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What Is Adcreative.AI, and Is It a Game Changer for Your Agency? 


There are a tonne of automation tools available in the market today that can help your agency save time, money, and effort on every single marketing activity. 

More than 79% of marketing agencies already use marketing automation tools to scale their operations and be more efficient.

However, there were very few tools that offer the ability to automate the design of creatives for specific use cases, such as display advertisements

The designing bit is perhaps the most tedious of all tasks, and agencies often have dedicated design teams for these tasks.

With Facebook’s and Google’s dynamic (and demanding) AI Ad platforms, the ability to generate multiple creatives has become even more essential and therefore businesses lean towards agencies or their in-house design teams to solve this problem.

This further puts a lot of pressure on start-ups and solopreneurs. Even small and medium-sized marketing agencies struggle to keep up the pace for all their client’s marketing needs.

So today we are going to review a tool which is trying to solve this problem by using innovative AI that is already proving to be a market disruptor in the midst of more established players like Adobe, and Canva. 

What is, and Why Should You Care About It? is an online AI platform that generates result-focused ad creatives in seconds. 

Think of it like Canva on steroids, minus the manual effort.

Furthermore, it integrates all your social ad accounts like Facebook and Google Ads to give you creative insights on your campaigns, to increase your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Each creative that is generated by their AI has a specific scoring, that is the probability of that creative doing well. 

This helps determine which ad creatives are likely to do well and can be used in numbers for dynamic campaigns. 

Moreover, these can also be used to A/B test and find the best performing creatives, so you can use creatives similar to ones that are working well for you.

So whether it’s 10 or 20 creatives that you may have to upload for your dynamic ad campaigns, you would be able to do it quite easily in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours or even days.

Now that you know what it is, let’s see how it compares in terms of the things that are important from a user’s perspective.

If you’re the owner of your business, who has to do everything on your own, then you would know how hard it is to promote your business with an ad campaign that works well.

If you have little or no design experience, then creating those ad visuals becomes the most difficult part. And perhaps the second most difficult part is to resonate with your audience with the right kind of messaging.

If you run an ecommerce business, then advertising for each product proves to be a challenge in itself. You can’t possibly have the time to create every single ad yourself!

So you may think of outsourcing it to a marketing agency.

Well, just wait a while and think about a marketing agency today.

Their problems are further compounded by the fact that they have to deal with multiple clients like yourself, who would naturally demand a quick turnaround.

Since generates hundreds of ad creatives in a matter of seconds, you don’t need to manually create them from scratch. 

Even on template-based tools like Canva, you may have to work for a long time to create different iterations of your ad creatives. Here’s how much time you can save v/s the most popular tool in the market-

AdCreative AI vs Canva | Ad Banners

So as you can see, there’s literally no comparison when it comes to saving time. But you may ask what about the quality of the creatives generated. We will answer this question in the next section

Are these creatives visually appealing?

It’s no secret that the display ads that attract our attention are also aesthetically pleasing.

Even our confidence in a new product or service is greatly increased due to a well-made ad. 

It’s essentially the colors, shapes, pictures, fonts, white space, and overall visual balance of a design that compels us to click on it. 

So now the big question here is, can AI replicate the same visual experience that would be satisfactory to the human eye?

And if so, how does it do it?

Now, these are two important questions we need to answer to determine whether the designed creatives would be a hit or a miss.

To answer the first question, we did a random experiment and selected a bunch of creatives highly rated by the AI-

ad creative ai

As you can see, the creatives generated are the same if not better than what you would expect from a top-class design/marketing agency.

The way the AI designs these creatives is by leveraging a unique machine learning algorithm that analyzes thousands of banner/display ads and determines why they do well. 

This involves accounting for hundreds of variables, in order to ascertain why certain creatives do well over others.

Visually it can range from simple factors like the type, size, and placement of the font. The use of design, colors, and white spaces enhances the visual appeal which gives it an overall “feel”.

Depending on your target audience you would want to have a certain feel to your ad to resonate with your target audience.

This feel or sentiment is one such ingredient out of hundreds in creating the overall ad creative.

It was surprising to see that creativity can be objective when broken down into finer components. Here’s an insightful article on this debate, whether an AI can think creatively?

ad creative ai how it works

Similarly, when it comes to the overall messaging, it has to be relatable to your audience. Your brand essence should flow in your message and entice them to buy your product/service. 

For this reason, the platform deploys a text generator that is highly trained and helps advertisers generate the right kind of messaging. 

We will look at how it works in detail in the next section.

How well are the texts generated?

Natural language processing has come a long way. Today Ai is able to emulate natural speech and write in a more human-like manner. AI platforms are even able to write complete articles that are indistinguishable from human content writers.

These advancements have also led to a surge in the number of copywriting tools available in the market. 

One of the first and the most advanced platforms in text generation is OpenAI, and has its integration on its platform. 

Their development team has tweaked it for advertisers. This enables them to generate very strong Ad Headlines and Copies to influence their target audience according to the platform they want to advertise on.

The repurposing of this awesome Text AI to generate Ad copies has really paid off, as the generated texts are very coherent and multiple variations can be generated within no time.

Moreover, these can be edited as per liking and used in the ad creatives generated on the platform. 

This combination of multiple ad creatives and ad copies is especially amazing for some really demanding ad campaigns such as Google Performance Max, and Facebook Dynamic Ads. So overall for any ad campaign, the Text Ai is a valuable addition to the Creative Ai.

The Most Important Measurement for Success of Your Ad Campaigns, and How AI Is Changing the Game?

With, you get an absolutely new kind of analytic tool, called Creative Insights. While all major platforms like Facebook and Google give you insights about every single parameter, none of them can tell you exactly how your ad creatives performed in your campaign. 

The ability to know if your ad creatives were exceptional enough, is a dream come true for all advertisers since mostly we tend to put a very subjective tone for our creatives.

More than 70% of all banner/display advertisements are heavily focused on creatives, and we have little to no data on their performance.

Whatever your objective may be, be it sales, lead generation, or sign-ups, these ad creatives are purpose-driven to offer more conversions.

Bonus Feature- Social Posts

Whilst most marketing agencies like yourself, manage your clients’ social media accounts. It may get boring at times to do the odd Father’s Day post, isn’t it? Maybe instead of giving your design team something mundane, why not let an AI create it?, has recently introduced a new feature that lets you do exactly that! Moreover, the design of these social posts is focused on engagements. So, rest assured to get more engagements than your usual posts! 

Not only is it a really great feature, but also takes the guesswork out of which designs would be more fun and engaging for your audience.

Conclusion, is a creative automation tool that brings amazing value to any marketing agency. Every agency big or small can benefit a lot in the long run. It is one tool that can enable small and medium agencies to scale rapidly.

For bigger and more established agencies, it offers effortless options to manage all their clients from one platform and offer compelling insights not even available on popular social media ad managers.


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