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Description of POT Branding House

We are POT Branding House, an Integrated Branding Studio - If you are a high octane brand explorers & makers who need to invest in value-centered design through cross-disciplinary approaches, then we’re here to fight by your side.

Parts that we serve: Commercials (in various of industries), Education, Government, Medias, Retails, Digital Startups and any maverick leaders would explore their visionary minds.

We believe, through discover our partner's special something together we could craft the most delightful experience within broader spectrum of creativity. Such As: \ Brand Strategy \ Brand Experience \ Brand IDentity \ Graphic Treatments \ Multimedia Production \ Motion Graphics \ Architecture & Interior \ Brand Activation \ Or you name it, people! We work on to create a greater good. And in the end, the world (at least ours) will be a better place to live in. We're very happy to hear a word from you. Let's fire up the engine and take the long awaited voyage. AHOY!


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Services offered by POT Branding House

POT Branding House offers these services:

Experts in Branding & Positioning

It's necessary if, 1. Planning on a create a brand new audacious business with complete brand guidelines. 2. You have all great ideas about creating a brand but no creative explorers to team up with. 3. Your business needs a new refreshment of identity to thrive your tribe or market. 4. You only have a logo without any Branding guide to help you explore your business further Then this is the voyage selection you need to go with! Discover your brand true self and go beyond with it. Touchpoints: 1. Market Insights 2. Brand Identity 3. Visual Guideline 4. Brand Bible 5. Brand Applications / Implementations

Experts in Motion Design

Craft an emotionally engaging motiongraphics, amplify your brand values to touch your market hearts and share your believe so they understand completely the values you created.

Examples of works

Fully Feast The Togetherness in Mouton

Fully Feast The Togetherness in Mouton

Branding & Positioningproduct promotion agency, brand marketing consultant, brand marketing company, product marketing company, positioning specialist
Juicy Luicy - Music Video Clip

Juicy Luicy - Music Video Clip

Motion Designmotion graphics agency, motion design expert, motion design company, motion designer, motion graphics designer
Bringing Authenticity of an Italian Grooming Room

Bringing Authenticity of an Italian Grooming Room

Branding & Positioningbrand specialist, online Advertising specialist, product promotion manager, brand marketing consultant, brand advertising agency
Travel & Leisure
Making Rite of Passage Born in Hatch Wear

Making Rite of Passage Born in Hatch Wear

Branding & Positioningadvertisment specialist, positioning specialist, online Advertising company, branding and marketing agency, branding company
Clothing & Accessories
Deliver The Bandung Essence in Billy Tailored

Deliver The Bandung Essence in Billy Tailored

Branding & Positioningonline Advertising expert, branding company, advertising agency, brand marketing company, product promotion agency
Clothing & Accessories
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