Have you tried paying for your dine-in experience using a QR code? You just had to make a QR code scan, and that was it. Your bill has been paid off. 

Perhaps you have, and you didn’t think it was a big deal. Everybody does it in their purchases. Whether it’s in retail, medicine, or grocery, the QR code has become one of the top options for mainstream payment methods.

When the QR code technology was first introduced in the market, it was one of the most promising business technologies ever made. But then, even before it got big, the QR code was declared dead in 2013.

The technology came with a lot of complications. For one, it cannot be used without having several applications downloaded on the phone. Second, most of the apps needed to read the QR code were just not user-friendly. 

So when it was declared dead, people didn’t think of it ever coming back to life. It looked like there was nothing that could save it until a solution was found. In 2017, QR code reading became all too simple, secure, and not to mention convenient for everyone to use.

Apple introduced its latest iPhone model with a camera that has the standard QR code scanner function. After that, all the other tech giants followed. Every cell phone ever made since then came with this technology. 

Cell Phones can now easily decipher QR codes simply by pointing their camera at them. The rest of the complicated work happens by itself with the aid of technological advancements

Indeed, it’s a technology that offers businesses yet another opportunity to develop something out of QR codes to strengthen their market reach.

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What Makes QR Code Important In 2020?

What is a QR code? Back then, people did not know how to use a QR code. If you know little about the technology, you might ask what a QR code generator is. 

QR codes prove to be extremely helpful in establishing a link between what is happening offline and online. The cellphone technology people enjoy these days had come very far from how it was when it was first released in the market. 

Now, people have access to the internet, and their phones can scan QR codes without complications. Because the smartphone is used practically by everyone for at least three hours a day, every business owner must think of it as an opportunity. Create a QR code, and you won’t miss this chance. 

While most are focused on developing their online marketing campaign, there is something about offline marketing that needs careful attention. Offline marketing should never take the back seat, considering that not everything online is taken very well.

This is what makes the development of a QR code generator very important because it blends both online and offline marketing very well. If you can make a QR code, your branding story will be a huge success. 

Have you read the success story of Albert Heijn? It is a chain of supermarkets that uses Siri of Apple technology as its “virtual assistant.” Through its app, “Apple,” customers can do their grocery shopping by merely entering their list. Not only is it fast and convenient, but it lends itself to people who live busy, fast-paced lives. 

Another company uses the same QR technology to combine their online and offline transactions. With their “IKEA PLACE” app, their customers can try outputting furniture pieces in living spaces through their augmented reality features. This way, customers can see if a particular piece fits well with the overall design of their own living space. 

It offers clients an experience they will treasure for life. It’s like an opportunity to see what it would look like in reality, even before making a purchase. 

What does a QR code stand for? It can mean a lot of things to different people. For businesses, it could mean added opportunity to highlight what they offer. For consumers, it could mean the utmost convenience in making purchases. 

How does a QR code work? It works wonders. For as long as the smartphone makes it easy to generate a QR code, everyone living with the technology can enjoy its numerous benefits. 

What Sectors Of Community Uses The QR Code?

Despite the misjudged status of the QR code back in 2013, it has come back to life, ready to help businesses conquer the market. The use of the QR code for business is cheap, yet it is one of the most dynamic. 

The advantages of this technology are bountiful with a larger capacity than that of the traditional bar code. Did you know that it comes with a built-in error system that ensures the damaged code can still be recreated and reused? 

If you are not sure if the QR code is worthy of investment, read along and find out how it can change the future. Several industries will benefit from developing their own QR code. Here are some of them in a list:

In Retail

By using QR codes, visitors to your shop are easily lured into learning more about your business through your website. Not only does it generate organic traffic, but it also allows for transactions and purchases to be smoother. 

Who wouldn’t want to scan the QR code when you put it in the call to action. By simply scanning the company’s QR code, the client is directed to a website where she can enjoy even more items for sale. 

Using QR code in retail.

The same QR code technology can be used to reach out and provide a simplified yet improved customer service. By simply scanning the QR code, businesses can now choose which standardized message should be sent out to their customers via text or email. This will create a good image for the company because customers will think you are indeed professional. 

With a simple press of a button, you can send out the messages, and that would be sufficient enough. The primary purpose of the QR code is to save business owners some time so that they can take care of other concerns. In this case, it has become a great success. 

