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How to Create a Poll on Facebook to Get the Results You Need


With social media being the most commonly used platform amongst Millennials and Generation Z, this is your best medium to reach them.

You could need to get through to your target audience for various reasons; promoting your business, making people aware of your products, researching about the kind of content they consume, or just customizing your project.

Facebook has become the perfect platform for conducting research and even more specifically, with polls. You can use the social media platform to hype up an upcoming event, get answers to specific questions you have, weigh out your options on a particular topic you have been meaning to work on, or simply share information.

But how can you create a Facebook poll and make sure it reaches your intended audience?

Here’s all the necessary information with quick and easy steps you need to follow to create a Facebook poll.

What is a Poll?

A poll is a quantitative system that is used for electoral purposes or conducting surveys.

It is a system used to ask people questions based on what they want and use the answers to finalize the final results or conclusion of the research conducting research and counting the number of people involved in a particular community.

Polls come in handy when you want to know what people in your community are interested in, or what the majority would most likely agree on. You can also use polls to get a certain point across and make people aware of your ideas.

Polls work perfectly in the marketing industry, as they enable you to determine what triggers your target audience – and this is futile for every business.  The business will have to allow people to choose what they need from the organization and how the organization can reach it.

But polls aren’t used in just the marketing industry but are very effective in whichever industry requires recording data based on individuals.

Why Create a Poll on Facebook?

With Facebook being the most commonly used social media, it automatically becomes the perfect platform to place your poll and reach out to your intended audience.

A huge number of Millennials and Generation Z are present and active on social media. Particularly on Facebook, as it is the most used social media.

Facebook polls then become most effective because just because the target audience is already there, you can reach it on an international level.  On top of polls, you can create ads some Facebook ads in Singapore for example!

A Facebook poll can be used for different kinds of surveys. Business-related or political. You can conduct one to find out people’s opinions on a specific topic, or determine if your product would sell when made available to a certain group.

But is creating a Facebook poll complex? Not if you follow all the required steps to create a Facebook poll. These steps are slightly different depending on the device you use. Make sure you follow the ones relating to the device you’re using.

7 Easy Steps to Creating a Facebook Poll

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  1. Firstly, you will need to log into your Facebook account and move over to your newsfeed.
  2. On the left-hand column, you click on the “Groups” option.
  3. Click on the group you want to create the poll on. If you do not have a group yet, create a group by clicking on “create group”.
  4.  Click on the gray text that says “Write something…” then follow up by clicking on “Poll” from the tabs that will drop down.
  5. Write your content about the poll you’re creating where the tab instructs you to “Ask something…” then below, fill in the various choices for your poll in the spaces. It can be possible answers to your questions, or different products to choose from or just random options.
  6. If you want to give people the freedom to add options of their choice to your poll to make it more effective, click “Poll Options” and change the options as you please.
  7. Lastly, click on “Post” – and voila! Your poll has been created.
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Creating a poll from your mobile

  1. Firstly, you will have to open the Facebook app, and right after – tap on the three parallel lines in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Tap the word “Groups.”
  3. Click on the group you want to create the poll on from the groups you’re in. If you do not have a group yet, create a group by tapping on “create” and customise your own Facebook group.
  4.  Tap on the bar that says “Write something…” – then scroll down through the options listed below until you reach and tap on “Poll.”
  5. Write content about the poll you’re creating – then below, fill in the various choices for your poll in the spaces. Right after that, tap on “post” in the top right corner, and your poll will be created.

Accessing Your Poll

Using either Facebook on your mobile device or a desktop, the polls will reach the intended audience. Facebook will make it available on their newsfeed, and they will be able to click on the box of their choice to vote for the different options in your poll.

You can share your poll on your Facebook story for easy access for people who do not frequently browse through the news feed but can go through stories on Facebook. You can also share the link to your poll with your friends or to other different groups on Facebook to improve their access to it, and other people who are Facebook users can do so too.

Likewise, you just have to make sure your poll is interesting enough to capture your audience and make them comfortable enough to participate. Make them fun and colorful to attract people and allow them to participate. Polls on Facebook make it easier for you to access your results instantly. You can see them as they change over time and do not necessarily have to wait for days to receive your results.

Tips to Ensure Your Facebook Poll Is Successful

Without proper planning, any idea implemented can most likely fail. That is why it is so important to make sure you have the right followers. A great way to avoid this is to make sure that your group on Facebook has a large following community with active participants.

With a large and active group, having participants becomes very easy. The Facebook poll will become successful with a handsome number of participants. To get participants, you will have to personally put in more effort.

Successful Facebook polls require maximum activity. You can individually invite people to like and join your Facebook page to make sure the pages are active. When doing this, you have to make sure the users you are inviting have active accounts, and they will help your page grow.

You can also check the number of followers they each have before inviting them individually, or strike a private deal with them if they have a hefty number of followers.

You can also go the extra mile by contacting individuals via Facebook Messenger and either ask them to participate or ask them to share your poll post with their friends so that it reaches a larger audience. Your approach on messenger must be as modest as possible because Messenger is a private space for Facebook users.

Not every person will be happy with being approached on messenger – so when doing so, be prepared to receive a negative response.

Brief Summary

Facebook polls are best for conducting research for whichever purpose you may be needing to conduct your research marketing for your business, academic purposes or simply acquiring information for personal use. Facebook polls can also be personalized used by academics scholars when recording quantitative research, this will work in their advantage as it has already been identified that creating a poll on Facebook is equally easy as it is effective.

Make sure you know how to reach out to your audience, or use the shared tips should you have any trouble attracting your Facebook friends and other Facebook users. Ensure that you know how to get hold of active participants who can help you get more customers for your business or just participants for your poll. Follow all suggestions and tips, then you will be good to start conducting.


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