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Unelma Platforms is a private limited company in multiple jurisdictions (Asia, EU and North America). We are a software platform development agency specialising in state-of-the-art software intended to develop business-specific software and offer IT consulting services. In other words, we are the operator of a software platform development company intended to develop business-specific software and offer IT consulting services. The company's platform develops custom business applications and web-based platforms. We also provide API for various sites and other IT services, enabling higher education, healthcare, and business markets to design cloud applications for improving customer engagement.
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  • Description
    Unelma Platforms has established its prowess in the following areas of service and skills:

    AI Development: Our team is proficient in building dynamic AI-powered applications and solutions that streamline business processes, enhance customer experience, and provide actionable insights, saving our clients both time and resources.

    AI Algorithm: Our specialists design and implement complex AI algorithms tailored to meet specific business needs. These algorithms drive intelligent decision making, data analysis, and predictive modeling.

    AI Expertise: With a deep pool of in-house talent and domain experts, we promote robust AI-driven solutions, from machine learning to deep learning, in a variety of industry fields with a key focus on delivering tangible business outcomes.

    ChatGPT Consulting: We are equipped to facilitate businesses in leveraging OpenAI's GPT technology, to develop automated, advanced conversational agents that can significantly enhance customer interaction and improve their service response time.

    AI Research: Unelma Platforms stays abreast of advanced AI technologies and innovations through rigorous research. This sets us apart, allowing for the development of cutting-edge solutions that place our clients at the forefront of their industries.

    Generative AI: Our proficiency in Generative AI aids in the creation of unique content, designs and solutions, opening up new avenues of innovation for our clients and enhancing their competitive capabilities.

    Large Language Models (LLM): We specialize in developing and implementing advanced large language models, which can analyze and process extensive amounts of natural language data, further empowering businesses to extract deep insights, cater to customer queries and improve their overall offerings.

    In summary, Unelma Platforms prides itself on its comprehensive range of AI services and its ability to deliver customized, effective solutions tailored to the specific needs and challenges of our clients.
    Compétences en Intelligence Artificielle (13)
    Generative AILarge Language Models (LLM)ChatbotsTensorflowSpeech RecognitionAI Customer ServiceSales forecastingAI DevelopmentMachine LearningChatGPT Consulting+3
    Projets en Intelligence Artificielle (6)
    3D design for Ecommerce - Intelligence Artificielle
    UnelmaMovie - Intelligence Artificielle
    uScraper - Intelligence Artificielle
    UnelmaCloud - Intelligence Artificielle
    Clients en Intelligence Artificielle (6)
    UnelmaCloud.comLogiciels et services informatiques |
    uScraper.comInternet |
    ApphiaAccessoires & vêtements |
    UnelmaMovie.comMédias |

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  • Description
    - JavaScript Consultancy, PHP Consultancy and Java Consultancy
    - Working time and automation, 100% online business, IT solution, integration of processes in a tailor-made digital interface, optimise internal organisation
    Compétences en Application web (30)
    PHP (Laravel), Phyton/Django, HTML5/CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS, NodeJS, MeteorJS, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery.Quality AssurancePHP mySQLSpring FrameworkJava Web TechnologiesDjangoFullStack JavaScriptJava App DevelopmentJavascriptWindows+20
    Projets en Application web (9)
    Optimal Solutions Oy - Application web
    UnelmaMovie - Application web
    HaveWebsite - Application web
    uScraper - Application web
    Avis client en Application web (1)
    Samuel Yencken
    Clients en Application web (9)
    UnelmaMovie.comMédias |
    Optimal Solutions OyElectronique |
    UnelmaCloud.comLogiciels et services informatiques |
    UnelmaCRM.comLogiciels et services informatiques |

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  • Description
    Unelma Platforms specializes in software development and has expertise in the following skills:

    1. Full-stack Development: Unelma Platforms has a team of skilled developers proficient in both front-end and back-end development. They are experienced in developing web applications, mobile apps, and software solutions that are user-friendly and scalable.

    2. Custom Software Development: Unelma Platforms excels in creating customized software solutions tailored to meet specific business requirements. They have experience in developing customer relationship management (CRM) systems, project management tools, content management systems (CMS), and other bespoke software applications.