QR codes for the retail industry have also become an easy way to distribute promotions. Handout coupons to attract more consumers by simply adding it to the slogan. In no time, the customer base will expand, and more people will become curious about the business that you do. 

Collecting customer data is one of the most important aspects of a retail business. It is through these customer forms that you are able to generate a list for your newsletter. With your QR code, you can generate leads without asking your customers to extend extra effort from their end to answer survey forms and the like. 

If you want to get customer feedback, you may add it to your QR code, and in an instant, you can ask it from them at any given time. All these can help enrich the shopping experience for every customer, and that’s what the QR code is good for. 

In 2017, a retail brand Cath Kidston partnered with Pinterest to elevate the kind of experience they offer their clients. The goal was to redirect their clients to a Pinterest board whenever they scanned the QR code. It will show them inspiration visions as to how and when the garment can be worn. 

The experience has greatly improved for the client, which became one of the highlights of the brand. Not only did they promote brand awareness, but they were able to enter into a dialogue with the customers. Among all the retail stores in the UK, Cath Kidston was the first one to launch it, and it was a blast for the brand. 

In Restaurants

With the QR code technology, restaurants will only attract new customers. They will also be able to establish a strong customer return. Because the behavioural pattern of restaurant customers are quite unpredictable because they are emotionally bound, it has become quite a challenge to make customers come back for more. 

Luckily, this is where the QR code proves to be the most helpful. The codes can influence the way their consumers think. In the process, it could make consumers think and reconsider coming back not only for the food but for the dining experience in general.

If you are offering varying menus at different times, then it is best to use the QR codes for it. The good thing about this technology is that you can fully adjust the menu and present it to your clients whenever possible. This way, you will be able to stay informed of the dishes that you serve, making it interesting for your clients to come back.

Another excellent use of the QR code is to approach it using different days. It would be like having a different theme every day. It would be something like Taco Tuesday. Restaurants could also launch something like a happy hour, but it’s only happening online. 

Give exceptional discounts through the QR code and attract more clients to come and dine in, if not consider a takeout. Make sure to carefully consider the kind of actions you are to take to match the kind of identity you want for your restaurant. 

The best thing to do at this point is to put all the suggestions to improve your restaurant marketing in the spotlight. Remember that these are the dishes that the clients want, and that is the reason why they will keep on coming back. 

In Healthcare

Did you think you will be able to come across QR codes in the healthcare industry? How would you like it if you went to the hospital and wanted to ask about the procedure your doctor recommended you to get, and you can gain access to the information by simply scanning a QR code? 

Another way of positively using the QR application in the healthcare industry is for people who are suffering from flu or other minor ailments to simply scan the Qr code and get treatment recommendations or medical advice that they need. 

In this way, doctors would be able to focus their attention on patients in need of more serious healthcare. More importantly, the QR codes make it so much easier to prepare patient records. They would be accessible anytime the doctors need access to them. 

When you come to see the doctor, you can simply wear a wristband with eh QR code. They will scan it and gain access to your whole patient records and won’t need to take time to find a specific laboratory report that they need. 

Another useful application of the QR code for the healthcare industry is the operation of medical equipment. The QR code is the perfect solution. Doctors won’t need to find the machine manual for the solution to its existing defect. 

Not only does it benefit the patient, but it could improve the entire healthcare system too. It will raise the level of the bar when it comes to the health services provided. 

QR codes will become useful not only for the proper handling of patient records, but it will be indispensable also for the registration of the machines and medicines used for healthcare. 

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What Is A QR Code Good For?

The QR code technology has gone through a roller coaster ride. At one point since its invention, it was thought to be a dead technology until a new advancement paved the way for its continued usage. 

QR code for business.

The year 2020 promises to make the QR code technology a bit more advanced so that many countries across Europe and the United States would be able to use it. More than the contactless payment method that it offers, it can be an efficient way to keep records and provide help whenever needed. 

All you need is a smartphone and the rest, they say, will just be history. Companies should make use of the QR codes and work it to their advantage. Not only is it about the fast receiving of data, but it can help them provide a better experience for their target clientele.  

At the end of the day, the revival of the QR code technology has paved the way for businesses to grow. It has allowed them to experiment in the new ways they could provide their services and products to their customers. 

Every business owner must think of this as a new opportunity. It can work to their advantage in more ways than they could ever think of.