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6 Easy Hacks to Localized Digital Marketing + Examples


In today’s ever-changing technology world, localization and globalization go hand in hand. As local businesses expand and we become more networked, localization becomes an increasingly important marketing strategy.

Localization in marketing is all about aligning your brand with the target region in terms of language, values, customs, and approach towards your product/service segment in a friendly manner.

It’s not always easy to come up with appealing digital marketing strategies that will sell a product or service. You may, however, influence your brand image and attract new customers to your product portfolio with the appropriate methods and approaches.

What is Localized Marketing?

Localization is more than just translating website content; it also engages customers on a personal level, allowing you to build an open and distinctive brand profile. Localization, in a word, is about building trust.

Localized marketing is defined differently by various firms. However, one thing is certain: it would be beneficial to companies of all sizes.

A localization strategy entails customizing a product or piece of information for local audiences, a certain market, or a region. It’s also known as a technique for adaptability. The goal is to make a product appear as though it was created specifically for a market or region.

There are several aspects of the localization process to consider when developing marketing materials. 

Localization’s Importance for Marketing Campaigns

It’s not just about translating the copy when it comes to localizing your content. Within a global marketing strategy, you must modify your content to express your brand to a local audience.

With localization, your business can focus on being local while remaining relevant to the global audience- to raise awareness, gain access to new markets and the right audience, create demand, and ultimately increase sales and conversions.

Whether it’s through native language reviews on your landing pages, convert currencies, customer service, local payment preferences, date/time formats, adjusting left-to-right versus right-to-left languages, social media content, visual cues in your user interface, lingo, and even the use of emojis that best suit your audience’s market, a level of ‘transcreation’ is required.

Uber Ads at Madrid Airport From Reddit

Customers want an all-in-one experience that connects and resonates with their values when you create marketing campaigns based around your brand – a perfect chance to transform your customers into brand ambassadors.

This may be a make-or-break chance for marketers when it comes to engaging with their target audiences in campaigns and selling their products or services.

Measures That Can Be Taken

Your digital marketing techniques must be successful to genuinely reach customers. Relevance is crucial. If your firm works on a worldwide basis, this involves reaching out to your consumers with relevant marketing material.

Localization must be a part of your digital strategy. Let’s look at a few concrete actions that can help you get your business noticed in your community by using localized location-based marketing.

1. Enhance Your Target Audience’s Experience

You may make your localized digital marketing material easier to access for your audience by employing a proper translation plan. This is because localization entails more than just translation. It entails making the material more recognizable.

It’s the little things, like adopting the right date and currency forms, that make all the difference. Choosing the correct dialect, putting up pages in a way that works with languages that don’t read left to right, and so on are all important considerations. All of these attempts to localize make the user experience better.

All of these pieces work together to provide clients in your newly targeted regions with a seamless website, app, and even social media experience. As a result, connections strengthen, trust grows, and people become more engaged.

2. Localized Digital Marketing Efforts Strengthen Ties With Customers in the Area

You adjust your material to the requirements and expectations of the local audience when you make the effort to localize it.

As a result, your material will address the topics that your audience is interested in. Members of your target audience will respond positively if they perceive that you are devoted to reaching out to them with material that is relevant to them.

This leads to increased brand loyalty and greater consumer relationships. More than price and value, this is what can transform buyers into brand evangelists. It also aids in the acquisition of a competitive edge.

3. Languages to Aim For

Many forms of multilingual societies may be found in various states and nations across the world. This means that your location-based marketing campaign should cater to their requirements to the greatest extent feasible. English is one of the languages that should be included in your customized digital marketing plan. It can be combined with the native language of a particular location.

In France or Greece, for example, English might be combined with French or Greek. There are certain exceptions, such as in Russia, where you may need to accommodate Russian, English, and Chinese due to population migrations.

However, because there are no guidelines as to whichever language people prefer, you will have to broaden your options based on the region. If you choose the proper languages, your customized digital marketing will provide greater results than previously.

4. Make a Call to Action

It’s critical to establish the goal of your location-based digital marketing strategy early on. Is your goal to raise brand recognition or offer specific goods or services?

