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Description of PNG SEO

PNG SEO is a digital marketing agency based in Lae City, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea.

We like to be known as digital movers because basically that is what we do. We work with clients and move their web sites (blog, online store,) whatever you may want to call it, from anywhere within the pages of a search engine such as google to the front page, where it can be easily found. 

lets take an example; Meet Kate, she wants to buy a particular product that your business sells. So she goes online to Google and types in what she is looking for. From the natural search result she clicks on your competitors website because your no-where to be found on the first page. (Hardly anyone goes beyond page 1). - Get the picture right? So if your on the front page this would mean more customers and most of the people who see your site are automatically qualified and quality prospects. 

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Now there are so many agencies that try to do it all from Lead Generation, to Cost Per Action, Pay Per Click, Social Media Management, and the list goes on. However, for us we are strictly an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency. This allows us to focus on delivering what we promise to our clients.

Services offered by PNG SEO

PNG SEO offers these services:

Experts in SEO

Initial consultation and then we proceed to ranking your site for the specific keyword you are after. Please note the harder the keyword the longer it takes and the higher the cost. Generally, it would take at least 3 months to complete a simple project.​

Experts in Branding & Positioning

SEO naturally creates branding as you would have to develop online social profiles and web 2.0 links to complement your website online. This service we offer is part of the package.
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