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Description of DUO Marketing & Communications

DUO specialises in servicing B2B Technology customers in Africa (South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya)

What makes us unique is our robust team of professionals with a three person team servicing each client (Strategist, Account Manager and Writer) who all have experience with technology companies from local entrepreneurs to NASDAQ listed giants. We know this market well and have worked with Enterprise IT clients since inception. We pride ourselves on award winning technology and business writers, digital marketing specialists and account managers with strategic depth and strong relationships with tech, financial and business journalists across Africa. 

Services offered by DUO Marketing & Communications

DUO Marketing & Communications offers these services:

Experts in Public Relations (PR)

Press release, thought leadership , columns and case study writing, led by our team of award-winning writers that include former IT journalists and editors of leading IT magazines. Media liaison, including the setting up of interviews with leading publications, radio stations and TV shows. Media training; equipping our client spokespersons with the necessary know-how to hone their messages and handle even the trickiest interviewer. Speaker opportunities at leading industry events and conferences, giving them a platform to speak directly to a highly relevant audience. Personal profiling creates presence and visibility on client competencies, valuable to clients, journalists and analysts. Crisis and reputation management, helping our clients protect their reputation and speedily resolve issues as unexpected challenges arise. Highly targeted SEO, Social Media and PPC services that optimise your PR and social media content in order to boost your search engine rankings and increase the number of qualified incoming sales leads. Full integration with our content marketing and social media services, enabling us to gain the maximum value out of the expertise and thought leadership of our clients and providing them with maximum brand visibility both online and offline. Blog writing – we add a new layer to PR storytelling for clients by adapting the golden nuggets of information from our clients into persuasive, engaging blog content. Visual storytelling – by tapping into the power of video, we offer clients an opportunity to present messages in short, credible videos that can easily be shared – and possibly go viral. Infographics – we take complex information such as research reports and translate them into eye-catching, easy-to-read and highly shareable infographics created by one of our expert designers. Profile building through positioning our clients as experts by joining or initiating conversations in niche communities relating to their businesses, particularly on LinkedIn and Twitter. Creating an attractive employer brand by using targeted social media platforms to showcase our clients’ company culture, and so encouraging talented young professionals to apply for jobs. Bolstering customer service by using relevant social media platforms as additional channels to engage with customers and other stakeholders, enabling our clients to quickly and visibly resolve any issues and gain the goodwill of their key audiences. Empowering our clients with online reputation management insights and making them aware of any current or potential issues, leading to the speedy resolution of any complaints or negative comments on social media channels.
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