Video Editing Rates: How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Your Visual Content
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Video Editing Rates: How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Your Visual Content

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Visual content like photos, infographics, videos, etc., play a key role in today’s digital marketing realm. It not only entices the customers but also helps in conveying a brand message effectively.

It is no surprise that the global visual content market is expected to grow by $7.2 billion by 2030!

Even though visual content is the need of the hour, business owners are often intrigued to determine the cost associated with photo and video editing services. If you are wondering the same, then you are in the right place. It is also important to use a video to text converter for more engagement with potential customers.

In this blog, we will discuss a few real-life statistics that impact the cost of visual content outsourcing services. Let’s begin!

How much does video editing cost?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Why? Because there are a variety of factors that impact (we will learn the same in the section below) the video editing prices. However, the average cost of video editing is expected to be anywhere near 259 USD.

When you decide to hire a video editing agency, get ready to come across two common types of payment methods – fixed and hourly rates.

Both of these payment methods have their fair share of perks. Let’s comprehend which is better for your requirement.

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Fixed and hourly fee – the difference

Fixed – With fixed video editing rates, you always have an idea of how much you will be paying for video editing services.

Hourly – With hourly video editing rates, you always have to make a guess, which isn’t quite accurate the majority of the time. Based on the experience level of the agency in question, you should expect to pay between $20 and $100+ per hour.

Video editing involves a lot of creative work. You may always have a new idea of how the transition, cut, or color grading of your final video should be. For this very reason, it is best to avoid the hourly rates method, especially if you have a budget limit.

However, if you have a template ready and wish all the bulk video production to be in a similar pattern, the hourly rates method can prove beneficial. Just ensure to determine how long it takes for the editor to edit one video. 

Factors that influence video editing cost

Listed below are a few of the major factors that impact video editing rates significantly –  

Length of the raw footage 

The bigger the raw footage length, the higher the cost of editing the video will be.

An editor will have to spend hours scanning through the source footage to find relevant and important ones. Plus, the irregularity of how the footage was shot will add up to the work of your editor.

It takes a lot of patience for the editor to carry out the post-production process smoothly, which will, of course, reflect the final cost.

Also, if you think previously edited footage may require little time, then you are mistaken. Sometimes, such footage can prove challenging for a new editor to take over, especially to get familiarized with the editing done by the previous expert. This may also reflect in the video editing cost.

Type of video 

Another common thing that impacts the video editing rate is the type of video you have in hand. A video can be categorized into different types, including wedding, corporate/branding, animated, family, and so on. Based on the video type, the cost can vary significantly.

In terms of business, editing branding or corporate videos is typically expensive because the editor is required to follow the script, branding guidelines, direction, template, etc., provided by the video owner.

Since the editing is aligned with the corporate clients’ expectations to help create a positive brand image, you can end up paying more than other types of videos in creating a brand/corporate video.

Number of cuts every finished minute

Editing a video takes longer if it has more cuts per finished minute.

Most editors base their estimates on the number of cuts or transitions a video has every minute, which also includes the color correction, additional transition times, and other tasks involved in every additional final cut included to complete the minute of the video.

Get ready to pay a higher fee if you have a more complex video editing requirement, especially one with more cuts per finished minute.

Check out this Adidas ad with multiple cuts per minute.

Addition of motion graphics 

The last factor that might impact the cost of video editing is the use and addition of motion graphics.

Special effects and graphics take a lot of time and effort, as well as a greater level of technical expertise. If you wish to include such details in your video, ensure to request the editing ahead of time. This is because such videos take longer to finalize and require a more important budget.

Other factors that impact the video editing rates include –

  • Addition of text overlays
  • Utilization of animation, stock images, etc.
  • Image stabilization
  • Color grading
  • Urgent delivery
  • Addition of specialized elements like interactivity
  • Requirement of post-editing procedures like uploading, rendering, transcoding, or digitizing the video, etc.

Benefits of working with a video editing agency

Whether you are low on budget or not, outsourcing your motion picture editing requirements can prove highly beneficial affair, such as –

Expertise and experience 

It is common to think that access to technology, online forums, and tutorials can help you edit videos easily. While such tools make things easy, it doesn’t necessarily equip you with the editing expertise and experience the experts at video editing production company bring to the table. 

The skills the experts acquire cannot be learned overnight and can range from lighting to shooting, directing, audio, editing, and so on. They have a diverse and polished portfolio. Similarly, their experience in the video editing industry makes them capable of finding an instant solution when things go wrong. 

Saves you time

Compared to hiring freelance editors or asking your staff to help, video editing can take significantly longer.

In a place where the expert at the agency may only need an hour to edit, render and complete the video, your in-house staff may require 2 to 3 hours. Experts at the agency must have worked on thousands of video editing projects; hence the timely turnaround, your in-house staff may not be as experienced in the field. 

Saves you money

While, of course, you will end up spending a few dollars to acquire the agency, that is the only cost you pay by outsourcing your video editing needs. 

To professionally edit a video, you may require more than just editing knowledge. You may need special and expensive tools and video editing software. Similarly, hiring an in-house team isn’t cheap either. On average, highly specialized artists and professional videographers expect a salary of $51,131 yearly. And let’s not forget the training costs, additional bonus, overtime, etc. 

Looking at how the video editing costs only expand with hiring an in-house video editing team, you are better off with a video editing agency at your disposal. 

Just because you have dedicated in-house professional video editors doesn’t mean they will stay on top of all the trends. However, this is expected from the video editors at the agency. In fact, these experts tend to hone their skills regularly to ensure they deliver only the best video editing solutions to the customers. 

Plus, the experts know what they are doing and what the digital users expect from promotional videos. Hence, they never overuse any trend and ensure your brand videos help you gain an authoritative image in your industry niche. 

Experts know how to capture a story, set a tone, and deliver relevant messages through their video editing skills


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