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Ultimate Guide To White Label Marketing


Marketing is gradually shifting from the old-school way where you must develop your marketing strategy to sell your products and services to your target audience. A new approach has emerged, and many businesses that offer digital marketing services are queuing into it.

Imagine a company providing and equipping you with their tool to rebrand their service as yours and sell to your target customers. 

There is no heavy lifting, and that’s what white-label marketing brings. 

Sounds interesting?

Stick around because this ultimate guide to white-label marketing will teach you:

  • What white-label marketing is 
  • How it benefits businesses
  • Types of businesses that need it
  • Top SaaS platforms that offer white-label services
  • What to look for in a white-label solution 

What Is White Label Marketing? 

White-label marketing is when a business leverages another company’s marketing platform to sell products and services to its customers under its brand name. 

Think of it when manufacturers who display their products on AliExpress use the branding requested by the retailers for packaging the products before shipping them to their locations. The retailer now sells those products in their online store to customers.

Such can also happen in any aspect of white-label digital marketing.

Be it web design, email marketing, search engine optimization, inbound marketing, social media marketing, content writing or marketing, web development, etc.

For example, an email marketing agency may want to offer social media marketing services to its customers. Instead of starting from scratch to develop a system, they can look for a white-label provider in social media marketing and use their white-label solution to sell the service under their brand name. 

 What Are The Benefits Of White Label Marketing?

As a business owner, you’ve been missing out if you cannot leverage white-label marketing to expand your customers’ services and increase sales. The benefits are enormous, but I discussed a few of them below.

Reduces cost

Developing your system to brand and deliver a service is expensive. You must hire and train your in-house team, invest in tools, and commit your time and energy to it. Leveraging a white-label service will save you a huge chunk of that money and free up your time so that you can focus your marketing efforts on upselling clients.

You leverage a proven system

It takes time to have a proven system that delivers results. And this is the challenge you may face if you decide to build your service from scratch. It’s better to leverage another company’s service that is already working and rebrand it your way. That saves you the trial and error phases of building something new.

Expands your service offering 

Expanding your product and service offering with white-label marketing is easier and can greatly contribute to the product idea validation process.

Let’s assume your agency offers content writing services to busy CEOs. And you identified an opportunity to expand to video production for the same audience. Instead of launching a video production company, you can efficiently and effectively test and refine your product idea by leveraging the white label service of any video production company that meets your requirement to offer such services. 

Additional revenue stream

Subscribing to a white-label service means you want to offer additional services to your clients. This gives your business additional revenue since clients must pay for this new service. 

Let’s assume you’re a social media marketing agency, and you bought a white-label solution for SMS marketing. This gives room to attract customers who want to launch SMS marketing campaigns.

What Types Of Businesses Need White Label Marketing? 

Companies that get special orders

Customers often want specialized services from businesses. Let’s say you are a project management tool and a customer who wants to add email marketing support. You won’t refuse because you want to keep the customer returning to patronize you. The only option to deliver without setting up an email marketing tool is to leverage the white-label services of an established email marketing company. 

Reseller businesses 

Some businesses run on a reseller model. They have the network and contact of companies that have white-label services. They operate as a white-label marketing agency, and their job is to buy this white-label service and resell it to other businesses.

Large-scale agencies 

Digital marketing agencies that offer services to customers on a large scale need white-label services. Customers always approach them for additional services. Agencies on their want to upsell their customers in a bid to make more sales. So they rely on white-label services to expand their coast, meet up with the demands of their customers and earn more revenue.

For example, a lead generation agency can leverage the white label service of an SMS marketing tool to provide SMS services to customers and brand it as their own. This saves them the time and resources they would invest in creating their SMS marketing tool. 

Top SaaS Platforms That Offer White Label Services 

Now you understand what white-label marketing is, the benefits, and the types of businesses that need it, let’s look at the top SaaS platforms that offer white-label services.

Mailmunch – White Label Solution For Email Marketing 

Image from Mailmunch

Image from Mailmunch

Mailmunch is leading in email marketing software that offers white-label solutions. What I like about it is that it allows you to design and brand your service by selecting the desired feature.

This could be email automation, contact management, advanced reporting, etc. And with the help of a white-label expert, you get a custom plan that includes all the email features you need to deliver email marketing services to your customers under your brand name. 

Brands like Wordstream and Marketing Milk use Mailmunch’s white-label solution to develop an email marketing system that gives them an edge over their competitors. 

