Brand Kit: Create a Unique Brand Identity for Your Business

Brand Kit: Create a Unique Brand Identity for Your Business


A brand kit is a collection of assets used to create a consistent look and feel for your brand.

The idea is that you put together all the pieces you need in one place so that it’s easy to update and refresh them as and when needed.

A brand kit can contain anything from logo files, social media images, and text styles to fonts, colors, as well as sketches of your product designs.

What Is a Brand Kit?

A brand kit is a collection of assets that help you build your business’s brand. It may include:

You can download these free slide templates and make them in any design program. Brand kits are typically distributed as printable PDFs or PDF downloads, allowing you to make your PDF password protected for added security.

To tell your brand’s story, you can either give your brand kit to your team members and important partners or make it available to the public and the press.

When looking at a brand kit, there are important factors to note. For instance, your logo.

The logo is the first thing everyone notices when looking at your business and what it does. It helps them remember your business and know what you do. When you have a construction company, for example, it is perfect for including small details like a crane. Some people think spending time and energy on a logo is unnecessary, but in reality, it is what your whole business is made of. Glorify’s Brand Kit allows you to access your logo and brand colors in the brand account currently in use. You’ll save valuable time by centralizing all your branding assets in one place. 

Your brand colors also play a big role. It is one of the core foundation steps to let people remember you.

Many photographers use a grayscale color theme. This is because it shows more emotion than the colored pictures. It makes the consumers remember you by a simple image. The color you choose is one of the things that will set your brand’s visual identity apart and attract the audience you are looking for, all done by simple brand colors.

Branding kits don’t always have to be about brand assets or brand fonts. It can be as simple as a logo or a key difference in your company or brand.

How Do You Make Your Own Brand Kit?

The main purpose of a brand kit is to create consistency in your visuals. A brand kit is an all-inclusive guide for your company’s visual identity that includes everything from logotypes and color palettes to website layouts and product photography.

A good brand book should include:

  • The core message of your business
  • Your audience personas (who you’re targeting)
  • Your ideal customer journey map (how customers should interact with you)

What to Include in Your Brand Kit to Make Sure It Is On-Brand

A brand kit is a collection of all the elements, design guidelines, and assets that make up your brand. A good kit includes everything that you need to develop and maintain your visual identity properly.

The best part? You don’t have to be a professional designer to create one! Let’s dive into the details of what goes into making a great brand kit:

  • Branding elements: Logo, typography, color palette
  • Brand values & messaging: What does my company stand for? How do I want people to think about us?
  • Persona(s): Who are we trying to appeal to? Who loves us already?

Target audience research can help us answer these questions by giving us insight into who our ideal customer is and how they behave online. This information can inform how we design our website and what kinds of social media posts we publish or content we create in video format (YouTube channel etc.).

Once we know our target audience, it is easier for everyone involved in creating content within the company, (including marketing directors), to know exactly whom they’re speaking to when writing copy or developing graphics/videos, etc.

You will always need to remember tips for your branding kit, which is to have a brand identity like no one else. After you have set off and done your consistent uploads, the brand kit ensures that the consumers will return for more.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Brand Kit?

The cost to create a brand kit depends on the complexity of the kit. There is no set amount when it comes to a brand kit. It all depends on your style as well as your budget.

Your budget is the main priority when looking at brand kits, as it will indicate what you can create. The style of the brand kit will determine the overall cost as it is the main selling point of your brand. If you have a simple bleak and white theme with minimalistic consent, you will have a cheaper brand kit.

As soon as you start going with bold ideas and creating very complex designs and themes, you will be bumping up your price. There are generic brand kits available on the market for a reasonable price. The only problem with them is that they are not unique, and you will be sharing them with many people.

You should not always compare the cost to all other expenses, as the brand kit is your identity and will be the first thing recognized to you. It will end up being your selling point. So, always remember to choose wisely and create a brand kit that fits you and your brand.

Tools for Creating Brand Kits and Establishing Your Brand Identity

Brand kits are materials that make it easy to build and maintain consistent branding across your site. You don’t have to be a style guru to create one, as there are many tools to help you. They will lead you to the right style and type of audience you are looking to attract. They include:

  • A brand book that defines how your company uses the logo, including colors, typography, and photography
  • Style guide (optional), which provides more detail about style and tone

They’re helpful because they answer questions like: How do we use our logo? When should we use a photo versus an illustration? What kind of fonts should we use?

By using these tools, you will ensure that you have been set apart from others. If followed closely, they will give you all the knowledge and guidance needed to have your consumers remember you for who and what you are. This can all be done with a unique and personalized brand kit.

But there is also the undeniable opportunity to work with a specialized branding agency such as that of Bite Design:

max lilley

I think you get a different spectrum from somebody that’s outside of the business as they can see things from a different angle. So in-house is great but you are very much a part of that culture so you can’t see anything outside of that particular brand. I think with externally based people, they might ask different questions, they might ask “have you thought about doing this” or maybe “have you questioned that”. So it’s as much about creative thinking as it is the actual creative output. So being external you get that different perspective. I think it’s good. And if you work with other people as well if agencies are a bit larger, they have teams of sort of 5 to 10 people plus, then you get those perspectives as well. So it’s interesting.

Max Lilley – Founder and Creative Director at Bite Design

Examples of Brand Kits

Brand kits, sometimes called style guides or brand kit books, are a handy resource for designers and developers to use when creating branded content for your website. They include color palettes, fonts, styles, and sizes, along with other information about the look and feel of your brand.

There are thousands of different styles and variations of brand kits. The main priority is to find the one suited for you. You can have them custom-made by a professional or have a generic one. The style options depend on the brand and personality you want to set out. If you have a blog posting site that mainly focuses on calm and stress relief, you will look at a style that focuses on blue. Blue is the most calming color for the human brain.

When looking at different fonts, there is an endless amount to choose from. It all depends on what your style is and what is associated with it. You will look at the black-ink font if you have a heavy metal band. If a more professional brand is what you are after, you will be taking a look at the Calibri font.

With endless styles, fonts, and designs to choose from, there is bound to be a style out there for everyone’s brand.


This is a great way for you to showcase your brand and also create awareness about it. It can help people remember who you are when they see your name, logo, or products in other places. The secret to a brand kit will always be to stay consistent on all marketing and visual assets.


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