    3. E-commerce Development: Unelma Platforms has expertise in developing e-commerce platforms and online marketplace solutions. They can build secure and user-friendly e-commerce websites that integrate payment gateways, inventory management systems, and shipping solutions.

    4. Open Source Development: Unelma Platforms has extensive experience in open-source software development and leverages popular frameworks and technologies like PHP, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, and Node.js. They are capable of developing robust and scalable applications using open-source technologies.

    5. Cloud-Based Development: Unelma Platforms has proficiency in cloud-based development, utilizing platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. They can develop cloud-native applications, migrate existing applications to the cloud, and provide scalable and highly available infrastructure.

    6. Mobile App Development: Unelma Platforms is skilled in creating native and hybrid mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. They have experience in developing apps for various industries like healthcare, e-commerce, education, and entertainment.

    7. Quality Assurance: Unelma Platforms emphasizes the importance of quality assurance and ensures that their software solutions undergo rigorous testing processes. They have expertise in manual and automated testing, including functionality testing, performance testing, security testing, and UI/UX testing.

    8. Integration and API Development: Unelma Platforms specializes in integrating software systems and developing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to facilitate data exchange and interoperability between different applications. They have experience in integrating third-party APIs, legacy systems, and building custom APIs.

    9. UI/UX Design: Unelma Platforms pays attention to creating intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces (UI) and seamless user experiences (UX) in their software solutions. They focus on usability, accessibility, and user-centered design principles to enhance user satisfaction.

    10. Support and Maintenance: Unelma Platforms offers ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure smooth operation and continuous improvement of software solutions. They provide timely updates, bug fixes, and technical assistance to their clients.

    Overall, Unelma Platforms has a comprehensive skill set in software development and delivers high-quality bespoke solutions for various industries and business needs.
    Compétences en Développement de Logiciel (4)
    GoLang DevelopmentFlutter Software Development.NET DevelopmentC# (C-Sharp) Development
    Projets en Développement de Logiciel (6)
    UnelmaMovie - Développement de Logiciel
    HaveWebsite - Développement de Logiciel
    uScraper - Développement de Logiciel
    UnelmaCRM - Développement de Logiciel
    Clients en Développement de Logiciel (6)
    U16P.comLogiciels et services informatiques |
    UnelmaCloud.comLogiciels et services informatiques |
    UnelmaCRM.comLogiciels et services informatiques |
    uScraper.comInternet |

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  • Description
    iPhone/iOS, Android and Tablet
    online services, payment system, creative designs, digital strategy and electronic services
    Compétences en Application mobile (14)
    Xcode 10Android Native AppAndroid StudioAndroid App Development, iPhone App Development, Xamarin, Ionic Framework, iPad App Development, Apple Watch App Development, Windows Mobile App development, PhoneGap App Development, React Native App DevelopmentSwift, Objective-C, Clean Swift, Silver, Vulcan, Cocoa Touch, Java, Android SDK, REST API,, Socket connection, Realm, OpenGL, RxJava, Android Nearby API, IOS SDK, CoreLocationmobile application developmentandroid appandroid developmentios developmentiOS Development+4
    Projets en Application mobile (5)
    UnelmaCloud - Application mobile
    text2speech.dev - Application mobile
    U16P.com - Application mobile
    e-Sathi.com - Application mobile
    Clients en Application mobile (5)
    Unelma PlatformsInternet | international
    Unelma PlatformsInternet | international
    U16P.comLogiciels et services informatiques |
    text2speech.devLogiciels et services informatiques |

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  • Description
    Unelma Platforms has garnered a strong reputation for delivering high-quality services across the below areas:

    UI Design: Our team adeptly crafts user interfaces that are both visually compelling and functionally intuitive, ensuring maximum end-user satisfaction.

    Design Thinking: We apply the principles of Design Thinking - empathy, ideation, and experimentation - to devise creative and user-centric digital solutions.

    Usability Testing & User Testing: Through rigorous testing, we validate the ease-of-use and effectiveness of our product designs, refining them based on real user feedback.

    UX Research: We conduct thorough user experience research to understand user behaviors, needs, and motivators which inform our design choices.

    Interaction Design: We specialize in designing interactive elements that offer engaging and seamless user interactions complemented with aesthetical appeal.

    Mobile App UI Design: Our team is skilled at crafting efficient and appealing mobile interfaces, fostering user engagement and usability.

