Sortlist Celebrates the UAE’s Best Providers: 2023
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Sortlist Celebrates the UAE’s Best Providers: 2023

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We’re proud to announce the winners of Sortlist’s 2023 UAE Agency Awards – recognising the top-performing agencies in the country, as well excellent performance in two key expertises.

The categories are: Best Agency in the UAE, Best Event Agency, and Best Advertising Agency.
Based on over 20,000 validated provider reviews added in 2023, these awards take into account what really matters: customer satisfaction and service excellence, as voted by those who know best.

This year’s winners have demonstrated outstanding creativity, cost efficiency, and commitment to their clients, setting a high standard for agencies in the region.

So without further ado, the winners:

Best Provider in the UAE

In the UAE’s bustling business hub, with diverse opportunities and fierce competition, choosing the best provider is crucial for standing out and achieving success in a dynamic market. That’s why the top 20 of UAE providers, as voted by their clients, is so important.

Expertise Ranking Table
Header Image
1 LogoTekRevol DMCC5.00
8LogoWeb Design Glory4.92
9LogoDOT Motions4.91
10LogoPotensia Media4.92
11LogoHome of Performance4.96
13LogoAdapts Media4.97
14LogoOutreach Advertising4.99
15LogoGCC Marketing5.00
16LogoGrassroots creative5.00
17LogoSkepper Creative4.75
18LogoBlackbird Fz4.95

Congratulations to the winner, TekRevol, software and app development specialists whose clients highlighted their prompt responses and exceptional service in 2023. That commitment to efficiency and client satisfaction exemplifies their excellence in the digital services arena – and earns them this award.

And only just behind, rounding out the top three: CMOLDS UAE – again operating in the software and app development field – a testament to the power of technology in the Emirate. Clients this year have praised their professionalism, technical proficiency, and client-centricity.

DigitalsetGo, wins third place in Sortlist’s 2023 UAE Agency Awards, is celebrated for their tailored SEO and graphic design solutions. They’ve been recognised for weaving narratives into designs and create meaningful online connections.

Best Advertising Agency in the UAE

Advertising in the UAE isn’t just important, it’s essential. In a melting pot of cultures, all tech-savvy and with a taste for luxury, cool, clever ads aren’t just nice to have. They’re your golden ticket to standing out and connecting in a place where tradition meets trend.

That’s why we recognise the UAE’s top 20 advertising agencies:

Expertise Ranking Table
Header Image
1 LogoRanxy5.00
3LogoHome of Performance4.96
6LogoOutreach Advertising4.99
6LogoPotensia Media4.99
9LogoBlackbird Fz4.95
11LogoSkepper Creative4.89
12LogoAnimus Agency5.00
13LogoKryptonite Interactive5.00
14LogoZoom Digital4.97
15LogoAdapts Media4.97
16LogoOrange Dice Solutions5.00
17LogoOrangerie Advertising4.93
18LogoPixoo Media5.00

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

Best Events Agency in the UAE

In the UAE, to be seen, is to be heard. Events aren’t just gatherings; they’re showcases of culture and commerce. Here, hosting a standout event means making waves, and clinching deals, like nowhere else on the globe.

So for our final award of 2023 – we’ll honour the top 10 events agencies in the Emirate – putting faces to names like nobody else.

Expertise Ranking Table
Header Image
1 LogoMarkable5.95
2Logo7PQRS Event Agency5.00
3LogoEventum Premo5.00
6LogoRain Light Events4.94
6Logoentourage marketing and events4.94
7LogoCM4 Events5.00
9LogoElecta Studios4.50
10LogoLatable Events5.00

About the Awards

“The achievement of these leading agencies in the UAE is a testament to their hard work and dedication to excellence,” said Nicolas Finet, Co-founder of Sortlist.

“Our platform is designed to connect businesses with the best agencies, and there’s no better person to judge them than their happy clients. We’re proud to highlight their outstanding talent and can’t wait to see what they’ll do in 2024.”

The Sortlist UAE Agency Awards are part of the company’s commitment to promoting transparency and quality in the B2B marketplace.

By focusing on client reviews as the basis for these awards, Sortlist ensures that the accolades are a true reflection of customer satisfaction and agency performance. For more information about the UAE providers listed on Sortist, and to explore those client reviews, visit

About Sortlist

Sortlist is a business accelerator that easily connects companies with the right marketing and digital agencies. With a focus on fast, efficient supplier matching and fostering quality partnerships, Sortlist streamlines the process of finding the perfect partner to meet diverse business needs and drive company growth.


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