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Description of Great Crew

Great Crew is a full service digital design and marketing communication agency with strong expertise in Brand Identity and Strategy, Web Design and Development, UX/UI Design, Mobile Apps and Print Design.

Established in 2011 in Moscow, Russia we succeed to work with 68 (and counting) clients & partners. Thanks to the results we provide we launch in average 2 to 3 turnkey projects for each of our clients or doing long-term complete marketing support.

We are focused on developing efficient solutions with thorough analysis of target audience, market and client’s business combined with extensive knowledge in technology, psychology and marketing. Our credo is: «Good design is a way to solve a problem and make it simple, in a beautiful way», because we are making instruments that can help businesses to stand out from competitors and to acquire more customers.


Currently we are working with companies from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Estonia, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong and USA.

Services offered by Great Crew

Great Crew offers these services:

Experts in Website Creation

Typical budget range: 3000.0 to 10000.0
Website Design & Development Designing sales, not picture We work over user scenarios and wireframes to precisely analyse use cases, always before creating any graphic design.This helps us to create designs which will impress your customers and solve your business objectives. ‘Black Box’ development process Since design is approved we do a lot of technical work, but we try to keep it as simple as possible, so our clients will receive an easy to handle system without necessity to immerse into technical stuff. We take care of the whole process including HTML+CSS markup, JavaScript development, CMS integration and production deployment for websites and services. Responsive design as it should be Nowadays there should not be any doubts about responsive design. It is not an option because mobile-friendly website affects not only user experience but also a search engines positions.We are often asked what does it costs to make a responsive design with us.Clearly, we already include mobile adaptation for every website that we create, so we do not extra-charge our clients.

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Examples of works in Website Creation


Website Creation - Art & Handcraft
Website - Design - wordpress - Parallax

Services delivered: website design company, website coding consultancy, website creation agency, web design agency, wordpress creation company


Website Creation - Architecture & Planning
Website - Design - wordpress - development

Services delivered: site development agency, html coding expert, web development company, wordpress developer, site creation consultancy


Website Creation - Art & Handcraft
Website - Design - Illustration - icons - Video

Services delivered: website creation service provider, professional web designer, internet site creator, internet site designer, site creation consultancy

Experts in Branding & Positioning

Typical budget range: 3000.0 to 10000.0
Brand Development & Improvement Developing brands from scratch When we work with a new brand or business we always find out and enforce strengths and defuse weaknesses by in-depth analysis of market, competitors and the business itself. We figure out all the values of the brand and develop brand communication platform: mission statement, brand descriptor, slogans and things that can be said to the target audience and that can not be said at any circumstances. Existing brand support & improvements We help to develop and improve existing brands at any point as any brand may require the expert’s outside-in view and advisory about improvements of certain points of contact with their customers. We solve all the following business needs: deeper target audience understanding, competitive environment research, rebranding and refinement of brand identity, improvements of all medias, designs and communication messages.

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Examples of works in Branding & Positioning


Branding & Positioning - Entertainment & Events
Branding - Design - printing - Website

Services delivered: online Advertising agency, product marketing company, brand advertising agency, branding agency, advertisment company

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