Powerful Instagram CTA Strategies to Accelerate Your Business Growth
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16 Instagram CTA Examples To Grow Your Business


Growing a  business on Instagram is more challenging now as different companies jump into this visual platform with over 1 billion users to attract and engage their target audience. 

 It isn’t enough to brag you have over 1 million followers on Instagram.

The question is: how many of them contribute to the growth of your business?

One of the ways to make this happen is by using attention-grabbing Call-to-Action in the content you post on Instagram.

You probably have been using it, but no results to show. 

No worries, you will find help in this article because we will show you 16  Instagram Call-to-Action examples that can grow your business.

What is Instagram Call-to-Action?

It’s a design to prompt your target audience to take a desired action after consuming your content on Instagram. It can be a word or phrase incorporated into your Instagram web page or ad. 

It can have a link that directs a user to a page where they can take a desired action.

What are the benefits of Instagram Call-to-Action?

It makes your IG content meaningful. 

Imagine your audience reading a helpful IG post, and there is no CTA at the end. It makes no sense because you have denied them the opportunity to learn or take action that may help solve their problem.

It summarizes the reader’s needs.

Your audience on Instagram has needs. 

That’s why they follow you and consume your content. A CTA summarizes this need and informs them what to expect when engaging in it.

Increases conversion 

Using CTA is a strategy to increase your conversion rate. An audience who is interested in your offer can quickly click and place orders for products. They don’t need to DM you or reply to your post on Instagram to know the steps to make a purchase.

Reduces fatigue decision 

For an audience with a shorter attention span, an Instagram CTA will help reduce fatigue decisions. This audience will keep scrolling once they think your content on IG doesn’t tell what to do next. To have them take a desired action, have a CTA that directs them on what to do and ensure you add it in a position they can easily see it.

16 Instagram Call-to-Action Examples

Now you understand what Instagram Call-to-Action is and its benefits to your business, let’s look at 16 examples you should adopt.

This CTA drives your audience to click a link you added in your bio. It’s commonly used when you can’t add a link in the Call-to-Action button you created in your IG post. To have your audience take action, you design a non-clickable CTA and add it to the control of your post, which now directs your audience to grab the link in your bio.

TechWiser Link in Bio Instagram CTA post

Source: TechWiser 

It could also be a text you added at the end of an IG post.

2. Ask Me Anything

This non-clickable CTA will spark a conversation between you and your IG audience. Your audience doesn’t need to click a link; seeing it lets them know you are ready to converse with them. 

Source: Fortune Media

Let’s assume you have a product or service you sell and have discussed the benefits and the edge it has over similar products your competitors sell; you can use the Ask Me Anything CTA to get feedback from your audience.

This will help analyze how they receive your new product and also decide some steps to take to ensure they place orders.

3. Check Our Website 

Let’s assume a website development company designed your website for your business, and you want to use your IG audience to get feedback. You can make a post about it, stating the objective of the site and the tremendous features it has. 

In the end, you add Check Our Website CTA. This could be in text form and a link to the site added on the anchor. 

Source: memberpress

Your audience that explores it will click the back button,  return to IG and tell you about their experience in the comments.

4. Save This For Later

This CTA tells your audience they can consume your content independently. 

So instead of missing or returning to search for it on your account, they can save it and read or watch it later. It can also be a strategy to ensure your content lives in the account of your audience until they delete it. 

When you want to have a personalized conversation with your Instagram audience to convert them to leads or sales, you can use this CTA.

DM For The Link CTA means an audience comes to your DM and asks for the link while you share it automatically or manually. 

Source: Customers.ai

Since the audience is in your Instagram DM, it’s easy to have a  personalized conversation, and you can leverage it to get them to take the desired action.  

6. Follow Me For More Tips

If you want to grow your followers on Instagram, this is an example of CTA you should always use at the end of your post.

But your content has to be top-notch and valuable to convince your audience to hit the follow button. Otherwise, they will only scroll past your CTA.

7. Swipe To Learn More

Carousel post is the new excellent on social media platforms, including Instagram. They look attractive and capture the attention of your audience on the feed. 

But due to its nature, some of your audience won’t be able to consume your content till the end. So there is a need to add Swipe To Learn More CTA. 

