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Creative Automation Tools: 7 Reasons Why Your Agency Needs One


Marketing Agencies in 2022 are not just limited to using age-old tools like Photoshop to create every element of their creatives from scratch. It is not only a tedious and wasteful approach but also requires quite a learning curve.

Not to forget the license upgrades for each user, and the costs of your operations go sky high in no time!

However, using creative automation tools can save you all of this hassle and supercharge your ad campaigns. Read on to find out the 7 reasons why marketing agencies such as yours should be using creative automation tools now! (If you aren’t already!).

What the Heck is a Creative Automation Tool?

If you’re not familiar with or haven’t used creative automation tools, don’t worry we got you covered.

Creative automation tools are software platforms that use technology to produce creatives at scale. They do this by making the design process more manageable by eliminating high-volume, repetitive tasks. 

Moreover, these tools cut down the tedious tasks associated with content creation, which frees up energy for marketing agencies to focus on higher-value work. 

These tools are one of the best-kept secrets in the market, that may be letting your competitors gain a tactical advantage over you, but we are about to reveal some trade secrets of the best ways to increase efficiencies for asset production in high volumes. Keep reading.

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How do Marketing Agencies benefit from it?

Digital marketing agencieshave many clients with strict deadlines to follow. If you’re reading this you have firsthand experienced this problem statement! 

Without creative automation tools, you are always on the verge of burning out your teams—or needing to hire more—due to high demand. 

But these automation tools can simplify the design process and give your team the freedom to develop more sophisticated ad campaigns. Moreover, automation helps reclaim designers’ time, freeing them from tedious tasks like resizing ads to recreate hundreds of variations for the same campaign.

This lets them focus on the creative work they signed up for!

Save Time with Automated Creatives

Banner ad automation makes sense when a marketing agency has to design creatives at scale without sacrificing quality.

To produce hundreds of variations for your banner ads, it may take weeks if not months. But as a marketing agency, you know the importance of testing variations of your ads. Ads with different visuals and copies, just to ascertain which ad performs the best. With a banner ad creation tool like, you can do this in under 2 minutes!

Once you have all these banner variations ready to go, you still need to publish them on multiple platforms to reach your audience. integrates with Google and Facebook Ad accounts so that users can automate social media ad publishing, too.

You also save time once your advertising campaign goes live. You no longer have to wait for analytics and data to start making decisions and adjustments to your campaign. The AI automatically scores the creatives on the pro

Lumen5 is another tool that can save you time by converting text to video and gives you an advantage with a well-developed, AI-generated storyboard!

With the recent advancements in artificial intelligence, and machine learning marketing agencies certainly benefit a lot in terms of saving time.

Save Money on Ad Banner Automation

Social media advertising budgets have doubled worldwide and are a huge cost to marketing agencies and their clients alike. AI-powered marketing is geared towards making campaigns more efficient thereby saving a huge amount of ad spent, and increasing your ROAS.

AI technology increases these efficiencies by reducing errors. Every time a client requests a design change, or there is a human error in designing creatives or writing copiers it costs money. Considering limited resources, errors are bound to creep in.

We have put together a list of Top 10 Creative / Banner Automation Tools in 2022 to help agencies such as yours save a considerable amount of costs.

Some of these tools also have some great affiliate marketing programs that can help you generate extra revenue. Also, if you sign up, you get free credits for Ad networks. For example, gives  $500 FREE Google Ad Credits just by signing up!

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Get Better Conversion for your Ad campaigns

The most widely used KPI for marketers to measure success is the Conversion rate. Higher the rate, the higher the success of an advertising campaign. That’s why it’s a must to optimize and audit your marketing success metrics.

However, it can be quite a task to analyze all that data.

By analyzing millions of data points at scale to find patterns that optimize your design, creative automation tools like can increase conversion rates by 14 times!

The machine learning algorithms learn what has worked in the past and apply best practices to produce compelling background images, exceptional logo placement, and excellent ad copy text.

The best part about such engines is that they never stop learning in real-time and give better results over time.

Such automation has been used in the past and continually evolving which is changing the marketing landscape. Email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Automizy, and Jasper for creative writing are just a few examples of how marketers are leveraging powerful AI to get better results.

