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Description of Pixel Group

In our Advertsising Agency, we work to create a true added value in our clients brands, making their products be loved by consumers! In our infancy we were a design boutique. By our teen age years we had grown into an agency, and now we’ve evolved into a mature but youthful advertising group committed to creating a unique branding experience for our clients. We are totally committed to you, our client. We look after every single detail as if the project belonged to our mother, and we will not rest until we have delivered on every single one. We believe in mutual benefit, and this is one reason why we always go the extra mile to deliver excellence in everything we do. We focus our not inconsiderable talents and efforts towards creating the ideal outcome for you, and we enjoy every minute of helping you achieve your goals.

Services offered by Pixel Group

Pixel Group offers these services:

Experts in Advertising

Here at Pixel Group | Agency ® we work hard every single day to really understand our client’s needs, and create for them an ongoing source of business to assist further growth. It is here where our ideas are born, and we then turn them into lucrative advertising realities We believe that having great ideas is not enough. It’s vital to design and execute them in order to maximize their effectiveness. Our business strategy is threefold – Understand our customers needs as if they were our own, learn about their products as if we had created them and understand and analyze the needs of the marketplace. * Conceptualization and development of campaigns - ATL, BTL and digital * Advertising and branding strategies * Gestation and production of radio, film and TV “spots” * Conceptualization and development of advertising campaigns * Contracting, negotiation and social media marketing (SMM) * Organisational internal communication strategies * Loyalty campaigns * Expanding distribution channels * Conceptualization, design, application and adaptation of global campaigns

Experts in Motion Design

High definition, movement and sound are all around us, dominating our lives. People have come to expect a very rich audiovisual experience, and boy do we deliver. We use many techniques to achieve this - animation, digital composition, special effects and editing, and the end result is awesome. We work with the people who matter in film and TV, in the various production stages of commercials and other video advertising. We make every single second on film a positive experience, a way to get into the minds of your customers and influence their very thoughts and feelings. Conceptualization and production of film and television “spots” * Development of promotional videos and infograms * Direction and production of institutional videos and/or branding * VFX for film and TV * Pre-production and studio or field production * Post-production, effects, digital compositing and digital colorizing * Production and application of “Digital Signage” by Blakboard®

Examples of works

Pixel Group Show Reel

Pixel Group Show Reel

Motion Designmotion graphics designer, motion graphics agency, motion design expert, motion design company, motion designer
Industrial Goods & Services
Pixel Group | General Reel

Pixel Group | General Reel

Advertisingmagazine ads, business advertising, advertising, marketing campaign, tv ads
Industrial Goods & Services
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