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About Yellow Agency Africa

Yellow is a 360-degree marketing, strategy and brand consultancy run by a young, dynamic creative think-tank. Started in 2006 with a simple yet compelling vision: to build a brand and value-based consultancy that is as strong in its strategic thinking as it is in its creativity.

“A great brand must be able to capture one’s imagination; simple enough to understand and to engage the right feelings to make a difference in consumer’s lives.”

To achieve this philosophy, we use two important and distinct methodologies; Logic Based Rationale - which uses empirical evidence based market research and analysis; and Emotional Intuitive Intelligence - which encompasses a deeper more meaningful understanding of today’s consumers and their varied needs. With this, Yellow helps transform brands into great brands, through the clarity of meticulous thought and the courage of bold ideas.

We have had the opportunity of servicing clients from around Sub-Saharan African Region; helping them overcome unique business challenges. The results achieved are a testament to our marketing models, strategies, and creative execution capabilities.

All our clients have one thing in common: they want to achieve something extraordinary. And so do we.



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Services (2) offered by Yellow Agency Africa

Digital Strategy

€7500 – €1000000

Understand, align, activate! Understand the customer experience: Understanding your customer will ensure that all communications and strategies for our Digital Campaigns align together. This ultimately leads to a successful digital roll-out. Customer Personalities (Personas) - Who are your Customers? Do these customers change from geographic locations? Do they change from each product and / or service? A specific customer may be the same customer who purchases one product, but may not be the same customer who buys another product produced by the same brand. Customer Journeys Mapping helps us understand how our customers and service consumers eventually make the decision to buy our products. Understanding our customers buying journeys, allows us to create campaign strategies that attract our potential and existing client base more effectively and efficiently. Would it be an effective measure to advertise your products on a Travel Portal or a retail site? Well, lets consider a solar powered torch – When considering this any type of product we must ask the first question: who are we targeting? Are we advertising to the outdoor / adventure archetypes would enjoy being able to have an Eco-friendly product that is convenient for trips are we advertising to the housewife, who continually needs to buy batteries for her guards’ torch? Once this is understood... using a simple cost vs benefit analysis will allow us to calculate our pay per buy rate which will lead us to choosing the best portal for our ROI. Checkpoints for Digital Campaigns? 1. Targeted advertising works. 2. Push vs Pull advertising must be used concurrently to ensure effective campaigns. 3. ROI is Key - measurability and metrics to ensure sales and product uptake. 4. Engage and Activate your customers. 5. All 3 Digital products must work hand-in-hand to ensure a 3 pronged digital media coverage. 6. Marketing Mix - Digital and Print must be used on all campaigns to ensure that we cover customers across all preferred mediums.

Website Creation

€3000 – €1000000

Your Website and your extension brands, products and service websites will be the hub of our inbound marketing strategy. Everything your company will do online: social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO and paid search is only effective when it’s centred on a professional, simple, marketable website. Of course all our sites will be designed concentrically to maximize customer conversion.

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