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Description of DeSmart

DeSmart is an Agile Software House. Delivers quality on time. We build and maintain Agile culture in every project working together with customers as one team with just one goal - produce eye candy and useful software. 

1. Our process

We are using mixture of Extreme Programming, Lean and Scrum as this combination helped us many times to deliver higher-quality products in less time. Our team works in iterations to deliver software. Each iteration opens with planning sessions based on user stories prepared with customer and closes with demo and retrospective. The team works in a shared workspace and starts their day with a daily standup around their team board. We use physical pin boards as well as digital boards, which are a part of Agile project management tools. Some teams work in a short one-week iteration, while others works in two-weeks to monthly sprints.

2. Project Manager role

Each team has a dedicated project manager and scrum master who establishes a healthy collaboration between a cross-functional development team and their customers. His job is not to create Gantt charts with project plans that last months or years. There is no micromanagement. Our team will not allow him to do so! His daily job is to get everyone involved in creating great software and remove blocking issues for the team. Sometimes it means finding proper tools for a project, sometimes he needs to use coaching techniques and other times explain some issues to the stakeholders.

3. Contracts

As Agile is all about teams working together it is very important that our process is transparent from first day of the project. This also translates into the agreement between the parties. We use Agile contracts to ensure safety and security for each project partner.

4. Let’s talk about Passion

Project Management is our passion. We follow new trends and are happy that we can try new solutions, learn from our partners. We find every mobile app or web application designed as a chance to improve our process. In our team you will find certified project managers, agile coaches and lean orientated developers who at this very moment wonder what can be further improved.

Services offered by DeSmart

DeSmart offers these services:

Experts in Mobile App

Passionate Developers working with Digital Agencies, SMBs and Startups. We Create Web, Mobile and Internet of Things using Agile. We develop Web Apps in PHP, Java Script and Mobile Apps in iOS and Android

Experts in Web Application

We develop many Web projects based on Laravel (PHP) and many reservation systems and engines.

Examples of works

Event App Conventica

Event App Conventica

Mobile AppiOS software developer, smartphone app agency, iOS application developer, mobile software development company, mobile software development agency


Web Applicationweb development, website development, web design, web technologies, front end developer
Entertainment & Events
Event Mobile App

Event Mobile App

Eventevent organisor, party planer, event marketing agency, event management company, event agency
Entertainment & Events
Think Apps for Watch

Think Apps for Watch

Web Applicationwebsite development, front end developer, web development, web technologies, web design


Mobile Appmobile app developer, smartphone app developer, iOS game creator, mobile software creator, mobile app creator

Reviews of past clients

A Sortlist userProject Manager at Sortlist

Reviews of past clients

A Sortlist userSoftware development, mobile apps, interactive websites - what do you want to build today? at DeSmart
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