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Social Media Management Pricing: How Much Does Each Platform Cost?

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When you invest in social media management, you gain multiple advantages. You get to elevate brand equity, produce leads, enhance website traffic, and encourage community involvement.

Administrators and investors might think that’s fantastic, but they might not comprehend how social media marketing costs relate to organizational objectives and their marketing strategy.

Our state of social media report shows that demand has surged over the past 18 months, and more SMBs than ever are looking for professional help with their social media.

But prices remain a mystery.

This social media management costs guide will assist you in getting started if you require assistance gaining support for your social strategy and creating your budget.

We’ll go through:

  • What is often included in the social media management pricing packages,
  • How much a social media management company charges compared to independent contractors,
  • How much businesses spend or should spend

General social media management cost

There isn’t a standard rate for social media management pricing. Based on their specific objectives, businesses spend money in diverse ways.

Nevertheless, researchers found that, on average, extensive social media management services cost about $12,300 monthly. This sum accounts for all expenses linked to content generation, social media advertising campaigns, and social media management software.

  • Content Development Cost: $5250 per month (approx)
  • Social Media Marketing Budget: $5000 monthly (approx)
  • Platform Management Fee: $2050 per month
  • Total Monthly Spend: $12,3000

What kinds of services can you expect from social media management?

When it comes to your social media marketing company, you can expect the following services from them:

Content creation

Many of your clientele will seek content to share on their social media accounts. Some content must be created explicitly for social media purposes, regardless of whether some content categories can be used across many social media networks.

For instance, standards, best practices, and requirements must be followed for posting photographs on multiple social media channels. Additionally, there are different text formatting options to take into account. Even though Twitter’s character limitation has been raised to double, creating a successful tweet still takes effort.

The content on their social media channels must be interesting and shareable to aid brands in getting their message out there. By leveraging the “food pyramid scenario,” content creators can produce visuals or films, blog entries or social media updates, and accessible material from other companies and social media agencies.

It must provide stuff worthwhile and pique interest. If your social media marketing agency is now utilizing creative abilities along with real-time insights, you may be equipped with everything you require to begin producing social media content.

Responding to customer queries

Your social media marketing company’s duty is to prioritize your happiness and satisfaction. To respond quickly to current and potential customers’ queries, social media management agencies offer the services of social media managers from their in-house teams.

The dedicated account manager will discuss and analyze the latest results and direction of your social media marketing campaign. A company that prioritizes customer relationships will always ensure its best social media managers or representatives are in line for seamless assistance.


A social media management company helps you with social media reporting. 

A social media report evaluates your brand awareness, compiles pertinent information, and provides it to your customer in a clear, understandable manner.

Any social media campaign should include it because it’s used to fine-tune ads, decide how much to spend moving forward, and assess the effectiveness of your efforts.

To reassign funds or modify your preparation as the campaign progresses, social media reporting additionally enables you to spot holes and flaws in your current digital marketing strategy.

Your prospects can clearly understand the advantages you’re providing for their company if you have accurate analytics data to support your efforts.

Platform management  

Among the most effective social media services to expect from your agency is social media platform management for both businesses and individuals. The few most popular, well-recognized, and widely used social media channels/platforms are LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

However, you can also expect effective management of platforms like TikTok and YouTube as a part of your social media marketing services. No matter which social media channel you pick, you must know all about those channels.

Cost of social media management on different social platforms

In this section, you’ll learn the social media marketing cost on different social media platforms. So, read thoroughly for a better understanding.


It costs nothing to register an Instagram profile for your company, but you can pay to have Instagram adverts show up as “sponsored posts” in viewers’ newsfeeds.

Initially, only notable brands had access to these social media ads. Nevertheless, the Facebook ad manager now serves as a gateway to Instagram advertising possibilities for your company.

Statistics from WordStream show that the CPC for Instagram marketing campaigns is generally between $0.40 and $0.70. The CPC is typically $0.50 to $0.95 when your advertisement contains a destination URL.