    UX: We focus on human-first designs, ensuring the solutions we devise facilitate an optimal user experience.

    Dashboard Design: We create intuitive, information-rich dashboards to enable seamless data visualization and quick decision-making.

    UX Strategy: By developing comprehensive UX strategies, we ensure unique, user-centered methodologies are applied throughout the design process.

    UX Experiment & User Experiments: We iteratively experiment with various UX design elements to optimize user experiences.

    Persona Definition: We build clear user personas to drive design decisions, ensuring all solutions align with diverse user needs and preferences.

    User Retention Optimization: Our designs focus on enhancing user retention by providing engaging, user-friendly interfaces in line with customer expectations.

    Customer Facing Interface: We design attractive and functional customer-facing interfaces that foster better engagement and stronger client relationships.

    Ergonomy (UX/UI) & Web Accessibility: Our designs prioritize user ergonomics and web accessibility, ensuring applications are inclusive and user-friendly.

    Interface Design: We ensure user interfaces are designed to be coherent, streamlined, and intuitive.

    Wireframing & Figma: Utilizing tools like Figma, we build detailed wireframes, offering a visual blueprint of functional and aesthetic aspects of design solutions.

    In essence, Unelma Platforms brings a blend of creative flair, technical expertise, and user-focused design thinking to ensure the delivery of standout UX/UI design services.
    Compétences en Ergonomie (UX/UI) (23)
    UX DesignFigmaWireframingUser ExperimentsWeb AccessibilityInterface DesignErgonomy (UX/UI)Customer Facing InterfaceUser Retention OptimizationPersona Definition+13
    Projets en Ergonomie (UX/UI) (7)
    UnelmaMovie - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    3D design for Ecommerce - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    uScraper - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    UnelmaCloud - Ergonomie (UX/UI)
    Clients en Ergonomie (UX/UI) (7)
    UnelmaCloud.comLogiciels et services informatiques |
    uScraper.comInternet |
    Jungle Explore ToursVoyage et Loisirs |
    ApphiaAccessoires & vêtements |

    En savoir plus sur Ergonomie (UX/UI)

  • Description
    Unelma Platforms brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the following areas:

    Ecommerce Hosting: We offer secure, scalable, and affordable e-commerce hosting solutions. Our hosting services are optimised for performance and stability, ensuring your online store stays accessible and operational at all times.

    Ecommerce Web Development: Our skilled developers excel at creating feature-rich, user-friendly e-commerce platforms. We build intuitive user interfaces integrated with robust backend systems, resulting in smooth online shopping experiences.

    E-commerce Company: As a full-service e-commerce company, we provide a spectrum of services like e-commerce strategy, website design & development, hosting, SEO, social media integration and more, making us a one-stop solution for all e-commerce needs.

    Web Store: We specialize in building highly customizable web stores. Our solutions are tailored to suit the unique attributes and goals of your business, ensuring your web store performs effectively, converting visitors into customers.

    Online Store: Our online store development services are designed to transform your business vision into an impactful, fully functional online storefront. We ensure your online store is not just appealing but also easy to navigate, secure, and search engine friendly.

    E-commerce Hosting: We provide safe and reliable e-commerce hosting services that ensure optimal website performance. Additionally, our dedicated support team is always on-call to resolve any issues, ensuring unbroken uptime and seamless operations of your online store.

    Our strength lies in understanding our clients' business needs and providing tailored, high-quality, end-to-end e-commerce solutions to drive their success in the online marketplace.
    Compétences en E-commerce (22)
    eCommerce MarketingeCommerce DesigneCommerce DevelopmentShopware DevelopmentWooCommerceShopify DevelopmentElectronic commerceE-Commerce HostingOnline storeweb store+12
    Projets en E-commerce (5)
    Apphia Wedding - E-commerce
    UnelmaMovie - E-commerce
    UnelmaCRM - E-commerce
    text2speech.dev - E-commerce
    Avis clients en E-commerce (2)
    Manuel G Samuel
    Barsha Gupta
    Clients en E-commerce (5)
    text2speech.devLogiciels et services informatiques |
    UnelmaCRM.comLogiciels et services informatiques |
    Jungle Explore ToursVoyage et Loisirs |
    UnelmaMovie.comMédias |

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  • Description
    Unelma Platforms possesses extensive expertise across a diverse range of digital and social media marketing services, as detailed below:

    Social Selling: We create compelling strategies to leverage social media platforms for directly promoting and selling your products and services, fostering engagement and boosting sales.

