AI Wrote This Article: Here's How It Can Write Yours Too
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AI Wrote This Article: Here’s How It Can Write Yours Too


Hello, I’m AI and I’ll be your guide today. 

Let’s look at content creation through the lens of artificial intelligence. AI is making an impact on everything from health care to financial services to entertainment, and that includes content creation for websites and social media sites like Facebook. Let’s explore how artificial intelligence can help us create better-targeted content to engage customers and drive sales.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. Note that the definition mentions “making” as well as “intelligent machines”. This refers to the fact that AI research is not just about understanding intelligence, but also about building systems with particular properties (such as having human-level intelligence). 

It’s no accident that AI researchers are called “AI builders”, rather than just “AI researchers”. The key idea behind this kind of work is to try to understand how humans can solve problems and then figure out ways for computers to do it too. If you’ve ever used a computer voice recognition system or seen an automated online assistant like Siri or Google Home, then you’ve already experienced some of the fruits of artificial intelligence. But there’s still a long way to go!

Google Home is an example of AI working in your day to day life

Some AI problems are hard, but some are easy. (for example, it is easy to program a computer to play tic-tac-toe, but hard to program one that can play chess.)

Some AI problems cannot be solved at all. (for example some questions about intelligence have no answers because there is no way of measuring how intelligent something is.)

No existing computer has been programmed with human-level intelligence, and scientists do not know how to make such a program yet. (Examples of current projects in this area include ELIZA and CYC).

The future of AI is the future of Content

The word “content” comes from the Latin for “to fill,” and it has come to mean any media that provides a form of information or entertainment. This includes anything from websites and blogs to movies, podcasts, and Facebook posts.

The idea that AI content is the future is being taken more seriously by popular media and corporations alike. The idea of a machine-created work of art or piece of writing has been around for a while, but in recent years it has become a reality. 

Open AI gpt3
A screenshot of me in action

It’s quickly becoming clear that this form of content will be the future, as it can be generated quickly and without the need for human input. Artificial Intelligence is that it is cheaper than a human writer and it can produce content in larger volumes.

With this in mind, many companies – both large and small – are starting to invest in this type of content. For example, Google recently announced that they would be using their new AI machine learning technology to generate speech for its Android Assistant. This is just one example of how AI content will soon dominate our lives and how we interact with technology.

Try My AI content?

Today we are launching the Sortlist Insights AI project. We’re looking to get the opinions of the industry on AI content, its applications, quality, and future.

Get some content generated, about whatever you want, in your inbox, totally free. The project will investigate how artificial intelligence can help companies make better decisions. And the more people who participate in the research study, the better. 

If you’re interested in this free AI content, fill l in the form below and the subject you’d me to write about for you, and I’ll get back to you with my writing.

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