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A Guide to Customer Loyalty: How to Effectively Retain Your Customers

17 August 2020 ∙ 19 minutes of reading time

In business, customer loyalty is crucial to your company’s success. How do you build trust and loyalty with your clientele? Learn more here!

By Alyzza Junett Cabuenas

10 Best Sales Advice in Times of Crisis

11 May 2020 ∙ 8 minutes of reading time

The current economy is in a state of unprecedented uncertainty. Let’s take the example of France. The latest indicators relayed by INSEE are quite revealing. Economic activity on 24 April 2020 is estimated to have fallen by 35%, more than 10 million employees in the private sector would be on short-time working and the business […]

By Olivier Danniau

Sales & Customer Success for a relentless reputation!

A company’s reputation and visibility cannot be based purely on marketing. Other factors come into play as well.  These include the interactions that customers will have with a company’s sales force and the experience they will have with the company’s product or service. 

With the development of information and communication technologies, everyone can now make their voice heard on the Internet. A happy and loyal customer can become an ambassador and promote a brand completely free of charge, simply because he or she has had a good experience with it. On the other hand, an unhappy customer can do serious damage to a company’s reputation. 

This is where Sales & Customer Success has a role to play: protecting the reputation of your brand by ensuring that your customers have a good experience with it. This category is dedicated to just that ✅

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