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digitalfabrika - digital creative agency . We create 360° of digital ideas to connect brands with consumers. Strategy & Planning - We utilize our digital experience to vitalize the strategy we determine for our brands. Digital is at the core of our strategy. We support brands by adapting their branding strategies for the digital world in order to achieve effective results. Therefore, we create a meaningful connection between the brand and the consumer. Branding Strategies, Digital Marketing Strategies, Social Media Strategies. Creative - To implement our strategy, we introduce the most creative and original ideas for our brands both digitally and on other platforms.Corporate Branding, Corporate Web Site, Micro Sites, Creative Banners, Social Games and Applications, Mobile Applications. Social Media - Our goal is to connect brands with their consumers in the most direct and natural way. We identify our social media strategy with an aim to increase brand awareness. Search - Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Web Site Optimization, Web Site Content Management, Web Site Analytics & Reporting. Technology - App design and development, Social network and data integration, Dynamic and interactive video. Strategy & Planning, Creative, Social Media, Search, Technology

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Digital Branding & positioning services
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