White Label Databox – White Label Solution For Reporting Tool

Image from Databox

Image from Databox

Databox launched its white label service at a time when a lot of agencies and businesses want to offer branded reports to their clients. 

With White Label Databox, you can seamlessly integrate your branding elements, such as logos, colors, and domain, to create a consistent and personalized user experience for your clients. 

You can use your domain or subdomain to access the platform. This helps reinforce brand identity and provides a professional and cohesive interface for your clients. It supports data integration which allows you to connect with various data sources, such as marketing platforms, CRM systems, and databases, to consolidate and visualize data from multiple channels in one place. 

And most interesting is its mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that ensure your clients can access their data and reports on the go.

 The apps provide real-time updates and intuitive interfaces for easy navigation and data exploration.

SocialPilot – Social Media White Label Solution

Image from Socialpilot

Image from Socialpilot

SocialPilot is a white-label social media management solution designed to elevate your brand and deliver an exceptional client experience. You get to customize every platform aspect to reflect your brand’s identity, from the web address to the colors and icons, ensuring a seamless and professional branded experience that leaves a lasting impression.

With a personalized email address integrated flawlessly into your existing workflows, your clients can enjoy a secure and streamlined login interface, eliminating the need to share sensitive login information and enhancing their overall satisfaction. 

It also offers visually stunning analytics reports that showcase their social media growth, complete with your branding.

With access to dedicated training, 24/7 human support, and a personal account executive, you can confidently enter new markets, position yourself as a leader, and create additional revenue streams by branding and marketing SocialPilot as your social media marketing solution.

SalesPype – White Label Solution For CRM

Image from SalesPype

SalesPype is your go-to white-label service if you want to generate leads for clients at a faster rate. 

It’s designed to automatically generate leads by connecting to all your sources like email marketing, SMS marketing, video, etc. 

So instead of you thinking of how to develop your automated lead generation tool, you can leverage the white label service of SalesPype to generate leads for your clients under your brand name. 

Some of the core features you get in SalesPype white label service are:

Branded Zapier and mobile apps

Emails and videos from your brand

2-way texting 

Unbranded forms and surveys which you can brand

Sales pipeline 


The interesting thing about the SalesPype white label service is that it allows you to add unlimited users and locations irrespective of your subscribed plan. 

Another is that it provides training at the initial stage, where the team shows you how you can leverage their platform to deliver services to your client. So you won’t need to rely on tutorial videos or knowledge-based articles. 

 Colorcinch – White Label Solution for Photo Editing

Image from Colorcinch

 Colorcinch is an all-in-one creative platform that helps you achieve professional and stunning outcomes in minimal time and virtually no experience. 

It offers a white-label service that allows clients to license the software, host it on their website, and market it to their customers as their photo editor. 

In addition, the logo can be replaced with the client’s logo so that it looks and feels native to their platform and brand.

Within the platform, designing blogs and social media images can be done in a breeze. You can access hundreds of special effects, stunning filters, AI-powered photo editing tools, and a wide library of stock photos and icons. 

3 Important Things To Look For In A White Label Service Provider 

Before choosing a white-label provider, there are essential things to keep your eye on.

These will save you from delivering an unsatisfactory job to a client and, at the same time, wasting your money.

A match for the client’s need

Before you settle for any white-label service provider, check their features to see if they match the client’s needs.

Let’s assume a client has paid for email and SMS marketing services. Then you went ahead to subscribe to an email marketing white-label service that doesn’t offer SMS services. It’s a loss because you have to subscribe to another white-label service with SMS marketing features. After all, you must deliver the services your client paid for. 

Positive reviews 

Reviews speak to the value of any white-label service you want to use. It’s a verified customer telling how it served their purpose. You can check on third-party review websites like G2 and Capterra to see the ratings and positive reviews of the white-label service you want to use.

Case studies 

This is another form of review but on a deeper level that tells a story of how a business leveraged a white-label service to achieve impressive results. SaaS platforms that offer white-label services often publish this on their blog for potential customers to read.

For example, this article is a case study of how Marketing Milk used Mailmunch’s white-label solution to achieve a 5-figure MMR. 

Final Thought On Guide To White Label Marketing 

Don’t wait years to develop your software when delivering services to your clients. It’s a waste of time and resources, especially if you aren’t a major player in the industry.

 Instead, go for white-label solutions that allow you to rebrand their software, set your price, and offer valuable service to your clients. We have shown you how white-label services benefit you, different SaaS platforms, and core things to look out for in any white-label service. 

It’s up to you to look at the demands of your clients and choose a white-label software that provides the features you need to deliver a satisfactory service.


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