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7 Free Examples of Employee Spotlight Templates and Newsletters


Fostering genuine connections among coworkers is an employee advocacy that boosts employee engagement and improves the overall employee experience. It creates a positive company culture where talents have been looking for a workplace. One way to give employee recognition is through an employee spotlight.

Many businesses, especially in the digital era, rely on company newsletters. And, with so many of us working remotely, it’s a great way to keep everyone updated on what’s going on at work without having to call a big staff meeting.

Employee spotlights as a way of employee recognition are popular features, but one that is poorly designed might cause more harm than good.

When done, internal employee spotlights can be a powerful tool for fostering confidence among colleagues, prospects, and customers.

Providing an internal employee spotlight to applicants at various phases of the recruiting process will assist them in making a better-educated choice about whether your firm and job are a good fit for them.

Whether your workers are all based in one place or are dispersed across many regions and locations, highlighting employees may be a great way to keep them motivated and engaged.

The benefits of employee monitoring are numerous. For example, it can help you maintain high productivity in your workplace by decreasing distractions and fluctuations that might arise from ineffective supervision practices and allowing workers to air any grievances or assertive concerns about their work environment.

If this is your first time highlighting workers, or you’re searching for a simple strategy to duplicate and repeat, you’ll be happy to hear that spotlights are simple to create.

Key Takeaways

  1. Importance of Employee Engagement: Fostering genuine connections among coworkers through employee spotlights boosts engagement and enhances the overall employee experience, contributing to a positive company culture.
  2. Utilizing Company Newsletters: In the digital era, company newsletters, especially those featuring employee spotlights, serve as practical tools for keeping everyone, especially remote workers, updated on company news without the need for extensive staff meetings.
  3. Design Matters in Employee Spotlights: Well-designed employee spotlights can be powerful tools for fostering confidence among colleagues, prospects, and customers, while poorly designed ones may have adverse effects.
  4. Employee Monitoring Benefits: Employee spotlights contribute to increased productivity by minimizing distractions and fluctuations, providing a platform for workers to voice concerns, and strengthening internal and external relationships.
  5. Simple Steps for Employee Spotlights:
  • Showcase diverse team members.
  • Choose an engaging spotlight template.
  • Conduct interviews using thoughtful questions.
  • Incorporate visual elements for a richer experience.
  • Highlight the employee’s professional journey.
  • Actively promote spotlights on various platforms.

Employee Spotlight Newsletter: Implement a monthly employee spotlight newsletter to ensure broader visibility and strengthen connections among employees or clients.

Employee Spotlight Questions:

  • Use personalized questions to showcase both professional and personal aspects of the employee.
  • Questions can cover work experiences, personal interests, team dynamics, and recommendations.

Benefits of Employee Spotlights:

  • Enhances recruitment effectiveness by providing a glimpse into daily work experiences.
  • Fosters meaningful relationships among employees, breaking down departmental barriers.
  • Increases social media engagement and reach, attracting potential clients.
  • Strengthens existing client relationships by showcasing employees and company culture.
  • Serves as a powerful sales tool, building trust and confidence among potential clients.

Summing Up:

Employee spotlight templates are valuable tools for showcasing the exceptional team behind a company’s success.

They contribute to a positive company culture, aid recruitment, and are easy to create with simple Q&A sessions or short videos.

What info is in employee spotlight?

An employee spotlight typically features information about a specific employee within a company. The content can vary depending on the company’s preferences, but it often includes:

  1. Employee’s Name and Position: Basic details about who the employee is and what role they hold within the organization.
  2. Background and Experience: A brief overview of the employee’s professional background, including relevant education and work experience.
  3. Responsibilities and Achievements: Information about the employee’s current responsibilities and notable achievements.
  4. Personal Interests or Hobbies: Some companies include personal details to humanize the employee, such as hobbies, interests, or fun facts.
  5. Quotes or Testimonials: Direct quotes from employees, their colleagues, or supervisors providing insights into their work ethic, character, or contributions.
  6. Professional Development: If applicable, details about the employee’s ongoing professional development, such as additional certifications, training, or skills they are working on.
  7. Photos: Visual elements, such as photographs of the employee, their workspace, or them engaging in activities related to their job.
  8. Contact Information: In some cases, the spotlight might include ways for colleagues or others to connect with or reach out to the featured employee.

