YouTube: How to Find the Perfect Name for Your Channel?
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YouTube: How to Find the Perfect Name for Your Channel?


Why Think About the Name of Your YouTube Channel?

If you want to share video content to promote your business on the Internet, YouTube is inevitable. And to succeed on YouTube, the name of your channel is very important. In addition to the title of your videos and their thumbnails, these are the only elements visible to users before they click on your videos.

That being said, your YouTube channel name is the only element that must be common to all the videos you will publish. So, when thinking about the best possible channel name, you are thinking about an important part of the communication of your YouTube videos.

The name of your channel must meet several requirements: it must be attractive, sober, clear, and representative of your identity.

When you create an account for your company, you must be even more demanding. The name of your channel consists of only a few words, but they are nevertheless of paramount importance. Whether you brainstorm ideas yourself or use a business name generator, the name of your YouTube channel should reflect the overall identity of your company as best as possible.

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Please note that it is important to distinguish between the channel name and the user name:

  • The username represents your name as an account while the channel name is customizable.
  • The username will be automatically allocated to your channel name when it is created. While you can change your channel name at will, the username will still be present in the URL of your channel.

So be careful about the username of the account with which you will create your channel.

Our Tips for Finding a Good YouTube Channel Name

To help you find a good YouTube channel name, we share 7 tips in the following article:

Avoid a YouTube channel name that is too long

Your YouTube channel name should describe you in as few characters as possible. Adopting a short name strengthens the attraction to your channel. It is quickly identifiable and gives a smoother, more professional, more efficient feel.

A channel name that’s too long or messy may give the impression that the videos on your channel are of the same ilk: too heavy content, not concise enough.

To give you an idea, limit yourself to a maximum of 30 characters. The optimal length is between 8 and 20 characters.

Make yourself easily identifiable

In addition to having a name that is short enough to be quickly identifiable, your name should also contain characters that will help you remember it.

In particular, avoid the use of numbers. In addition to giving Internet users a feeling of amateurism with regard to your channel, they do not bring anything and complicate your name for nothing.

The only exception is if your company name has a number (like Team 21, for example).

In the same way, avoid letters and other superfluous characters: they risk polluting the name of your channel. You can however use characters intelligently, to improve the clarity and aesthetics of your name. In the template “Name – Activity” template, the dash allows you to distinguish two parts in the name of your chain. For example: “John Smith – Masonry”.

In summary, your chain name should avoid numbers and should be made of intelligible words.

Add a descriptive element

By the way, your channel name can include a descriptive element. This allows the Internet user who does not know you to understand at a glance the theme of your channel.

This descriptive term can be an adjective. It can take a “NameAdjective” model. For example: “JohnEffective”. It works even better with a “ThemeAdjective” template. For example: “MasonryFast”.

Note that you can use capital letters to condense your name into a single word, as long as it is not too long.

Use capital letters

You should pay special attention to the use of capital letters. First of all, it is always good to start your name with a capital letter. A string name starting with a lower case letter gives, once again, a feeling of amateurism.

You can even write your name in all capital letters, as long as it is short, otherwise, it can give a feeling of aggressiveness.

Capitalization also helps to identify the beginning of each word, especially if you opt for an all-caps name. In other words, capitalization is a way to segment your name.

Conduct a preliminary search

Before thinking about your name, you will need to conduct a preliminary search. This research will help you establish a track record of name awareness.

First, do a search on YouTube: it would be unfortunate if another YouTube channel is already using the name you’re thinking of. Also, perhaps a channel with a name similar to yours has a bad reputation, which could hurt you. This is unlikely, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

Also, you can look for successful channels or channels on the same theme as yours to analyze their names.

This can give you ideas or models to inspire you.

Finally, don’t forget to look for the name you are considering for your YouTube channel on other social networks: especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Indeed, if you plan to expand your presence on these networks, it would be a shame if the name of your channel is already used by another user.

Use a name generator

There are several YouTube channel name generators on the Internet. Among them: Business Name Generator, YouTube Name Generator, Kparser or SpinXo.

With them, you can generate a list of potential names for your channel. This can give you interesting ideas to exploit.

The generated names are often imperfect, but the generators offer assistance to all those in need of inspiration. The idea is to select a name you like, then rework it based on the previous tips.

Stay true to your company

Your YouTube channel reflects your presence on the world’s largest video hosting network. It is a powerful communication tool. Especially since YouTube is the second largest search engine, just behind Google.

Therefore, your YouTube channel must meet the requirements of your communication strategy. This means that your name must be in line with your overall policy. For example, don’t use a funny channel name if your communication is focused on your skills and services.

Ultimately, your channel name should be immediately identified with your company. This way, YouTube users who already know your company will recognize you. Conversely, anyone who discovers you through YouTube will discover your company at the same time.


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