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Maximize Sales on Amazon: Guide to Amazon Marketing Services

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Did you know that there are 300 million plus active Amazon users? And one thing in common between all these users is the “high purchase intent.” 

The high conversion rate, in combination with Amazon’s low cost-per-click, makes it an absolute goldmine for advertisers.  

But the problem is that not every Amazon seller is aware of the available Amazon advertising resources. Amongst the 2.5+ million active sellers on Amazon, just 25,000 sellers make more than $1 million in sales. Of course, the remaining ones end up making a decent revenue, but you get our gist, right? 

On Amazon, your products have potential, given 89% of buyers prefer purchasing from Amazon over other ecommerce platforms. Now, the question is, are you ready to grab that opportunity? If yes, consider sticking until the end as we navigate you through Amazon Marketing Services or AMS.

What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), and How Does It Work? 

Amazon Marketing Services is one of the many Amazon advertising solutions launched by Amazon. In fact, it is a milestone and an outstanding service in Amazon’s advertising scheme. AMS typically focuses on catering to keyword-targeted advertising campaigns. 

Similar to other advertising solutions, AMS is available to a wide range of brands and vendors. It helps brand managers target ads anywhere they prefer to leverage SEO, elevate ROI and acquire new customers. In addition to other Amazon marketing strategies, AMS proves to be an excellent tool that operates within Amazon. 

You can use cues like Related Products, Keywords, Purchasing History, Customer Interests, Trends, etc., to create or attract demand for your products. In Layman’s terms, you can stock the related product screen with other products you deal with. 

Of course, in the past, vendors faced a problem where their advertisements were either alienated or not well appreciated by the customers. But Amazon’s new paying scheme has put an end to it. Now you just pay when someone actually clicks on your ads. This means the time people spend viewing the ad isn’t a factor anymore. Similarly, brands and vendors can freely register for the services. 

Why does AMS matter for your business?

AMS is a game-changing marketing technique implemented by the most prominent and reputable eCommerce platform today. 

Marketing has always been a need, not only to stand out from the competitors but to drive customers towards the brand and become one of the established brands in the market. The increasing competition only makes things challenging for brand managers. 

Thankfully, Amazon Marketing Services helps your brand/product reach its highest potential. 

The keywords and filtering involved in Amazon product research can sometimes make it challenging for the brand to stand out. This is where Amazon Marketing Services comes in. It allows you to base your ads on keywords and recommended tabs.

AMS helps in establishing the product’s place in the marketplace of Amazon eCommerce. It assists the new products/services in getting out and about in public. 

By boosting your marketing technique, you can sell more products and eventually make more profits. AMS gives your product a new way to be discovered and elevates your ROI in return. 

Also, let’s not forget the specifics of AMS. It allows you to select every single component of your ad virtually. For instance, if you think your product might appeal to people using smart devices, you can market your advertisement only to them. 

Besides, you have the option to link your product with any other services, platforms, and products of accessibility. The impressive versatility of Amazon Marketing Services AMS keeps you from paying for empty ads. AMS only charges when people click on your ads, making it an efficient marketing tactic ever launched by Amazon. 

AMS keeps the sellers satisfied and offers the best bang for every buck invested in the marketing strategy. You end up having better control over your marketing spending. 

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Setting Up an AMS Account

Before you start experiencing the many benefits Amazon Marketing Services AMS has to offer; you will first require setting up an account. 

To proceed, you have to be an Amazon Vendor or at least a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) self-publishing author. If you wish to set up AMS without being either of these, you will need an invitation for the author or vendor. 

Here are the steps involved in setting up the AMS account –

Sign up or log into your Amazon seller account

If you don’t have an Amazon seller central account, you will require signing up for one. If you already have one, consider logging in. 

Once into the account, proceed toward “Campaign Manager.” Then select “Choose Ad Campaign type” and then “Sponsored Products.”


Now proceed with clicking on the merchandise option that you wish to advertise. The system will then request you to provide the product ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). 

ASIN features a combination of numbers and letters. 

You will be provided with various options for ASIN. Select the relevant one and add the same to your product campaign. 

Provide a campaign name

It is best that you choose a catchy, remarkable name for your campaign. Ensure that you stick with this name for future use, too. Hence, go with a name that is easy to remember. 

Add relevant details

This is the part where you define the timeline of your campaign as well as the daily budget. 

Work on targeting strategy

You can choose either an Automatic or Manual targeting strategy

With Automatic, you allow Amazon’s algorithm to select the audience and keyword. But with Manual targeting, you can choose the audience and keywords on your own. 

If you lack any prior experience with amazon advertising, perhaps stick to automatic targeting. You can even add a few keywords using the “add” button. 

If you choose Manual targeting, remember you will require bidding before clicking the “add” button. 

You are ready to launch

Now your Amazon Marketing Services campaign is ready to be deployed. But ensure that you review everything before clicking the launch campaign button. 

You shall receive a notification of the campaign being accepted within 24 hours. In case the campaign is rejected, you will be sent highlighted errors. You can fix these errors and re-submit your campaign again.

Are you registered with Amazon’s Brand Strategy? Consider using the Headline Search Ads. These are banner ads that make your products get displayed on the top right of the search results. Also, you might require selecting “Headline Search Ads” instead of “Choose an Ad Campaign.” (Listed in point 1.1) 

Pro Tip – When it comes to selecting the Amazon Marketing Service account, ensure to determine your shopper’s motive. Perhaps the way they engage with your brand and how the shoppers browse and purchase online. 

