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How Marketing Security Can Save Your Company From Failure


Running a business requires a lot of effort. There are many types of work in digital marketing, a marketer needs to pay attention to. However, one highly important aspect is often overlooked.

Simply put, marketing security is the monitoring and management of customer data in order to avoid a data breach.

Ideally, you want to collect data on visitors to your website. The more data you collect, the more possibility you have to start a successful marketing campaign and reach your target audience.

Doing this is principal for your business to grow. But as the famous proverb goes, with great power comes great responsibility. And that is to protect the customer data you were entrusted with.

Personal Data and Security Issues

There are a tremendous amount of websites that collect customer data (and the numbers seem to increase in the future). It helps businesses to reach the audience, target individuals, and at the same time, deliver more relevant content.

Countless enterprises are entrusted with a massive amount of personal data. As a result, providing data security to prevent leakages becomes essential.

Most data breaches are caused by a failure of noticing or fixing a security issue. That’s the reason many marketing departments have made marketing security their top priority.

Cyber-attacks have become one of the biggest concerns in the modern world; 60 percent of organizations around the globe have already experienced a data breach at least once.

Sometimes, these attacks happen during a specific time, for example, holidays. Security company Cybereason surveyed more than 1000 cybersecurity professionals recently. Respondents were chosen from the organizations that have suffered a data breach during a holiday or a weekend.

89 percent of the respondents admit that they’re concerned about a repeating attack as the holiday season approaches. Moreover, 36 percent of the participants said they don’t have a specific plan in case it happens.

Poisonous Cake: Third-Party Technology

Third-party technology and services can impose a great danger of data breaches. Platforms that collect data online via web scrapers and other means often host some third-party tools to provide an easy login or gather personal information such as credit card details for payments. Usually, the website can’t take control of third-party tools. That’s something hackers use to their advantage: they steal a massive amount of customer data from tools like third parties.

The source of the issue is that the code for the third-party technology can be changed without you being aware. Hackers can also use them to redirect customers to a malicious website and gain access to their personal information.

Another cybersecurity concern is cryptojacking. It’s a type of cybercrime that requires a hacker to inject a crypto mining code onto a website in order to illegally mine. Cryptojacking can cause significant damage to both the reputation and the performance of the website.

All of these attacks are conducted through the internet, which means the user doesn’t need to download harmful software to be damaged by it.

Why You Should Take Data Security Seriously

Trust is the foundation of success, and there are many ways businesses gain trust. Marketers put a lot of effort into advertising, providing good service, and establishing a sincere relationship with their customers. Positive feedback about customer experience is always great news as well.

The whole purpose of marketing strategies is to build trust. It is what keeps the engine of your business running. A loyal customer will appreciate the trustworthiness of a business. It will attract the attention of a potential client as well. Losing trust has critical effects on the future of any company. Potential customers might refuse to operate with a business that has experienced leakage of personal identification information in the past.

Your customers put a great deal of trust in your company when they’re giving their personal information. They trust you to make good use of this information: leading them to valuable products, fulfilling their demands. What’s more, they surely trust you to protect their data and keep it confidential. Unauthorized access to customers’ data can cause serious trouble.

Your website is one of the most valuable assets of your business. It’s in your best interest to keep it secure. Spam messages and malicious posts spread by hackers are harmful not only to the customers but to the reputation of the business as well.

If you are concerned about the handling of customer data or not sure where to start, you may want to work with a qualified data consulting agency to help you out.

You can also safeguard your business by learning about the principles of cyber security so you can implement effective security measures.

Security Industry

More and more digital marketing companies are gathering more and more data every day. The online world is at the point where the big data market size is increasing rapidly. This also means more security issues, as hackers have more opportunities to find weak spots than ever. That’s why it’s the concern of every marketing department to keep their website safe. And that’s why the marketing security business is growing fast.

A marketing security company should determine the security strategy for a business. The company should focus on taking care of security, so their clients can keep doing their job in peace. It’s important to keep the website up to date so nothing slips through the cracks. Another essential aspect of security is to have real-time control of the company’s and the customers’ data.

You should keep an eye on all the sites your website interacts with during the transaction process. Not only your website but also these sites need to be protected from malicious software. When it comes to third-party services, you should allow only trusted operators to operate.

How to Promote Your Security Company

But how can you grow your security company? These are some of the most useful pieces of advice.

Customer Value Propositions

Much like every business, you need something unique to make you stand out in marketing security. Crafting campaigns and advertising are important – they let marketers and companies know about your service.

The focus of your campaigns should be strong customer value propositions. For example, explain how your service will solve a problem, offering reasons as to why your company is better than others. Without these value propositions, your company might struggle in competition.


Another major tip is to keep a watchful eye on online reviews. Not only does it help you analyze the customer experience, but it also lets you know what your client’s preferences are. It’s a great way to improve your services. Moreover, it allows you to get a better idea of your audience and make your job easier.

Testimonials & referrals

Don’t be shy to ask for testimonials. Using testimonials on your website gains credibility for your company and helps you build a good reputation. Also, asking satisfied customers for referrals can have a positive impact on your company’s growth.

Blog posts

Blogging is a great way to reach your customers and create engagement. Blogs can contain valuable information about the company and its achievements. A blog can also be used to share news, and offer security tips. Blogging is also an excellent way of increasing internal traffic to your website, which is quite beneficial to your success.


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