    Social Media Marketing: Our team creates strategic marketing campaigns on social media platforms, extending your reach, driving traffic and engaging with your target audiences effectively.

    Branding: We craft distinctive brand identities through visual design, content strategy, and storytelling which echo effectively across digital platforms to resonate with your audience.

    Digital Advertising: Our robust digital advertising strategies encompass Google ads, social media ads and more, driving increased visibility and targeted traffic to your website or platform.

    Service Marketing: We excel in promoting and positioning your services in the digital marketplace, optimizing visibility, engagement, and conversion rates.

    Social Media Campaigns: We leverage popular platforms to launch effective social media campaigns that boost brand awareness, engage audiences, and convert more leads.

    Web Advertising: We design and implement online ads that appear across various digital platforms, designed to capture attention and drive traffic to your website.

    Digital Campaign: We combine creativity and analytics to develop and manage multidimensional digital campaigns for elevated brand awareness and lead generation.

    Social Advertising: Our team is skilled in creating interest-based social media advertisements tailored to engage your target demographics on their favored platforms.

    Social Media Engagement: We foster meaningful engagement with your audience on social platforms, transforming them into loyal customers.

    Commercial Advertising: We create impactful commercial ads that effectively convey your brand's unique selling points to a broad audience.

    Social Media Consultant: Our consultants offer valuable insights and strategies for increasing your brand's reach and resonance on social media.

    Social Media Growth: We devise strategies to accelerate follower growth and boost engagement on your social platforms.

    Social Media Listening: We conduct active social listening to understand audience sentiment, respond to feedback, and modify strategies based on data insights.

    In summary, Unelma Platforms takes a comprehensive, data-driven approach to help your brand harness the power of social and digital media marketing, driving brand growth and enhancing ROI.
    Compétences en Réseaux sociaux (18)
    social marketingSocial Media MarketingSocial Sellingsocial media marketingbrandingdigital advertisingservice marketingsocial media campaignweb advertisingdigital campaign+8
    Projets en Réseaux sociaux (6)
    UnelmaMovie - Réseaux sociaux
    HaveWebsite - Réseaux sociaux
    uScraper - Réseaux sociaux
    UnelmaCRM - Réseaux sociaux
    Clients en Réseaux sociaux (6)
    Unelma PlatformsInternet | international
    UnelmaMovie.comMédias |
    HaveWebsite.comLogiciels et services informatiques |
    uScraper.comInternet |

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  • Description
    Unelma Platforms excels in the following areas:

    Facebook Ads: We are proficient in navigating Facebook's advertising platform, utilizing its advanced targeting capabilities to reach potential customers and achieve specific campaign objectives.

    Emailing and Email Advertising: Our team creates compelling email marketing campaigns that drive conversions, engagement and customer loyalty. From building email lists to designing attractive email advertisements, we ensure maximum reach and response rates.

    Social Media Advertising: We deliver results-focused social media advertising services, designing campaigns across multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., targeting ads specifically to engage your audience.

    LinkedIn Ads: Our team knows how to effectively leverage LinkedIn's unique professional network for targeted advertising. We create well-defined LinkedIn ad campaigns that speak directly to industry professionals and potential B2B customers.

    SEO Advertising: We implement SEO best practices in creating ad content. By using keyword analysis and SEO optimization, we ensure your advertisements rank higher in search engine results, driving more traffic to your website.

    Website Advertising: We specialize in creating and positioning ads on your website that are not only visually appealing but also strategically placed for optimum visibility and click-through rates.

    Twitter Advertising: We utilize the power of Twitter's vast network to create outreach campaigns tailored to your brand, helping you engage with users, increase followers and drive website visits.