The goal of an employee spotlight is to showcase the individual, recognize their contributions, and foster a sense of community within the organization. It can also be a great way to inspire and motivate other employees by highlighting success stories within the company.

How Do You Write Employee Spotlights? Here are Free Employee Spotlight Examples

Here are six easy steps to remember when creating an employee spotlight program.

1. Showcase the appropriate person for the job who contributes to creating a positive company culture

While most companies are likely to have well-known “star” performers or outstanding employees, showcasing a diverse range of team members and personality traits is vital.

Focus on the employee advocacy of assisting employees in getting to know one another, whether it involves introducing someone to other departments, showcasing a recently promoted supervisor, showcasing the company’s positive work culture, or just upgrading a great colleague whose efforts may otherwise go unnoticed.

You can even use this opportunity to showcase future employees.

employee spotlight template

Source: Slide Model

Remember that for the design of the certificate, you can always use free graphic design software to help you out.

2. Decide on an employee spotlight template

Employee spotlights may be distributed in various exciting ways, so experiment to see what works best for your company.

Some companies like to publish Q&As in a corporate newsletter, while others publish public blog entries that are accessible to both employees and customers.

civis analytics employee spotlight

Source: Neil Patel

We’ve also seen the video and audio recordings work effectively since they’re easy to absorb and can give the article more personality.

The most crucial factor in deciding on a format is employee engagement. You want your employees to read the spotlight and build connections with each other.

Suppose you are working for a large company or even just working remotely. In that case, employee spotlight posts are an excellent way for employees to get to know each other, start a conversation, and build more esteemed team members and robust team culture.

3. Interview with the candidate with employee spotlight questions

Whether you use your smartphone to film an interview or decide to take notes, doing employee interviews, particularly an in-person interview, is always the best option.

You’ll get more personal responses and can go deeper into the subject. Share your questions ahead of time so that your employee has time to prepare, but be prepared to delve a little further.

4. Make it a visual experience

Images and media are always more engaging than just a written interview. Ask for some pictures for your employee spotlight highlights.

You can also include footage of your employee in action if you want to share the spotlight interview through video — whether that means weaving in recordings the employee provides or shooting a few activities at the workplace yourself.

Source: Workato

5. Describe your employee’s professional path

When prospects decide whether to apply for a position at your firm, it might be beneficial for them to discover how current workers acquired their jobs. It adds to the employer branding, showcasing how other employees feel valued and satisfied with their employee experience.

UI Path offers prospective in-depth interviews with employees who discuss their experiences before applying to the firm and why they chose to accept the position. The articles also provide candidates with pointers on preparing for their particular recruiting procedure.

ui path employee spotlight

Source: UI Path

6. Remember to promote, promote, promote!

Make sure to promote your employee spotlight posts on your careers page, social media, and career platforms, regardless of the sort of employee spotlight you produce — or if you create many to discover what connects with your applicants.

Source: Built In

Some businesses have an Instagram account dedicated entirely to showcasing their culture and highlighting other employees. They include background information about each employee, role, and daily performance in each post.

With a maximum of 2,200 characters, Instagram is ideal for lengthier captions. Another great platform to promote a team member is LinkedIn.

This B2B social platform is the best place to highlight your and your colleague’s work efforts. Share your employee spotlights with your LinkedIn network to promote your business and showcase job satisfaction to possible candidates.

7. What About an Employee Spotlight Newsletter?

Create a monthly employee spotlight newsletter to ensure all your employees (or even clients) can see the selected employee of the month and get to know each other even more.

employee newsletter example

Source: Sender

You can send this newsletter out through internal communication channels or e-mail through marketing automation if you feel like sharing a particular employee with clients or people outside your company.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Employee for a Spotlight?

If you’ve never done one, it can be hard to think of employee spotlight questions. But don’t worry, we’ve got a few lined up for you.

