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Is the Shopify Experts Directory Your Solution for Visibility?


After the pandemic, millions of retail businesses closed worldwide, and many got used to the internet and marketing directories to stay afloat. Shopify is everyone’s favorite when building online stores; thus, Shopify store development companies are finding the current conditions favorable.

Getting maximum visibility is their aim, and being listed on the Shopify Experts Directory is the absolute minimum. But is it enough? Let’s find out.

Who Are Shopify Experts?

Shopify experts have accredited specialists with extensive platform knowledge, including bespoke design and development, branding, and digital marketing.

They apply their knowledge and experience to assist merchants in achieving their eCommerce objectives by identifying their needs and giving the best solutions to their issues. As a result, Shopify specialists build a successful online store based on four pillars: start, sell, advertise, and manage.

Why Should You Look Beyond Shopify Experts Directory?

Shopify specialists can be hired as freelancers or as full-service agencies. Listing on the Shopify sales expert directory is essential, but businesses cannot rely on it entirely.

It, being an essential formality for any Shopify expert, lands you in an overly crowded destination. You will compete with individual Shopify developers, freelancer groups, and IT companies worldwide.

Making online visibility efforts as a Shopify expert depends most on this factor.

When you think about a new business starting with eCommerce, they aren’t likely to browse the Shopify Experts Directory thoroughly. They would use it as a primary reference, but it won’t provide them with the information they would require for initial market research.

In most cases, they would try to find a Shopify vendor on the platform of their choice, be it a search engine or social media.

You should have inclusive coverage on most internet platforms and focus on the channels that are most likely to be used by your target audience to find Shopify development services. 

Blogging is a highly cost-effective long-term channel that generates a consistent flow of leads. For quicker results or capitalizing on industry shifts, such as those seen during the pandemic, paid search and social media ads are compelling options.

What to Consider When Marketing Your Business as Shopify Development Experts

There’s a vast number of options available when it comes to marketing your Shopify development agency. This also includes online directories other than the one run by Shopify, local directories, and an email list. But before you begin with your marketing efforts, you may want to consider the following factors:

1. Define the Type of Shopify Stores You Are Looking to Develop

The first step involves narrowing down your target audience and the specific types of Shopify stores you want to work with.

This translates to understanding a project has complexity in terms of interactivity, dynamism, third-party integrations including CRMs and ERPs, shipping partner integrations, and the degree of customization. Once you have defined your ideal project type, it will be easier to focus on lead generation. 

2. Customer Outreach

When we talk of going beyond the Shopify Experts Directory, most eCommerce store development companies would have an idea of where to begin. Run a market survey to understand where your ideal customers are trying to find your services.

Develop a proper strategy, and don’t forget to refer to your Shopify Experts Directory page as a part of social proof for building authority.

3. List Other Services Too

Last but not least, it is necessary that you list your other services and market them as, in most cases, vendors of multiple options to choose from.

You might also provide other services like SEO and social media marketing to ensure they get fair representation. This is essential since prospects might want a complete package over Shopify-only services.

Summing Up

Registering your business in the Shopify Experts Directory will undoubtedly be one of the finest moves you have ever made for your agency in the long term. Whether you’re just starting or striving to scale your agency, having your agency’s name in the Shopify Experts Directory will help you generate more leads.

To stay on top of the eCommerce game, remember not to rely exclusively on the Shopify Experts Directory. After all, almost every leading agency registers its services on multiple platform directories & employs a mix of marketing strategies to generate leads. 

You could also look into more local and qualified eCommerce agencies to help your agency with its online presence.


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