    In essence, Unelma Platforms brings a blend of creative and technical skills to ensure the delivery of standout advertising services catered to optimize your digital presence and brand recognition.
    Compétences en Publicité en ligne (10)
    Twitter AdvertisingLinkedIn AdsSocial Media AdvertisingEmailingBing AdsFacebook AdsEmail AdvertisingPay-Per-ClickSEO AdvertisingWebsite Advertising
    Projets en Publicité en ligne (4)
    UnelmaMovie - Publicité en ligne
    HaveWebsite - Publicité en ligne
    uScraper - Publicité en ligne
    text2speech.dev - Publicité en ligne
    Clients en Publicité en ligne (4)
    UnelmaMovie.comMédias |
    text2speech.devLogiciels et services informatiques |
    uScraper.comInternet |
    HaveWebsite.comLogiciels et services informatiques |

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  • Description
    Unelma Platforms specializes in innovation and possesses expertise in the following skills:

    1. Idea Generation: Unelma Platforms excels in generating innovative ideas and concepts. They have a team of creative thinkers and problem solvers who can brainstorm and come up with unique and out-of-the-box ideas to address complex challenges.

    2. Research and Analysis: Unelma Platforms conducts in-depth research and analysis to identify market trends, customer needs, and technological advancements. They stay updated with the latest industry developments and use this knowledge to guide their innovative solutions.

    3. Design Thinking: Unelma Platforms employs design thinking methodologies to create innovative solutions. They focus on empathizing with the users, defining the problem, ideating potential solutions, prototyping, and testing to deliver user-centered and impactful innovations.

    4. Proof of Concept (POC): Unelma Platforms specializes in developing proof of concept (POC) for innovative ideas. They build prototypes or MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) to validate the feasibility, functionality, and potential of an innovation before full-scale development.

    5. Agile Methodology: Unelma Platforms follows agile development methodologies to foster innovation. They break down projects into smaller increments, allowing for continuous improvement and adaptation to changing requirements, resulting in more innovative and user-oriented solutions.

    6. Technology Evaluation: Unelma Platforms evaluates emerging technologies and identifies the most suitable ones for innovative solutions. They assess the capabilities, potential benefits, and risks associated with various technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning (ML).

    7. Collaboration and Co-creation: Unelma Platforms believes in the power of collaboration and co-creation to drive innovation. They actively engage with clients, stakeholders, and end-users to gather insights, feedback, and ideas that contribute to the innovation process.

    8. Innovation Strategy: Unelma Platforms assists organizations in developing innovation strategies and roadmaps. They help define goals, prioritize opportunities, allocate resources, and establish frameworks to foster a culture of innovation within the organization.

    9. Intellectual Property Protection: Unelma Platforms provides guidance on intellectual property protection for innovative solutions. They advise clients on patenting, copyright, trademark, and other legal aspects to safeguard their innovative ideas and ensure exclusivity.

    10. Continuous Improvement: Unelma Platforms emphasizes continuous improvement and learning as a part of their innovation process. They regularly evaluate their innovation projects, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments to enhance the effectiveness and impact of their innovative solutions.

    Overall, Unelma Platforms has extensive skills and specialties in innovation, enabling them to deliver creative and cutting-edge solutions that address complex challenges and drive growth for their clients.
    Compétences en Innovation (13)
    Blockchain ConsultingBusiness ConsultingStartup ConsultingERP ConsultingLean Startup ConsultingBlockchain MarketingConsultingNatural Language ProcessingInnovation ConsultingeCommerce Consulting+3
    Projets en Innovation (4)
    UnelmaMovie - Innovation
    3D design for Ecommerce - Innovation
    HaveWebsite - Innovation
    UnelmaPay - Innovation
    Clients en Innovation (4)
    ApphiaAccessoires & vêtements |
    UnelmaMovie.comMédias |
    Unelma PlatformsInternet | international
    HaveWebsite.comLogiciels et services informatiques |

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  • Description
    Unelma Platforms specializes in marketing and possesses expertise in the following skills:

    1. Digital Marketing Strategy: Unelma Platforms excels in developing comprehensive digital marketing strategies tailored to individual business objectives. They conduct market research, analyze target audience behaviour, identify key channels, and create effective marketing plans to maximize reach and engagement.

    2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Unelma Platforms has a deep understanding of SEO principles and techniques. They optimize websites and content to improve visibility in search engine results pages, increase organic traffic, and enhance online presence.

    3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Unelma Platforms is skilled in managing PPC campaigns across various advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media platforms. They create and optimize ad campaigns to drive targeted traffic and achieve specific marketing objectives.

