic designers is hardly noticeable. Today, the transitions are fluid.

What Advantages Do Agencies Offer Over Freelancers?

Freelancers and agencies can sometimes perform the same tasks. The big advantage of design agencies over freelancers is the fact that in an agency you get the knowledge of different specialists.

Consulting, implementation, and different designers who specialize in different areas make an ideal complete package. You benefit from the know-how of the complete team. Large projects, in particular, can usually be implemented more quickly with an agency that has the necessary capacity.

Being external, you get different perspective and I think that’s good. If you work with other people as well, if the agencies are a bit larger, they have teams of sort of 5 to 10 people, 10 plus, you get those different perspectives.

Max Lilley from Bite Design

Everything comes from a single source. A freelancer, on the other hand, can be used primarily for smaller projects.

How to Find the Best Graphic Design Agency for Your Needs?

Before you choose a graphic agency, you should definitely look at the references. A very good agency already presents successful projects on its website. It also explains what services are offered.

Look for a specialist for the projects you have coming up. Get advice in advance and see if the agency is a good fit for you. This is where Sortlist can help you. You tell us your wishes and needs for the implementation of your project and we make a preliminary selection for you. This makes it easy to find the perfect graphic design agency.

Rely on experienced offices that have the appropriate know-how to make your corporate design, brochures or advertisements achieve the success you desire.

Platforms such as Sortlist provide a very good overview of the available offices and their references, number of employees, and specialties.


Graphic design has an enormous influence on the perception of products by the target group. A very good design can push the success of a company. In today’s market situation, you as an entrepreneur can no longer avoid good graphic design.

The competition with great visual appearances is simply too strong. Take advantage of the skills and know-how of professionals and hire design agencies to implement CD, marketing materials, or advertisements. However, find out exactly which agency suits you to get the most out of a collaboration.


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