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Description of Foiegras Interactive Media

Foiegras Media is the leading Content Marketing Agency in Turkey. Established in 2008 by digital and mobile marketing professionals reputable for over 13 years in Turkey's marketing industry. At Foiegras Media, we have a team of Creative Content Strategists, Production Crew of Video Makers, Video Editors, Content Editors specialized at various topics, Graphic Designers, Interactive Designers, Sound and Motion Experts along with the Accounts Team. Consisting of 30 new media lovers, we continously grow. Our service starts with determining the content strategy according to the agreed marketing (and/or sales) objectives of our client, planning the integration with digital marketing platforms, social media channels, CRM channels, all within the inbound marketing principles, best UX results ending up with real, sustainable, value-added, interactive digital marketing success. 'Content Marketing' for us is not just creating nice content about a product, but designing a story around the product by using words, video, audio, interaction; leading the customer to let the product to touch his life frequently, not for a one-shot campaign. Content Marketing, Video Content, İçerikle Pazarlama, Tablet (IOS - Android) Yayıncılığı

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