Cost per engagement (CPE) averages between $0.01 and $0.05, while cost per thousand impressions (CPM) averages between $2.50 and $3.50. Additionally, Instagram offers analytics that can show you how to make the most of your money.

Instagram social media advertising services come in different price ranges. Monthly ad spending for Instagram starts at $200, and professional management of your marketing campaigns on this platform can run you somewhere between $450 and $1600 monthly.

In contrast, the monthly Instagram social media marketing pricing can be anywhere from $900 and $1600.


It is free to create a professional profile on LinkedIn, just as on Twitter and Facebook. To assist you in increasing relationships and brand recognition, you have several paid choices.

You may build sidebar social media advertising on LinkedIn that appears next to users’ news feeds as well as the pages they explore. These brief advertisements have a thumbnail image and are intended to entice viewers to click and go to your site.

Every LinkedIn advertisement you produce has a headline of 25 characters and a description of 75 characters. One can customize your ad on LinkedIn depending on a user’s profile, organization size, sector, job description, area, and experience.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn provides cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) and cost per click (CPC). In a CPC approach, you are charged each time a visitor clicks on your advertisement.

Although the lowest price is $2, LinkedIn advises that you bid between $5.55 and $9.33. Alternatively, you may arrange your advertisement to continue till a particular timeline or forever with a minimum daily spend of $10.

A baseline bid of $2 must be submitted if you choose to employ the CPM system, but LinkedIn advises that you submit a bid between $2.85 and $4.62.

The pricing structure for sponsored articles is the same as the pricing for traditional advertising, although the recommended bids are a bit different. The lowest bid for the CPC choice is $2.50; however, LinkedIn advises bidding between $5.67 and $10.09.

On the contrary, the CPM choice will cost you at least $10.50 and a proposed price between $18.55 and $28.91. Additionally, you must set aside at least $10 daily for sponsored upgrades.

For LinkedIn, a professional social media strategy might cost anything from $450 to as much as $850 monthly. Most companies spend a minimum of $200 monthly on social media advertising. A minimum monthly investment of $900 is expected for LinkedIn ad campaigns and programs.


Among the most widely used social media accounts is Facebook, with over 1 billion users worldwide. Facebook marketing gives you an excellent chance to connect with at least some of your core demographic.

Creating a Facebook business profile is completely free. However, there are a couple of paid advertising methods on Facebook if you want to reach more clients. So how much does Facebook marketing for businesses cost?

Facebook Ads

You have the option to optimize your sponsored Facebook advertising campaign to accomplish a variety of objectives, such as:

  • Clicks to website 
  • App installs 
  • Page likes
  • Website conversions and more

Facebook provides tools for controlling your ad spending. For instance, you could set a limit for your Facebook social media campaigns or request Facebook to give the highest conversions at the best rate. You could also select between the CPC and CPM systems.

With the CPM approach, you are charged for every 1000 times your advertisement is viewed. To put it another way, even if 1000 social media users don’t click on your advertisements, you will still be charged a certain amount for each one they view. In contrast, the cost-per-click (CPC) approach enables you only to spend when users click on your advertising.

CPC costs are often greater, but you only pay for customers who view your Facebook advertisements and engage in what you sell.

Facebook Likes 

Many companies aim to increase page likes when they create Facebook ads. You may consider earning page likes as the objective of your strategy when designing Facebook ads. For these kinds of advertisements, the typical cost per like in 2021 was $0.38.

Enhanced Posts

According to the target settings you select, Facebook also allows you to “enhance/boost” the latest posts to expose them to more viewers.

Your target demographic, in addition to the number of individuals you’re aiming to reach, will determine how much an enhanced post will cost.

Additionally, Facebook charges for promoted content using the CPM approach. Based on a study by Buffer, you should budget $6.35 per 1000 views for enhanced/boosted content.

Facebook’s social media services often cost between $450 and $1600 monthly or more. The typical price range for social media marketing services ranges from $900 to $1600.

Comparatively, Facebook ad services cost between $450 and $850 or more every month, with a minimum ad expenditure of $200.


