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Description of Digital Brain

Digital Brain – Brand Experience Agency 

Digital Brain is a network of smart cells: strategists, entrepreneurs, designers, and marketers from Zlin headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. We put our creativity and knowledge into complex brand strategies in order to evoke WOW* effect.

‘We fight for what we believe in. We seek solutions, we change the ingrained approaches if they are not effective and we do everything our way. It is also the reason why we left big agencies and started Digital Brain.’ We combine creative and technical brains who brainstorm ways to make customer say WOW* every time s/he meets the client’s brand. We are not afraid to try new things, change the markets, and diverge from the established processes in companies where they would frown upon us. We are honest towards others and ourselves, so we know what we can afford. Some people call this arrogance, we call it healthy self-confidence. Our vision is that in 10 years, every exceptional brand you can think of was made with the help of Digital Brain.  ‘We tell the client what we see is best, even if it means he won't like us. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage.’ *WOW: not only to impress someone, but also to reflect cooperation, and the fact that we produce such great outcomes that the client just says “WOW.” WOW, for us, is also an experience which we want to deliver to the final consumer - the customer of our client.

Services offered by Digital Brain

Digital Brain offers these services:

Experts in Website Creation

Digital Brain specializes in creating websites for both foreign and domestic companies that are not only good looking, but also convenient and professional. We take pride in creating modern and seamless user experiences that embody our clients' brands.

Experts in Branding & Positioning

Within our branding service, we have 4 stages: education, understanding, building and rock ‘n roll. Only a few companies offer such a complex view of the brand like we do, which we consider to be one of our main advantages. Outside of creating the brand, we also design websites, create a campaign, and think of new touchpoints—or interaction points—for your customers to experience your company. All in all, we not only think the project through, but also make sure we meet all of the touchpoints.

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