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6 Tactics to Generate Innovative Blog Topics that Make Money


Isn’t it downright exhausting to be creative each day and deliver content that converts? Drumming up blog topics that make money and attract followers isn’t easy. Choosing the right topic to cover is key to monetize your blog.

Hence, we are here to help you with a comprehensive guide that’ll help you generate innovative and relevant blog topics for your target audience. Read and implement these tactics and you’ll never find yourself staring listlessly at your content calendar. 

How Can Blog Content Earn You Money? 

Great content that’s relevant to the target audience and solves their problems can virtually attract unlimited income. Take bloggers and content marketing consultants like Ryan Robinson and Adam Enfroy, for instance. 

Ryan is one of the most successful bloggers who attracts 500,000+ monthly readers to his website and educates them on how to start a blog and make blogging a side hustle

Besides earning monthly revenue, bloggers can earn from marketplaces like Flippa that list blogs for sale. Blog owners can earn when their creativity projects are acquired. The income potential depends on your niche, how successful your content is at engaging the audience, and monetization methods. 

Example of blog topics that make money

3 Factors to Consider When Building a Profitable Blog 

Before we get into the ‘how’ of generating blog topics that make money, let’s look at some factors that influence the success of a blog. 

1. How profitable is your niche? 

A few niches tend to be more profitable than others because they are popular. People are constantly looking for new information on a lifestyle blog, technology blog, travel blog, food blog, parenting blog, marketing blog, fashion blog, and others.

For instance, the pandemic triggered consciousness for fitness. Therefore, online fitness is one of the most profitable blog niches. It grew in popularity with the majority of the world’s population being forced to work-out at home. 

So, the niche you are operating in plays a critical role in how much you can earn. 

Similarly, people are always looking to manage their finance effectively. No wonder, personal finance is the best blogging niche for content creators looking to make more money. Financial advisors helping people manage their money wisely tend to attract more eyeballs and income.

2. What’s Your Content Quality Like? 

This goes without saying but the content you contribute to your niche should add value to your target audience. Your blogging ideas should address their pain points and solve their problems.

Remember the following content marketing best practices to make money blogging.

Choose relevant topics

The blog topics you choose should address your audience’s needs and offer them actionable solutions

Target keywords with high search volumes 

These keywords show that more people are interested in that topic. This will help you rank in the search results, thus fetching more traffic. 

Be consistent 

Share quality content consistently and frequently. Work towards publishing at least 3 posts a week. 

Work on your online authority

Build a reputation by contributing content to authority websites. Try guest blogging on publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur,, and Business Insider. 

Collaborate with experts

Working with influencers and experts in your niche can bring more exposure to your blog. When readers see you as an authority in your niche, they’ll trust and come back to you and act in your favor.

3. Are you receiving enough targeted traffic?  

Another factor that heavily influences the success of a blog is the targeted traffic possibilities for your niche. The more people searching for topics relevant to your niche the bigger target audience you have. 

So, if you have a competitor having over a million followers on their social page, it’s an indication that you are going for a huge audience. Thus, the potential for attracting that traffic is huge. 

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6 Tactics to Generate Money-Making Blog Topics 

1. Identify New Keywords in Your Niche

Usually, identifying blog ideas doesn’t start with keyword research. However, identifying and leveraging new keywords in your domain can help you come up with new ideas before they gain traction. 

Keyword research tools like Semrush, Google Keyword Tool, and Ahrefs offer features that share newly discovered keywords to a search query.

When you do keyword research using these tools, you’ll find that most of these keywords do not have a ton of organic searches but indicate the beginning of a trend. 

On Ahrefs Keyword Explorer you can look for new keywords using ‘Search suggestions’ on the left navigation bar. 

Ahrefs dashboard
Taken from the Ahrefs dashboard

Another tool that can help in spotting trending keywords and topics is Exploding Topics. Check out how it offers related keywords that are still trending, offering you plenty of time to come up with a blog post idea.  

Generate blog topics that make money: Exploding topics tool

2. Look for content opportunities in everything 

Getting ‘content eyes’ is easier said than done. However, it’s an important skill that you can train yourself to master. 

For instance, questioning the content consumed when watching a video or listening to a podcast can be a source of new ideas. If the author has a view, try to understand their point of view and why they are saying so.

Find out how the author is an expert on this subject. Is there something that they haven’t addressed? Write down those points and explore new content ideas. 

Similarly, questions from other readers, especially in the comments section, often go unanswered or are inadequately answered. These can be a great source of ideas for upcoming content.

More often than not, a question asked by one reader could be a query for many. Addressing such questions can help you come up with an authoritative and relatable piece of content. 

Check out the comments on this Salesforce CRM tutorial. The comments and questions ask offer plenty of scope to create content that will add value to your audience. 

Ideas for blog topics that make money

Finally, look for issues and problems that you can solve. If you see a group of people confused about a topic you are an expert on, write about it to clear the fog. By doing so, you are pointing out and addressing issues that no one has before. 

3. Create content for each funnel stage 

No one goes online to make a quick purchase decision. Instead, they move along the purchase funnel, researching and evaluating their options.

