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Branding Positioning Case Study: How 5 Brands Tripled Leads/Sales


Today, we’re doing a branding case study on five different brands across Europe to see just how they tripled their leads, conversions, or sales of their good and services, using excellent brand positioning strategies including:

These brands were able to achieve such success despite market hurdles, thanks to the help of top-notch branding agencies who are experts in various marketing and branding campaigns.

In this case study, I’ll give you insights into the different challenges that each brand faced, the specific solutions that their branding agencies offered, and the outcome of their respective branding efforts.

Hopefully, you’ll learn a thing or two that will help you improve your branding strategy; boost your brand identity, and reap greater results.

A Brand Name That Connects With Audiences

Neinor Homes, a residential development company in Spain, was having trouble with their sales in one of their development areas in Las Rozas, Madrid – in which they have lots of competitors in the real estate market.

So, LOVE SEES IT, a branding agency certified by Sortlist, came up with the proposal to launch a brand positioning project that tugs at the heartstrings of the people who live in Madrid – position the brand in a wider scope to reach more audiences.

“We are not limiting ourselves to the area of influence as the competition was doing.”  – LOVE SEES IT

Their branding campaign is called “Adiós Princesa” (Goodbye Princess) which helped their target audience, who have grown so accustomed to their current neighbourhood, bid goodbye to their childhood streets and favourite squares; their past – positioning the brand in a way that appeals to the bittersweet sensation of leaving a familiar place. 

The branding campaign was able to convey that the brand understands how challenging it can be to leave a place full of pleasant memories, but it’s good to embrace changes, especially if it’s about leading a better life, such as relocating to an even better place – emphasising the quality brought by the product.

As the video gets widely shared by their target market – organically – they also directed them to a landing page where clients can choose to receive a customised farewell letter that they can use to create their own goodbye to their neighbourhood – helping buyers add a personal touch as they embark on their new journey. 

The result?

“The results were even better than expected, increasing sales of the development by more than 30%, reaching 10 homes sold in a week. Proof that when you bet on creativity, you always win.” – LOVE SEES IT

Breaking Down Stereotypes and Bringing In New Employees

AFAS Software, a software development company in the Netherlands, is growing and in need of more employees, in a more efficient way. However, they are not having much success in their recruitment process due to some difficulties.

While AFAS is an exciting company to work for, and many people were applying, a significant number of applicants did not seem to have the right qualities to be considered.  Some applicants choose AFAS just because they are a “nice company.’ So, this was putting a lot of pressure on the capacity of the HR department.

There was a dire need to:

  • find applicants who had better qualifications
  • Eliminate the stereotype that working in an IT company is boring and that they should be “computer nerds” to qualify.

The recruitment communication was primarily company-driven and was almost the same as other companies. Thus, there was a need to invest in a branding campaign that would help the AFAS become distinguished.

So, Formatique, a branding agency verified by Sortlist, came up with a branding strategy based on the needs and desires of the target group – totally different from the brand positioning projects of other companies which only focused on what they have to offer to potential employees.

“Recruitment communication is often inside out. Companies talk about themselves, and often in an undistinguished way.” – Formatique

The branding campaign was called “What Drives You”, and resonates with every hard-working employee – the video assets and landing pages ultimately ask the target group what drives them to get a job and perform well in it.

AFAS and its branding positioning partners, Formatique, did research on the target group, especially on determining which universities and colleges have the most potential candidates, and conducted street interviews to make them into compelling video teasers.

They made sure that the “What Drives You” message was conveyed across all branding and marketing platforms and mediums of communication – videos, trade fair stands, photographs, newspapers, podcasts and decreased stereotypes towards an IT company by showing the target group that a software company does not only employ “computer nerds” but also people from a wide range of expertise, such as creative marketing, finance, and sales.

They also:

  • Created a communication funnel with highly targeted social campaigns using videos and unmistakable presence at relevant career fairs.
  • Leveraged the AFAS team by featuring their responses on “What Drives You” and their experience with working at AFAS to give candidates first-hand insights into the company work environment.
  • Launched podcasts featuring leaders amongst various businesses, sharing what drives them that resonates with the target group.
  • Created more written content and web pages on their website that talks about career opportunities at AFAS.
  • Utilised location-targeted sponsored brand positioning campaigns on popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • Leveraged geolocation tracing which identified potential candidates who were near a career fair but did not visit the AFAS stand, and retargeted them via social media.

