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Ruby Garage is a top-of-the-line Ruby on Rails development and consulting company from Eastern Europe. We know the difference between code and great code. Technology is an ever-changing, always evolving thing. Every year we see new technologies coming out offering more opportunities for businesses of all stripes. In this crowded world business owners face a variety of technology issues. They need to sort through a tremendous number of options and find the best ways to use technology to achieve their business purposes. Ruby Garage is a company that takes care of all technology issues during the course of business. Technology is at the heart of our business. We develop reliable solutions for web and mobile that provide unrivaled flexibility to our clients. From conducting technology research to handling upgrades to scaling we take our client’s business from inception to launch to profitability. We will go the extra mile to get there. Our clients get: - Technology consulting - Web software development - Mobile software development - UX and UI Design - Quality Assurance - Software maintenance Our track record proves our service quality. We are a strong technology consulting and development company from Eastern Europe with 50+ in-house specialists and more than 80 satisfied clients from the US and Europe. If you have a project in mind – drop us a line at ivan@rubygarage.org

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Pindify Mobile by RubyGarage
Pindify MobileJune 2016
ExposureDB by RubyGarage
ExposureDBJune 2016
Pindify by RubyGarage
PindifyJune 2016
Siasto by RubyGarage
SiastoJune 2016
Shopperations by RubyGarage
ShopperationsJune 2016

Services (2) offered by RubyGarage

Web Application

€25000 – €50000

Full Stack Most of our developers are full-stack, meaning that they can do all development-related work within one product. Although we always split responsibilities in major products, our specialists still perfectly know how such products are going to function and write the code appropriately, avoiding possible troubles with its integration. Quality We perform code reviews to better know how the whole product is done and fix even the smallest mistakes in the code. We also follow the test-driven development approach aimed to help anticipate all possible situations that may compromise the product functionality and security and write appropriate tests to reveal and avoid them. Agile methodologies We follow the best Extreme Programming and Scrum practices like planning poker, daily meetings, demos, retrospectives and others to constantly increase our effectiveness and productivity in creating great products for you. Transparency You can be involved in the product delivery process as much as you want to. You can request access to Git, one of the best version control systems allowing to provide the maximum speed, security, and transparency in the software development process, be in touch with all members of your team, and check out the newly implemented functionality at the end of each iteration. Technologies We use Ruby on Rails, an extremely flexible programming framework for building any kinds of web solutions, JavaScript, the most popular language for web content production and front-end development in general, and tons of reliable and proven tools for auto testing​, hosting, deploying and monitoring our products.

Mobile App

€10000 – €25000

Limitless possibilities Having vast experience in building web services as well, we can provide your mobile app with an outstandingly efficient backend built on Ruby on Rails, extend its functionality by offering sophisticated APIs for your partners and perform even more complicated tasks related to native application development for mobile devices. Tangible results The primary advantage of RubyGarage is that we are always aimed not just to make a product, but build a successful solution that will be accepted and approved by its target audience. That’s why we do our own research on your idea, help you with monetization strategy and collect user opinions before implementing any new feature. Proven workflow The workflow of our mobile development company implies performing constant code reviews, following the test-driven development approach, practicing pair programming, avoiding code smells and sticking to most Agile and lean practices to make your solution as reliable and extendable for future functionality as possible. Complete transparency When working with us, you can get all the info related to the project progress. Having contact with all your team mobile application developers, you will also get access to the Git version control system and will regularly take part in meetings and product demos, which are crucial parts of our everyday work.

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