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Description of Viscid Marketing

Take a moment and imagine how great it would feel to have a successful marketing campaign. To embrace the fact that your campaign led to a more robust brand. Your company's profits shot up because of the successful run you had. 

    The CEO is happy, the board is proud of you, the finance guys approve of the investment and most of all, everyone is excited about your brand. 

     All that was made possible by a formidable force formed between your company and Viscid Marketing. You worked well together and bold ideas that changed the world as we know it were birthed. All because Viscid Marketing is in the business of "Building Iconic Brands". 

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Services offered by Viscid Marketing

Viscid Marketing offers these services:

Experts in Branding & Positioning

The position a brand occupies in the mind of the customer is key to its success in the marketplace. We pack skills in helping businesses define their value proposition to consumers while communicating it effectively for successful customer acquisition efforts.

Experts in Copywriting

You'll find us a great partner in developing compelling copy that endears customers to your brand. We have a way with words that will keep you ahead in the game.
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