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Omslagfoto ALEP studio

ALEP studio

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Over ons ALEP studio

A L E P initially was born to write a new chapter for many Syrians who are rebuilding their businesses away from their homeland after the conflicts that changed the country’s route. They brought expertise and the remains of their old companies, but settling down a business in a new country can be challenging. In this scenario, Alep emerged as an answer to the marketing and branding approach these people needed in order to rm their place in the market. Added to that,the studio started to stablished within other clients’ profile and now we count with a diverse web that keeps growing.

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Projecten (4) door ALEP studio

Berioia door ALEP studio
Berioiaapril 2019
Hale - Brand Creation door ALEP studio
Hale - Brand Creationapril 2019
ANTARVIE - Brand Creation door ALEP studio
ANTARVIE - Brand Creationapril 2019
Bloaizone door ALEP studio
Bloaizoneapril 2019

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Branding & Positionering

€1000 – €100000

Don’t underestimate the power of a good first impression. We treat branding not as a singular episode, instead as a process that needs hardwork, creativity and devotion

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Brand Content
Corporate Branding
Brand identity, Logotype, Corporate brochure, Guideline, Annual report, Mailing, Leaflet, Folder, Brochure, Catalogue, Programme, Poster, Advertising, Magazine, Newsletter, Packaging, Display, Presentation, Stand, Monumental advertising, Sign, Promotional gift, Web design, Emailing, Bannering, CD-Rom, Interactive pdf, Social Network visuals
Brand Positioning
Logo Design, Packaging Design, Corporate Identity, Website Design, Branding, Exhibiotion & Event Design, Print Media Social Media Marketing

Social media

€1000 – €1000000

What, where and when to post. Specific content for specific purposes. It is the newest, riskiest and fastest marketing tool of the 21st century and we are experts on it.

Social Media Strategy
Social Media Management
Social Media Content
social media marketing

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