If you decide to showcase an employee, you can ask them a few personal or professional questions to highlight in the employee spotlight.

Here are some employee spotlight questions for you to use:

  1. How would you describe working for our company in a few words?
  2. What is the best cheesy conversation starter you’ve heard at the office?
  3. What do you like to do in your own time?
  4. What is the best advice you would give to someone just starting at the company?
  5. How many different departments can you name inside the company?
  6. Who is the hardest-working member of your team?
  7. If you could add anything to the office, what would it be?
  8. How would you describe your desk?
  9. What has been your favorite holiday destination so far?
  10. What’s 1 TV show you recommend for everyone to watch?

Employee spotlight questions can be used to highlight whatever you wish to showcase internally or externally.

Internally, you may want your employee spotlight to share some employee appreciation by highlighting team members, or externally, by getting the spotlight to show that they are part of a happy and engaged workforce.

Benefits Of Employee Spotlight

Employee spotlights are, first and foremost, about honoring the fantastic individuals who work for your organization, but it isn’t the only advantage.

1. Increases the Effectiveness of Your Recruitment Strategy

Employee spotlights are an excellent strategy for attracting top talent to your organization—the person who can propel your company’s sales to new heights.

Taking up a new position requires a significant amount of dedication. This is especially true if the work is in senior management or an executive role. When all job advertisements appear the same, potential employees seek out as much inside information as possible.

They want to know what it’s like to work for you, who their coworkers could be, and what kind of benefits they might expect. Employee spotlights bring attention to the day-to-day experience at your firm and may be the decisive factor in a candidate’s decision to work for you.

2. Fosters Meaningful Employee Relationships 

Few better methods exist to foster meaningful employee connections than a series of articles and interviews that spotlight individual employees.

Employee spotlights may be especially effective in large corporations where it might be difficult for employees to get to know colleagues from other departments.

They break down departmental barriers and silos and provide employees with a simple way to start a conversation between teams. This can help you improve your productivity, communication, and bottom line.

3. Increases Your Social Media Engagement and Reach

The employee spotlight is generally quite popular when posted on social media platforms. Employees, their friends, and their families like sharing postings about persons they are familiar with. While corporate sales messages may only receive a few shares, this social media interaction can be transformative.

Each remark, like, and share exposes your business to a larger audience. This may result in additional applications and even clients. Potential clients positively associate a firm with highly engaged, connected, and happy workers.

4. Attracts Potential Clients

Employee spotlights are an excellent way to attract new customers. When there isn’t much difference between businesses regarding pricing or prior work, the client’s choice is typically based on which one they think will be more pleasurable.

Consider which firm you’d like to work for a faceless organization with no team page on its website or one that is proud of every single employee and goes out of its way to show employees’ skills, company culture, and core values.

5. Existing Client Relationships is Strengthened

Employee spotlights are indeed beneficial for attracting new customers. They may also help you strengthen your existing client relationships. When you include staff spotlights in the newsletter you create and presentations, you give your current clients another chance to interact with your brand and confirm their decision to work with you.

They might browse the best employee services or discover your company’s culture. As a consequence of something highlighted in your highlight, you could get additional business.

An employee spotlight template is a fantastic tool for fostering interpersonal relationships inside a company. They aid in the dismantling of barriers between teams and employees. Higher involvement and more meaningful cooperation result from more significant connections between departments.

When current and potential customers see social media posts of a happy, engaged staff, it conveys excellent business culture.

An employee spotlighttemplate may be a powerful sales tool. Because there are a lot of shady businesses out there, it’s a good idea to look at a company’s resources and materials.

When anyone sees strong content on the About Us page of a company, especially if it matches their LinkedIn profile, it gives them greater confidence. Employee spotlights might give potential consumers greater trust in the firm and its service or product if you have complex buying habits. If you don’t have chemistry, stopping the relationship before either side expends too much time or energy is generally advisable.

Summing Up

An employee spotlight template is a great way to show off the extraordinary team behind your company’s success. Showcasing talent also helps attract recruits. It’s also not difficult to make them. All you need is a simple Q&A or a short video to begin better influencing your company culture and increasing sales. Feel free to show off. 


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