The objective of your current campaign should be reflected in your call to action (CTA). It’s a method for connecting with and attracting customers. These CTAs should be translated into the target language by native speakers. 

From TimeOut

To attract as many customers as possible, put your CTA front and center in your location-based marketing materials. You can take help from local marketing teams. You can even explore using local slang or allusions to connect with your audience.

5. Collaboration With Local Influencers

Localized digital marketing has the advantage of allowing you to quickly collaborate with individuals in your target areas. Each region or nation into which you want to expand is likely to have established influencers.

Influencers are frequently social media celebrities who are well-known in their communities, making them ideal partners for your company. These people are always on the lookout for possible partnership possibilities. They’re especially on the lookout for new companies that appear in their area.

It’s a no-brainer to collaborate with local influencers on innovative and enticing marketing materials. Seek out people who share your beliefs, have an effective strategy, and are eager to help. You may give them monetary compensation or product and service perks from your portfolio in exchange.

6. Brand Values Should Be Emphasized

In a competitive market, the brand values connected with it are what distinguish one brand from another. Although Coca-Cola and Pepsi are both soft drinks companies, their ideals are radically different. Coca-Cola has been able to outperform the competition on a worldwide scale, establishing a benchmark for location-based marketing.

Your brand values might range from disruptive growth to a focus on family and socialization to individual professional development.

Create a set of values that will serve as the foundation for your brand. Then, depending on whatever language you’re targeting with your ad campaigns, be sure you localize them. Audiences that share your viewpoints will be intrigued by your brand. They’ll also be more inclined to become consumers as a result of your focus on values rather than tangible items.

Localized Digital Marketing Strategy Examples

Here are two instances of how businesses use localization to focus their ads.


The Netflix experience centers around providing customers with the service they desire. This theme extends across the site, from the homepage movie reviews to translated subtitles. In truth, both the development and translation sides of Netflix’s localization efforts have been well-publicized.

They’ve developed the tools and methods to translate not only their apps and interfaces but also subtitles and voice dubbing.

What’s more notable, however, are their content creation efforts. Netflix has evolved into a video juggernaut in recent years, producing its original films and series, as we all know. Netflix, on the other hand, focuses on localized content rather than the mass appeal of an American original.

In general, Netflix has created some of the most memorable and impactful marketing campaigns in the past decade. Take a look at our article on Netflix Marketing Strategy to get some inspiration into your own.

2. Spotify 

Spotify analyses consumer data to find and track up-and-coming local musicians, who are subsequently pushed to a global audience.

The objective is twofold: audience members will be able to find musicians they are familiar with on Spotify, and local artists will be able to utilize Spotify as a platform to reach a larger audience.

Local audiences find known songs on Spotify, global users discover new music they would not have discovered otherwise, and songwriters rush to Spotify to reach a bigger audience.

The Discover Weekly playlist, one of Spotify’s most popular offerings, is a fantastic location to start exploring for these bands. Discover Weekly compares the playlists of numerous people to their music interests. As a result of the carefully chosen playlist, viewers can discover music from unknown performers, many of whom are from different countries.

spotify localized digital marketing

Advantages of Localized Digital Marketing

You deliver your point clearly and concisely. Before entering the market, localization guarantees that the product or service is culturally and linguistically appropriate. Localizing your marketing techniques ensures that your product is well-represented and known in your target market.

You’ll have the opportunity to increase sales. If you want to boost sales, you must localize your marketing techniques. Your business obtains a competitive advantage. There’s a tiny chance your business is the only one of its type in your field. And if that’s the case, you’ll be up against competition far sooner than you think. By localizing and globalizing ad efforts, you can outsmart them.

Localized marketing is a big benefit to your company. It paves the way for a plethora of new possibilities.

Summing Up

True, global companies like Coca-Cola can teach you a lot; but, they’ve established their name and reach over decades of devoted location-based marketing techniques.

To stand out from the crowd, your company must discover brand authenticity and a style of client connection. Only then will your consumer awareness increase, and you’ll be able to draw a wide enough audience to your cause for organic company growth. Give localized digital marketing a go and you could be surprised by the results.


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