Get some insights into the technical side of exactly how’s ML works.

Make branding consistent exactly as your client wants

One of the biggest challenges for any marketing agency is to align with the brand and be consistent with every marketing collateral. This can be a difficult task as the teams deployed for the execution of these campaigns needs to adhere to the brand book and things may go amiss.

The narrative has to be consistent with the brand philosophy. So do the creatives.

It’s hard to find a yardstick to measure brand consistency across platforms, however, data points to the fact that brand consistency is a must. 

Even though you may have aesthetically pleasing visuals for your ads it may not work in your favor if your audience doesn’t recognize your client’s brand.

In recent years with the introduction of smart AI platforms like, you can easily set your brand’s colors and fonts to produce optimized banner ads that resonate with the same brand emotions across multiple platforms. 

If as a marketing agency and still using manual adjustments to change every single banner it would get very difficult to scale, as you may have already experienced!

Brand awareness is the most important aspect to adhere to whether you’re marketing for a big company or a startup. 

If you’re not already using automation, you must try tools like to generate banner ads and other assets with the east.

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Scale Fast with Automation Tools

As your agency grows, your marketing automation needs will have to grow right alongside it.

Even with limited resources, you can scale your operations by using automation tools that quite frankly work like 10 extra pairs of hands! Hiring and extending your team with more creative professionals is certainly a long process with evaluations at every stage. Still, in the end, it may or may not work out the way you would have liked.

Instead of keeping your growth initiatives on the back burner to focus on your clients’ projects, you can focus on your business without sacrificing your marketing demands.

More Tests, and better Targeted Ads

Testing to see which ad performs the best can be a crucial weapon in your arsenal, to boost your clients’ underperforming campaigns. 

A/B testing is a must to check for your best converting ads, but it also means that you need to spend a lot of time designing those ads and writing ad copies.

Furthermore, you would need to collect all the data to validate the conversions. AI-powered creatives almost always eliminate the need to spend lots of time and resources, also providing valuable insights leveraging data-driven models.

For example, has a scoring system that ranks your creatives in the order of “probability to convert”, which is driven by thousands of variables.

Testing different ads for different platforms like Google and Facebook with similar scoring can be done all from the platform with a push of a button.

Not only can you test more, but also enable the Machine Learning model to understand why certain ads would perform better for your campaign needs and the recommendations could be more streamlined toward your brand.

The ads could even be personalized for your target audience which plays a crucial role in conversions by targeting the right people with your tone, sentiment, and overall narrative.

Pixel Perfect Placement of Ads

Don’t you find it annoying when you have ads that are awkwardly stretched, cropped, full of choppy visuals, and blurry texts?

It can be a deal-breaker for your audience even if the brand is coherent with the end-user. It can generate a feeling of mistrust, and when that happens, you are sure to lose a prospective customer.

After interviewing over a hundred marketing agencies in France, we concluded that mostly the problem arises when there are multiple formats and platforms to advertise on.

This disaster can be averted by automated tools that can process resizing of images according to the platform with very high resolution.

On you can download and push all popular ad formats like square, story, landscape, and vertical that are standard for platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The coolest part is that it only takes a few clicks to optimize every banner ad for all your ad platforms.

Another considerable benefit of automated creatives is improving workflow. Tools like free up your team’s time and mental capacity to respond more to clients and higher-level demands.Flexibility is vital to your business.

Your focus and energy should be on being flexible and making decisions. Depending on the needs of your company or clients, there will come a time when you have to make last-minute changes. minimizes headaches and makes it easier to respond with an automated production process.

Make your mark in this hyper-competitive marketplace

Post pandemic our ways of doing business has evolved. As a marketing agency, if you do not catch up with the latest innovations such as creative automation, chances are you would be lost in translation, quite literally!

The good news is that you don’t have to learn to design on such tools and the signup processes are pretty straightforward. What’s more, tools like offers a free 7-day trial. You can cancel anytime with no questions asked. We know you will see the benefits and value of automating the tedious parts of the design process.

Let grind with you to give your business an unfair advantage :)


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