Advertising Options

There are a few types of amazon advertising solutions offered through AMS, including –

Sponsored Products

Through Sponsored Product Ads, you can significantly grow your sales on Amazon. These are one of the basic ad types available to Amazon sellers. 

Here are some impressive reasons why you must focus on Amazon Sponsored Product ads

  • These types of ads appear on every page of the purchasing stage, making them highly valuable for the sellers. 
  • These ads have a better conversion rate compared to other types of ads. 
  • These ads appear on Amazon’s search engine result pages (SERPs) and look very similar to organic search results. 

Remember, Sponsored Product ads are very competitive and only appear if you own the Buy Box. 

Sponsored Brands

Post hitting “search” for a product detail typed in the search box, Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads are the first thing that appears in front of the customers. These ads typically appear on the top of search results and assist the customers in discovering your brand, brand store, and its products.

When used properly, Sponsored Brand Ads can help attract new customers and boost brand awareness and product consideration. 

Using Amazon Sponsored Brand ads, you get to add a custom headline, brand logo, and a maximum of three products. What you might need is –

  • Top selling products
  • A registered seller account 
  • Unique Amazon store

Product Display Ads

Product Display Ads can prove highly beneficial for your remarketing efforts. Sponsored display ads are a self-service Amazon advertising option that allows you to showcase your ads to customers who view your products or those similar to yours. 

Product-sponsored display ads utilize customer demographics to target the audience on the basis of their shopping behavior. 

Even though product-sponsored display ads bring traffic, increase brand awareness, and help gain brand exposure, they tend to be less competitive when compared to sponsored brand ads and product ads. 

amazon marketing services product display ads
Amazon Ads

Campaign Management

Tips for setting up and managing AMS campaigns

We already know how to set up an AMS campaign; now is the time to determine how to manage the AMS campaign effectively. Follow these tips –

  • Gather as many high-quality keywords for the campaign as you can.
  • Always stick to manual targeting, given Amazon doesn’t necessarily provide good suggestions. However, that does not mean you should not take suggestions that are useful. 
  • Go for multiple campaigns, modest bids, and small budgets for early testing of the campaign. 
  • Once you determine your campaign is effective, ramp up the bids and budget. 
  • Try multiple variations of your ad copy to determine which one resonates with your target audience. 
  • Practice patience, as it might take weeks before the sale registers. Keep an eye on the KDP dashboard to comprehend whether the campaign is paying off. 
  • If you notice no significant impressions with the campaign, try recreating it. 
  • If the campaign is getting no impressions consistently, try incorporating it with better and more keywords. Ensure that these keywords are relevant to your product and services
  • With campaigns that are getting impressions but fewer clicks, consider rethinking the targeted keywords. Perhaps try a different ad copy – one that intrigues your customer.
  • For campaigns with clicks but no sales, consider rewriting the description. Perhaps the ad is attracting the wrong audience, or the description isn’t enticing enough to close the deal. 

To better optimize the AMS campaign, you should –

  • Be consistent with the Amazon advertising strategy
  • Use the best and most relevant keywords
  • Combine interest-based and product-based targeting 
  • Optimize the video ads
  • Optimize the ad copy and headlines whenever necessary

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Best Practices for Targeting, Budgeting, and Bidding

Besides managing and optimizing the campaign, you should also focus on best practices to target, budget, and bid on the campaign. Listed below are AMS best practices to follow –

Never overlook research

Before you think about launching the campaign, focus on doing some research on aspects like –

  • Finding the best key phrases or keywords.
  • Gaining knowledge of shoppers’ interests.
  • Identifying any cross-selling options. 

Always highlight relevant products

It is always a good idea to highlight a product that might resonate well with the target audience. It is best to create ads around products and not the other way around. 

Products that are in demand are seasonal or have better selling rates should be a priority. 

Create a budget

You might want to establish a budget before proceeding to prevent overspending. Here are some tips for creating an AMS budget –

  • Start with calculating your ACoS or average cost of sale
  • Determine the campaign’s duration
  • Select a default bid amount
  • Calculate the ROI
  • Determine relevant keywords 

Hire an influencer, perhaps

To drive traffic, you can also consider using a portion of your marketing budget towards influencers

Amazon offers an influencer program that allows influencers to create an Amazon store and share products with their followers using a custom URL. It could help you drive traffic to your products and offerings. 

Tools for analyzing and optimizing campaign performance

From simple keyword research to assisting with extensive competition analysis, these top tools can prove highly beneficial to improve the campaign’s performance. 

AMZ tracker

This is an impressive tool for monitoring product ranking. It even helps in tracking competitors while preventing any attack on the account itself. 

Helium 10

This is an all-in-one package that features various tools that you can use for multiple purposes. Helium 10 contains solutions for profit calculation and trend research. It also features a review analysis tool to evaluate customer comments easily. 


Amalyze is a well-known tool among Amazon sellers. It includes tools that can assist with areas including but not limited to –

  • Product analysis, research, and monitoring
  • Keyword tracking, research, and more
  • Niche, category, and market analysis
  • Review analysis


This Amazon analytics tool comes in handy in gaining insights into customer behavior, monitoring campaign performance, and researching the product, financial, marketing, and advertising data in-depth. From helping you track BSR to providing SEO recommendations, DataHawke is a game-changer. 


By now, you must have understood that Amazon advertising is a game changer, irrespective of your industry niche. Amazon is one of the reasons why many small businesses were able to scale up easily and promptly. 

We are sure you must be interested in leveraging your brand using Amazon Marketing Services, too, but the details mentioned above might seem a lot, right? Fret not; there are several Amazon marketing agencies out there ready to deploy custom strategies for your Amazon business.


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