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  • mcpk.


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    🇺🇦 Wir vermitteln die besten ukrainischen Software-Ingenieure an DACH-Unternehmen.

    mcpk. ist spezialisiert auf Teamerweiterung in die Ukraine. Unsere Unternehmensleitung besteht aus ehemaligen Entwicklern und Geschäftsleuten. Mit dem Wissen aus beiden Welten haben wir Methoden entwickelt, erfolgreich Softwareteams aufzubauen und zu managen. Wir führen keine Projekte im Sinne von Outsourcing durch, und wir sind nicht einfach eine verlängerte Werkbank im Sinne von Outstaffing. Unser Geschäftsmodell basiert auf einem einfachen Prinzip: Wir betrachten Software-Ingenieure genauso als unsere Kunden wie Unternehmen aus Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz. mcpk. sorgt für eine reibungslose Zusammenarbeit zwischen Ihnen und Ihren Entwicklern hier in der Ukraine. Wir mischen uns nicht in die Entwicklungsprozesse ein und wir sind große Fans von Einfachheit und Transparenz.
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    From €1600 for Web Development
  • Atta Systems

    Atta Systemsverified-flag

    (33 reviews)

    We help funded startups and big org (UNICEF, World Bank, EY, UN) to develop meaningful software

    We work with innovative VC-backed startups as well as established companies in: 🏥 healthcare: Medicai (Plug&Play company), Bold Health (Plug&Play company), Eupnoos, and many more to deliver secure and compliant software solutions that improve patient outcomes and streamline clinical flows 🏛government & administration: UNICEF, The World Bank, USAID, and others to increase their impact in global projects using innovation powered by modern technologies.  🏫 education: EdXP, I-FIKR, Alux, and others to improve accessibility to an excellent education and modern, digital, teaching methods and methodologies 🏦 finance: Ernst&Young, Bankata, Nicola Wealth to deliver secure, scalable solutions and improve financial literacy through technology.  We have a product-centric approach to development, we specialize in: Product Strategy & Design (market, vision, positioning, user research, user experience design, user interface design) Data (AI/ML, data science, data manipulation, data visualization, databases) Software Engineering (mobile and web apps, backend, frontend, infrastructure) Product Marketing (user acquisition, user retention, analytics, data-driven decisions) We know how to build products at scale, used by millions globally. What our clients say about our work:  "Considering the experience we have in working with Atta Systems, we strongly recommend them for the development of quality software, ensuring all stages of the software development process including definition, design, coding, code control and reviews, testing, release management, and product integration." Voica Tomus, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF "Atta Systems integrates well into our company; they feel like part of our team. Atta Systems follows the project timelines and responds quickly to the messages via Slack and Google Meet. They work in two-week sprints, have biweekly meetings, and use Jira to report on progress." Jossy Onwude, CTO @ Bold Health, UK, a Plug&Play company
    9 works in Web Development
    Active in Bucharest
    From €1000 for Web Development
  • VisionSeed


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    Helping brands to define and build business valued products

    We are the partner to businesses big and small, providing the unmatched professional knowledge and know-how your business needs to be successful. We take your idea and make it great by designing it around our main pillars of focus: quality of product design and delivery along with feedback adoption and implementation. Our main focus is addressing your key business needs and optimizing your business processes so that in the end, your business is transformed on a global scale.  We have a well-defined vision: to offer you the best options on the market, with knowledgeable advisors and flexible, tailored approaches — all centered on the right outcomes for your business. We want to unlock your business’s potential and make change happen by delivering integrated solutions through leading-edge management, technology, and design.
    7 works in Web Development
    Active in Bucharest
    From €500 for Web Development

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