The result?

AFAS Software as an increase in conversion from 3% to 12%…Quadruple results.

In addition, the quality of the applications has (inherently) increased, as potential employees now choose AFAS not only because it is such a great company, but because it meets the requirements/wishes of the target group (millennials). The number of applications has also increased slightly, but this was not a KPI.” – Formatique

Dotting the ‘i’s and Crossing the ‘t’s On A Web Page

Skillcorner, a start-up Football software product in France, needs help with improving their customer experience on their technology, and with rebranding so that they acquire more clients.

So, Black Pizza, an ergonomy (UX/UI) and branding agency certified by Sortlist, came up with a brand positioning strategy that includes making the brand’s website immersive and lively so that it can better showcase the technological aspect of the product – thereby making the tool super intuitive for the users and allows them to interact with the business.

“Like the players on the pitch, the icotype is made up of small dots forming an S. The frame refers to the world of data. The chosen typography presents notions of technicality, the point of the “i” echoes those who make up the icotype.” – Black Pizza, explaining the new design.

Also, the branding agency with the help of designers revised the graphic asset of the visualisation tool; rebranding the product more effectively as it becomes more modernised and adaptable to the various formats that help it be integrated into the consumers’ websites.

The result?

“Since the graphic overhaul of our identity and our showcase site, incoming calls from prospects have multiplied by 10.” – Hugo Bordigoni, Skillcorner Founder & CEO

Renewing a Brand’s Purpouse For a Global Cause

INVE Aquaculture, a global leader in their industry, needs to evolve from being an academic spin-off to having a broader relevance in the market.

So, Marrow, a brand positioning agency at Sortlist, came up with a branding campaign that effectively tells the story of how the brand is making a positive impact on the supply and demand of seafood across the globe.

“We travelled from Ecuador to the Mekong Delta and back to fully understand INVE Aquaculture’s business. This allowed us to turn our client’s complex biotech offering into a global storytelling concept built on the simple, yet powerful idea of helping seafood producers around the world to face their main challenge: to turn fragile life into solid growth.” – Marrow

So, the new storytelling approach has allowed individuals from Research & Development to sales and technical support to connect in a more efficient and relevant way to the global aquaculture community – creating a space to share experiences and insights that help the whole industry to thrive and begin to provide value to consumers.

The result?

“Driven by its renewed brand purpose, INVE Aquaculture has more than ever evolved from being a true pioneer in aquaculture to being globally recognised as a thought and innovation leader in an industry that will play a crucial role in the future of global food production.” – Marrow

Introducing A Brand Mascot

Emma from Motor Communication

Emma, a mattress company doing business in Germany, needs to stand out from the confusing market of mattresses sold online around the world – mattress products, promises, and appearances of most competitors are painfully similar and therefore indistinguishable.

So, Motor Communication, an advertising and branding agency certified by Sortlist, came up with a brand positioning that introduces a real expert of good sleep – “Frank, the professional sleeping fairy.”

Also, they leveraged TV commercials and developed a new logo that mirrors their new brand identity. What’s more, Emma made the mattress purchase super easy with a new service by providing a simple selection process, making the price affordable, promoting free delivery to the client’s house, and 100 nights testing guarantee.

“To make its customers as comfortable as possible, Emma is positioned as a ‘worry-free company’. To match that [brand positioning], we have developed the claim ‘Don‘t worry. Sleep happy.’ Ensuring that Emma customers will be happy with their purchase.” – Motor Communication

The result?

Emma is now a highly distinguished mattress brand across Europe.

Key Takeaways for Your Own Brand Identity

Based on the approaches and results of the brands featured in this case study, it’s safe to say that storytelling is the single most effective way to achieve significant brand positioning.

Moreover, the use of:

  • Compelling videos
  • Rich landing pages
  • Exciting podcasts
  • New logo
  • Excellent interface design
  • Excellent user experience,

can boost the efficiency of a positioning strategy.

Also, leveraging social media platforms, especially retargeting, can help strengthen your brand awareness.

Lastly, taking advantage of the vast experience and profound knowledge of branding agencies can prove invaluable, especially if you want to acquire higher leads, conversions, or sales for your business (just make sure that you partner with the highly-vetted brand positioning agencies at Sortlist).

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