Marketing Research Agencies in Russia (2023)

Marketing Research Agencies in Russia

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Marketing Research Agencies in Russia

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    RMAA Group
    1 work in Marketing Research
    Active in Russia
    From €10000 for Marketing Research
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    LLC MediaNation
    1 work in Marketing Research
    Active in Russia
    From €1000 for Marketing Research
  • Ustrong
    No work in Marketing Research
    Active in Russia
    From €3000 for Marketing Research

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Steps to selecting the best Marketing Research in Russia for your business

What is Marketing Research?

Before beginning to define your needs to your next Marketing Research undertaking, it is important to understand what it is all about. The digital age hasn't been so diversified in matter of the particular set of skills for which our Marketing Research providers will be able to help you with. Employing the ideal service for your project begins with the right definition of your needs.

Marketing research in a broad sense is the analysis and evaluation of any aspect of marketing activities by way of systematic investigation and study. ... Marketing Research can be understood as a structured means by which marketers collect, analyse and sometimes disseminate information about relevant aspects of marketing. It bridges gaps between firms' marketing activities and their relations with various stakeholders.

Marketing Research vs Marketing Intelligence

Marketing intelligence is the process where one finds actionable insights in strategic as well as tactical areas whereas traditional forms of marketing research provide insights for how the market will move hence acting retroactively.

Marketing Research identifies the systematic gathering, analysis, and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data concerning issues related to marketing of products and services into the market. The objective is to identify and quantify how changes in a variety of parts of the promotion mix influences consumer behaviour. Marketing Research is a vital element of tactical direction of resources and budgets. It is used by Marketing Research Agencies to both successfully construct and test marketing campaigns, assess marketing plans and strategies, gather market intelligence, and provide information to support tactical decision making.


Looking for best marketing research agencies in Russia? Here is a list of top marketing research agencies with clients reviews and ratings. Marketing research is the process of gathering information to help a company make decisions about product development, marketing strategy, pricing, sales, and distribution. The objective of the process is to help improve business performance by identifying new opportunities and creating competitive advantages. The best part is that the process is an ongoing one. Hence, hiring a marketing research agency or outsourcing from top marketing research agencies can be surely beneficial. Sortlist has thus created a list of top marketing research agencies in Russia.


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