    4. Social Media Marketing: Unelma Platforms specializes in leveraging social media platforms to enhance brand visibility, engage with audiences, and drive conversions. They create and execute social media marketing strategies, manage social media accounts, and run effective ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    5. Email Marketing: Unelma Platforms possesses expertise in email marketing, including creating compelling email campaigns, managing subscriber lists, and optimizing email deliverability. They help clients nurture customer relationships, promote products or services, and drive conversions through targeted email marketing campaigns.

    6. Content Marketing: Unelma Platforms understands the power of high-quality content to attract and engage audiences. They develop content marketing strategies, create engaging content, and distribute it across various channels to drive organic traffic, increase brand awareness, and establish thought leadership.

    7. Branding and Identity: Unelma Platforms assists businesses in developing and refining their brand identities. They create cohesive brand strategies, design logos, develop brand guidelines, and provide consistent visual and messaging elements to build strong and recognizable brands.

    8. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Unelma Platforms focuses on optimizing conversion rates and improving user experience to maximize the effectiveness of marketing efforts. They conduct data-driven analysis, A/B testing, and usability testing to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to increase conversion rates.

    9. Marketing Analytics: Unelma Platforms utilizes marketing analytics tools to track, analyze, and measure the performance of marketing campaigns. They provide insights and reports on key performance indicators, customer behaviour, and campaign effectiveness, enabling clients to make data-driven decisions.

    10. Marketing Automation: Unelma Platforms leverages marketing automation tools and platforms to streamline marketing activities and improve efficiency. They design and implement automated campaigns, lead nurturing workflows, and personalized messaging to enhance customer engagement and increase conversions.

    Overall, Unelma Platforms has a broad range of skills and specialities in marketing, enabling them to provide comprehensive and effective marketing solutions that drive brand awareness, enhance customer engagement, and generate measurable results for their clients.
    Compétences en Marketing (2)
    B2C MarketingMarketing Automation
    Projets en Marketing (6)
    UnelmaMovie - Marketing
    HaveWebsite - Marketing
    uScraper - Marketing
    UnelmaCRM - Marketing
    Clients en Marketing (6)
    uScraper.comInternet |
    Jungle Explore ToursVoyage et Loisirs |
    HaveWebsite.comLogiciels et services informatiques |
    UnelmaMovie.comMédias |

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HistoireOver the past few years, we have solved business problems customers across several countries by providing state-of-the-art software solutions. We are poets, writers, dreamers, creative thinkers, designers, technologists and marketers with a deep passion for our profession and a razor-sharp perception for details.
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4 Avis clients pour Unelma Platforms

(4 avis clients)
Manuel G SamuelFounder and advisor chez Apphia Wedding
SecteurAccessoires & vêtements

Quel était l'objectif de votre collaboration ?The agency produced a top notch webpage.

Qu'avez-vous le plus apprécié pendant votre collaboration ?Very diligent and efficient agency. Staff are first class. Great communication.

Manuel G Samuel

SecteurAccessoires & vêtements

Barsha Gupta
Barsha GuptaOffice Manager chez Unelma Pay Travels and Tours pvt. Ltd

Quel était l'objectif de votre collaboration ?The objective behind our collaboration with Unelma Platforms was to enhance our platform by integrating their advanced features and technologies. By joining forces, we aimed to create a comprehensive solution that would simplify website creation and e-commerce setup for our users. Our goal was to provide a seamless and efficient experience, empowering businesses and individuals to establish a strong online presence and achieve their goals more effectively.

Qu'avez-vous le plus apprécié pendant votre collaboration ?our collaboration with Unelma Platforms was enjoyable due to the user-friendly website builder, robust e-commerce functionality, insightful analytics tools, and exceptional customer support. These aspects collectively contributed to our positive experience during the collaboration.

Barsha Gupta


Andrew MossCheif Operating Officer chez text2speech.dev
ServiceCréation de site internet

Quel était l'objectif de votre collaboration ?Unelma Platforms delivered an exceptional, top-class website tailored to my digital strategy. Their team understood my vision and translated it into a responsive, user-friendly, and SEO-optimized site. The splendid design now resonates with our branding, boosting our visibility and traffic. Their post-launch support has also been stellar. Unelma is more than a service provider – they're a strategic digital partner.

Qu'avez-vous le plus apprécié pendant votre collaboration ?I enjoyed their friendly nature and easy-going approach in collaboration.

Andrew Moss

ServiceCréation de site internet

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