The Sortlist Awards 2021 – MENA region edition 🏆
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The Sortlist Awards 2021 – MENA region edition 🏆


The moment has finally arrived… After an exciting battle, the winners of The Sortlist Awards 2021 have been announced! 

The jury, consisting of our qualified Sortlist team, carefully reviewed the entries of the nominees and selected a winner per category.  Read the article, to discover lucky winners the 6 Sortlist Awards. Check them out !  👀👇

Best Attractive Agency – Winner #1 Markable

We’re proud to announce our first winner, Markable UAE. Markable UAE is an events & marketing agency based in Dubai, made for those tired of the hum-drum marketing campaigns and repetitive corporate functions. They specialize in tailoring marketing experiences through Corporate Events, Exhibition Stands, Virtual Events, Digital Marketing and the gaps in between.

 It’s a huge honor for them to have won “Most Attractive Agency” and they believe constant profile optimization, wide array of projects in various industries and credibility received from their clients is what set them up to win this esteemed award.

 During those difficult times, we learned how to stay strong and focused and adapt to the ever-changing professional landscape in order to succeed. That is something we are really proud of!

Best Closer Award – Winner #2 Home of Performance

HOP is a Boutique full-service agency with a performance-oriented team from 10 countries.  We apply ourselves to understand our partners and to act as an extension of their team. 

The beauty of this agency is that they don’t work with sales staff, and they invest a lot of time and effort in each pitch and proposal. With a research and customer centric approach they build predictable and precise strategies that makes it easy for our clients to know and understand what each project will yield them in return. This is the reason why the close rate is so high, and why they were awarded the best closing agency.

Biggest Client Signed Award – Winner #3 Dot Motions 

DOT Motions is a group of filming enthusiasts, come together to image life in ideas. Ideas that are ours and yours, combined, to produce compelling stories. Stories that tell tales and make headlines for you.

At DOT Motions, a team of film producers and directors have come together from different experiences and qualifications to make them the most preferred, Dubai based, Creative Agency. If you want to maintain an innovative edge for your business and proclaim that win, they are always set to roll out the best solution for all your media needs. Their success truly lies in their passionate, talented, and work-driven team members who know exactly how to HELP YOU achieve your goals – right on time and within your budget.

Golden Agency Award – Winner #4 Pencil Designs

Pencil Designs is a Branding & UX agency founded in 2012 based in Egypt. They are specialized in UI/UX, Web Design & Development, Branding and Positioning combining multiple sectors such as “Healthcare, Education, Fashion & Beauty, Food, Technologies, etc.”

They have won the “The Golden Agency” category as they have been a member on the platform for 3 years now, and they are one of the first member who joined the Sortlist family in the MENA Region.

One final word from Pencil Designs: “Simplicity done right is what connects a brand with its audience, creates a winning strategy, and drives our making, day in, day out”.

Most Creative Agency Award – Winner #5 Sandpaper

Sandpaper is a Dubai based Marketing and Communication agency established in 2007. They offer creative, brand building and online advertising across all business sectors in the GCC.

They were fortunate to win ‘Most Creative Agency’ partly because they got a new client via Sortlist that needed full rebranding. The project scope gave them creative freedom to design solutions that worked across all their marcoms channels and touchpoints. They’re grateful to a client like this that trusted them with their entire rebranding of over 20 branches.

Even with Covid and the fact the client was based outside the UAE they were able to establish a good working relationship that has now expanded to other areas of their business.

Rising Star Award – Winner #6 Emkan Media

Emkan Marketing Management is a leading Marketing and Communication agency founded in 2016 and based in Dubai/UAE. They specialize in Digital Marketing, Media Production, Digital Development, Exposure, Branding, and Positioning combining innovation, corporate, fashion, food, & beauty.

They are seasoned digital virtuosos. The agency’s intentions are to form concrete links between creativity, digital solutions, and results.

They offer services that yield triumphant ROI and add value, impressions, and reputation to your brand. 

Emkan media is an award-winning agency, they have won the “The Rising Star” category based on 3 factors. First, is the “data tracking”, the high-quality service they provide to their clients, and last but not least, the evolution of clients within the company.

To all the winners of these prestigious awards, we say congratulations on this first Sortlist Award 2021 MENA edition! 

Many thanks to all the agencies that participated, and we hope to see you all again next year!






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