Cats and Dogs Boost Your Business By 300%. Here’s How.
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Cats and Dogs Boost Your Business By 300%. Here’s How.

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It’s the age-old question that has endured ever since the creation of the internet: are you a cat person or a dog person? Or do you love both cats and dogs?

For brands, the issue may be more than a matter of preference. It turns out that, as cats and dogs have grown in popularity throughout the years, so has companies’ inclination to boost their engagement and visibility with pictures, posts, and commercials featuring the two iconic pets.


Higher views for dog ads in comparison to average ads

Cat nation

The United Kingdom is the most cat-friendly country in our study

150 million

Dog searches on Instagram

Cats and Dogs Help With Visibility and Engagement

Across all channels, pets have been shown to improve social media engagement rates, which according to Nichefire, can rise up to 63% higher than those for the average business post.

Similarly, a study by NewsWhip revealed that, on average, a brand post with a pet resulted in an increase in comments of approximately 89%, while the average increase in likes was around 19%.

Cats: the no. 1 views-booster

Starting in 2021 and going as far back as 2009, we noticed that the cat ads have seen a whopping increase of 2,700% views when compared to the average number of views of any single video on the brand’s Youtube channel.

average views cat ads

Additionally, 32% of the cat commercials belonged to British brands, including Sainsbury’s, Cravendale, and O2, leading us to conclude that the United Kingdom is, without a doubt, a cat nation. It’s followed closely by Germany, whose cat ads represented 20% of our list.

Dogs: an honorable second

Out of the dog ads, ranging from 2008 to 2021, the increase in views was lower than cats’. Dog ads accounted for 547.6% more views for their brands on Youtube than the average number of views of any single video on the brand’s channel.

average views dog ads

42.8% of the dog videos on our list belonged to brands in the United States, followed by France with 14%.

Cats and dogs attract engagement

62% of the randomly selected brands featured dogs in their organic posts, while 37.9% featured cats.

Engagement cats vs. dogs

Organic posts that featured both animals saw an increase of 337.4% in likes and 226.9% in comments.

Pets bred for the web

Cats win in terms of humour 

Dogs rank number one in popularity but cats generate a 32% higher search volume in humour-related queries.

humour search volume cat vs. dogs

Most searched on Google Trends

According to Google Trends the search volume for ‘dogs’ is 37% higher than ‘cats’.

Google trends search volume cats and dogs

Cat terms versus dog terms

There is a 20% higher search volume for cat terms than dogs terms. 

search volume cats vs. dogs

Pets and viral content

The psychology behind it

Cats and dogs are associated with viral content, which, aside from being massively shared, has been defined as having the ability to trigger specific emotional responses.

Additionally, virality is shown to have a strong connection to positivity, which explains why positive content will likely receive widespread social exposure.


Despite all their popularity, cats cannot compete with the kings of social: dogs. On Instagram, there are over 146.9 million dog searches, compared to 123.8 million cat searches.

Instagram searches cats vs. dogs

Likewise, there are 23 million more #dog posts than #cat posts, while #DogsOfInstagram trends at 11 million more posts than #CatsOfInstagram.

Why you should use pets in ads

  • Ad ad with a pet can increase views by 1,642%.
  • They generate a 337% increase in likes on Instagram posts.

Why you should use cats in ads

  • Cat ads get an average of +4 million views
  • There are +123 million cat searches on Instagram
  • There is 37% more Google searches for funny cat content
Instagram cats usage

Why you should use dogs in ads

  • Dog ads get an average of +1 million views
  • “Dogs” have a 37% higher search volume than “cats”
  • In comparison to average views, dog ads get +540% higher views on the channel
Instagram dog usage


At the beginning of this piece, we set out to put the most important debate of our generation to rest. The trend is clear for us: cats make your ads look good, and dogs make your feed stand out from the crowd.

It’s no surprise then to see more viral views from cat videos than from dog videos. For the average cat post, that’s approximately 9,000. For dogs, it’s only about 5,000.

It stands out as one of those new, unwritten laws of the digital world: if you want to increase your social media presence, get a pet. Whether it’s the next big creative campaign for your brand or a “Bring a Pet to Work” day for your employees, these two furry fellas can help you gain the traction you need and engage your community in ways you had never imagined.


We analyzed 500 commercials uploaded by brands to Youtube featuring cats and dogs. We made sure not to include ads for cat-related or dog-related products, and just focused on unrelated brands that had opted to include these pets in their advertisements.

To calculate the average likes on Youtube and Instagram we used social blade.

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