Source: Plann

Some businesses use the arrow icon to represent this. 

It informs the audience there is more content to read when they swipe forward.

8. Share So Others Can Learn

This is an example of an Instagram CTA you can use to create more awareness about your business on Instagram. It encourages your audience to share your content with their friends and followers

It gets more exposure and new followers, provided your content has something special.

9. Enter The Contest 

If you are hosting a contest on Instagram to create awareness for your brand, generate leads and sales, or even grow your followers, this is an example of the Call-to-Action you should use.

 It invites your audience to participate in a contest probably to win a prize which could be one of the products and services you sell on Instagram. 

IG influencers who promote products and services of businesses use this CTA to get many of their followers to enter a contest.

10. Learn More On Our Stories

IG stories drive more engagement, so brands regularly update their IG stories with exciting content.

 But what happens when your business is new on Instagram and your stories get low engagement? 

You can use Learn More On Our Stories CTA to boost engagement.

The idea is to make a post and discuss in brief what is contained in your IG stories. Then direct your audience to it to learn more. 

11. Caption This

As a celebrity or  Instagram influencer, you can use this CTA to spark conversation or discussion in the comments. You can post an appealing photo of a product you promote and ask your followers to caption it.

If you have massive followers that engage your content, different captions will flood your comment, with everyone trying to give a caption that best suits the photo. This is a way of creating awareness while feeding your followers with content they yearn for.

12. 10% Discount For Early Bird 

Businesses use this CTA to promote and boost Instagram sales, especially during holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday.

 Instagram users want to save money while buying the products they love. So they jump on these discounts to be part of the early birds that will get them. 

13. Download Your Free E-Book

Businesses that run ads on Instagram often use this CTA to get their target audience to exchange their email addresses for a free e-book

The idea is to add them to their email lists, nurture them into leads and convert them into sales.

14. Register For Free

Businesses that want to get their target audience on Instagram to register for their online events use this CTA. Let’s assume you want to host a webinar or Zoom event; you can add it at the end of your post on IG or even add it as a swipe on Instagram Stories.

15. Only A Few Spots Remaining 

If you sell on Instagram and want to create a sense of urgency to prompt your audience to take action, use this CTA. 

 For the fear of missing out, many of them will check it out. This works for businesses that sell unique products because IG users will be worried about where to get it if they miss buying from you. 

16. Apply Now 

Even though Instagram isn’t a job social media platform like LinkedIn, professionals still leverage the platform to seek graphics design jobs, media planning, Instagram virtual assistant jobs, etc. 

And businesses on IG hire employees based on skills for these types of roles.

So you can post a job and use Apply Now CTA to get the best talent to help grow your business on Instagram.

Strategic Places To Add These Instagram Call-to-Action Examples 

You can’t just add them anywhere for your Instagram CTA to achieve your desired goal. 

There are strategic  places to add them so that they can move the needle:

  • Instagram Live Shopping – for CTA meant to convince your audience to shop for a product. 
  • Instagram Reels – towards the end of your Reel
  • Instagram Story – a swipe-up that directs them to the page
  • Instagram feed post caption and Carousel – towards the end of a feed post and at the beginning of a Carousel Instagram Bio – edit your bio and paste the URL there

Tips To Help You Create A Strong Instagram Call-to-Action 

Ready to take a clue from the Instagram Call-to-Action examples and create your right way?

Here are tips that can help you.

Keep it simple and precise: people have short attention spans, and anything they will waste time figuring out is a turn-off.

Use attention-grabbing graphics: Use bright colors, bold text, images, emojis, and any other picture to make it attractive. Let your graphics designer help if you can’t make one.

Personalize: People feel connected to a message that speaks directly to them. Use words like:

Get your copy 

I want to join 

And lots more.

Final Thought on Instagram Call-to-Action Examples 

Stating a desired action you want your Instagram audience to take is critical to growing your business on IG. Your CTA effectively passes the message if you create awareness, get more followers, or generate leads or sales. 

We have shown you different Instagram Call-to-Action examples and tips to create them. You must implement them as you create and schedule your next batch of content on Instagram.


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