Cost Statistics for TikTok Social Media Ads:

  • $500 is the minimum amount per campaign.
  • TikTok Ads CPC on average is $1.
  • TikTok Ads CPM on average – $10
  • The cost of a TikTok influencer post varies from $5 to $2,000
  • Canva offers free TikTok content creation.
  • Tiktok engagement rates range from 5 to 16% on average.

In the beginning, TikTok mainly appealed to teenagers (consider Gen Z). Yet, from this year onwards, consumers of all demographics use the app to watch a video, placing the organization’s ad network, TikTok Ads, among the most popular and essential digital marketing tools for all brands. 

By 2021, TikTok had over 3 billion downloads, higher web traffic surpassing Google, and a monthly video viewing duration of roughly 20 hours.

Influencer Ad Rates 

The cost of an influencer’s post on TikTok is determined by the number of fans or followers, which is a well-known fact at this point. Mega Influencer, Macro Influencer, Mid-Tier Influencer, Micro Influencer, and Nano Influencer are the five primary levels that determine the price range for TikTok content. 

Pricing ranges from $5 to $25 for a TikTok video post by someone with 10,000 followers and to $2,000 for a post to influencers with more than a million TikTok users.


There isn’t any set limit for spending on YouTube advertising. This leads to two questions: What amount should you invest in a YouTube ad, and how much will it charge to promote it on YouTube?

The everyday limit you specify for your ad will determine how much money you invest in it. The majority of firms spend $10 or more each day running a YouTube advertising campaign. As businesses gain greater insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns, this sum rises.

The price per click or watch on YouTube video adverts can range from $0.10 to $0.30.

You will typically be charged on a price-per-view basis. You will be charged for each view of your advertisement. To avoid going over your campaign’s budget, it’s crucial to establish a max spending limit for views.

Although that is rarely the case, companies that invest in YouTube ads typically pay this amount. The cost of your YouTube ads will change based on the caliber of your video, your ad campaign goals, and your target audience.

Benefits of working with a social media management agency

Working with digital marketing or a social media marketing agency has plenty of benefits. Here are a few of those benefits:

Larger reach to influencers

The best and most reputed social media agency will always help you reach and connect with a vast number of influencers or all tiers. They have linkage and connections with influencers of different levels to help big to small businesses reach their desired target audience.

The social media account following and their well-recognized identity among internet users will help businesses to meet their branding needs.

Your social media marketer will take care of everything, from arranging a meeting or interaction with the influencer to deciding the best pricing model for their promotional posts in favor of your brand.

More expertise

The method of social media marketing is not simple. It necessitates many studies, experimentation, and comprehension. Therefore, working with a social media management agency ensures you obtain the knowledge and experience needed to elevate your business.

Social media, too, undergoes constant change. Something you find to be effective today might not be compelling tomorrow. Thus, these individuals can assist you in developing plans that will be effective for your company’s long-term growth.

Post analysis

Numerous technologies are available to social media companies that could be utilized to determine the outcomes of postings and marketing campaigns.

Additionally, these technologies can aid in better planning and overseeing many facets of social media posts. A social media management company’s specialists know how to utilize this data to enhance your social media strategy.

These data might assist you in tracking the weekly performance of your postings. After that, you can adjust to the patterns and advance every month.

Every post can be examined by a social media manager, who can then plan the month’s worth of content. Because of this, your viewer only sees content that is pertinent to them.

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Social media presence is very important for businesses of any size. Setting up a website alone is no longer sufficient; you must also be active on social media. 

The best method to gain your customers’ confidence, build your reputation, and solid relationships are through this. But there’s no denying that going it alone can be challenging. 

Social media management agencies are a result of this. The returns you’ll experience in your company will make your investment worthwhile, even though it initially may appear perplexing. You will experience a significant boost in sales and profit as well as acquire new customers while retaining the existing ones. 

So make the most of this chance by picking a social media management agency that is ideal for your company’s objectives. Choose the one that can be a reliable partner for social media management. 

Ensure the agency takes care of everything for your business, from developing strategies to sharing information. Collaborating with a well-reputed social media management agency has many advantages. 

So get in touch with one of them right away to begin your path to company success.


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