Buyers are more empowered than ever. Hence, offering content as per their persona and journey can position you as an authority and attract qualified and ready-to-converttraffic to your website. 

Awareness stage

At this stage, the buyer is looking for solutions to overcome their challenges. Hence, they are looking for top-level educational content like blog posts, social content, or ebooks that will steer them toward a solution.

In the awareness stage, there’s no guarantee that they’ll purchase from you but if they find your content relevant and value-adding, they’ll move to lower in the funnel. 

Consideration stage 

At this stage, the buyer is researching heavily on whether or not a product is apt for them. For instance, their search query will be like: What’s better: hiring a marketing agency or doing it in-house?’ 

In the consideration stage, they may not be ready to make a decision but are narrowing down their options. Hence, you should consider your direct and indirect competitors and educate them on the pros and cons of each. 

They may need comparison guides, case studies, and free samples to help them with the decision-making process. 

Decision stage 

Here, the buyer is prepared to make a decision. So, a marketer’s goal should be to give that gentle nudge they require to act. 

For instance, they may be thinking, ‘Zoho CRM or Salesforce Sales Cloud.’ They are convinced that they need a CRM platform and will likely go for a provider as long as one of them offers content and services that meet their needs or solves their problem

4. Check out the competition 

Competitor’s content is a great source of new ideas for content. A detailed competitor content analysis can help you uncover their top-performing content and weak spots. 

Here are a few quick tips to consider:

Look at their most shared content

Look at your competitor’s most shared content. Enter various competitor domain names to see detailed information on the most shared content. This will point out the top trends in your niche. 

Research trending topics in the industry

Research trending topics in the industry by observing the type of content shared by the competition. Is there a topic that’s generating more engagement or shares? If yes, it could be a great idea to focus on that area. 

Is your competition able to successfully engage its audience using a specific content format (say, videos or infographics)? Then, you may want to include more video or graphic content in your content mix. 

Dig out those backlinks your competitors are earning

In all probability, content that generates a buzz has earned the most backlinks from high-authority sites. Use Ahrefs to identify which of your competitor’s content pieces are earning links. 

Taken from Ahrefs dashboard

5. Leverage social media monitoring 

Browsing through the social channels you are active on and monitoring your brand’s social performance can give you your next content idea. Here are a few tactics to consider. 

Monitor brand mentions

Go through the conversations where your brand or your competitor is mentioned. Check out what they are talking about. Are they upset with your competitor for the absence of a specific feature? If yes, you could address that in your next piece of content. 

Tools like Hootsuite, Google Alerts, and Mentionlytics allow businesses to discover all that’s being said about their brand. Further, they help in discovering trends and patterns and visualizing the brand sentiment. 

Check out how Google Alerts allows you to keep track of the mentions and competition using specific keywords. That way you’ll be alerted every time your brand or the competition gets mentioned somewhere on the web. 

Tools for generating blog topics hat make money

Track trends and customer behavior patterns

Track trends and customer behavior patterns by monitoring voice and mentions over time. The social media monitoring tools shared above can help in predicting what content your readers will prefer a month from now. 

For instance, Twitter isn’t just a channel for impressive tweets. Check what’s trending using Twitter Trends. Narrow your search based on your subject, location, and industry. 

Search for trending hashtags on Twitter using Ritetag. The platform offers instant suggestions based on real-time hashtag suggestions. 

Check out online discussions

Gain insights from online conversations on forums, social sites, and answer databases. Can you spot topics with long threads? Are people posting about a topic repeatedly? Look for such insights to get an idea of what you must be writing about next. 

Platforms like Quora are built for Q&A. Enter the keyword you are interested in and look through interesting questions, answers, the number of views, upvotes, and comments. Frame your content topic based on these questions. 

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6. Count on post idea generators 

All of the tactics shared above can help you explore potential content opportunities, thus attracting qualified traffic to your website.

However, something that can truly help with generating diverse, engaging, and authentic content that makes money is a content idea-generating tool. 

These are AI-powered tools that not just produce unique content ideas for your blog but also save considerable time spent looking for nearby inspiration. Here are a few tools that we recommend. 

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

This simple and intuitive tool asks the user to enter five noun phrases on the subject you are looking for ideas on. 


BlogAbout by IMPACT 

This tool allows users to navigate through various topic recommendations in the respective domain and customizes titles based on the target keywords. 

BlogAbout by Impact

BuzzSumo’s Question Analyzer

This platform browses innumerable content topics, trends, and forum questions across sites like Quora, Reddit, and Amazon and offers innovative topic suggestions on the topic you are interested in. 


SEMrush’s Topic Research Tool

SEMrush’s tool is easy to use and tells you where to publish the content to avoid the issue of duplicate content. All you need to do is enter a broad topic and the tool will share an instant list of content ideas.

You can refine the topic based on the location of your business, allowing you to cater to the local audience. 


Take Home Message 

At times, it can be overwhelming to think of fresh blog content ideas. Do I have something relevant and important that’s worth publishing? Will my audience even care what’s being shared? We’ve all been there! 

Great content is at the heart of a successful blog. So, use the techniques shared in this post to find a content ideation system that works for you. If you find yourself struggling with this task, hiring a content marketing agency is your way to go.


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